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  1. Is that a Chevy bumper on the front? Maybe the rear also? I don't think I have ever seen that color on a Comanche before, to go with the funky molding? I guess if it has 600k miles or even just kilometers the owner has the right to whatever they please. Buck.
  2. Welcome to the madness and addiction that is mj ownership! When I first joined cc I didn't know much and now I know a little but feel smarter so that is a good thing, right? So many knowledgeable people here to help out. That is a great find and hope it wasn't abused in its first life. Good luck and keep the updates coming! Buck.
  3. buxmj


    Wow, this is amazing work you are doing! Thanks for the updates and detailed pics and descriptions. I agree with you about the frame off restoration, is it a frame off restoration for any of us when we take the be off, lol? Glad you have it in the hands of someone who is good and someone you trust. So sorry to hear of the passing of your wife, sorry for your loss, I know it was a year ago but hope you are doing your best. Cancer sucks! Buck.
  4. Sorry to hear you won't be heading this way Jeff, hope you can make it down sometime in the next year, would be great to have a get together again. Buck.
  5. That is just awesome, everything! Glad you are keeping it stock. I can't believe the condition of that driver's seat. We are all so glad you jumped in and saved this one from being junked. Buck.
  6. Wow, this looks great, I said that already but needed to say it again. Buck.
  7. Welcome back to the addiction! Looks like the PO spent some bucks on the rear bumper. Sounds like you have a great plan, keep us posted! Buck.
  8. I agree Torq, as much as I like our trucks that one is bad. I have a feeling it looks worse the closer you look. Buck.
  9. Yes, the sticky notes are all hilarious but who lets anyone borrow their mj? Not me anymore, I want to keep what few friends I have and if something happened to the mj when somebody else had it I would be very unhappy. When I pack up my drum or percussion equipment and someone is nice asking if they can help I always tell them if someone drops something it needs to be me. I now feel the same about the mj, if anyone does something stupid in the truck, it needs to be me. Buck.
  10. buxmj

    The Makers Club

    I use my hands to make music, does that count? I am a drummer and percussionist, gigs haven't started to come back yet but I have been able to get private lessons going again, hope the gigs start soon. I have had more time to practice so that is good. Buck.
  11. When I first moved to Orlando way back in '90 a friend woke me up at 4 am to go see a sunrise launch of the shuttle, we were just across the waterway in Titusville, he said it would be awesome and it seemed that it was halfway to space before I heard it and then felt it in the ground, amazing! But I even have a better story! One of my former private drum students became a rocket scientist, yes, really. He texted me four years ago to ask if I was interested in seeing a launch in the VIP section at the Cape. He is on the team for the Osiris Rex project which sent a module to an asteroid and is now on its way back. He got me tickets for the family to see the launch, very impressive. The space shuttle produced much more sound but to see a launch of a rocket from that close was so impressive. Watching the news today after the scrubbed launch it looked like there was so much traffic to see this launch, I don't know if I want to deal with it trying to get closer than my house, especially since it will probably be this weekend, likely more people. Buck.
  12. Hoping the rain will die off. We can see most launches from our house, we aren't close but still cool to be able to see them head towards space, really cool at dusk or night. Buck.
  13. That is amazing work you are doing! The attention to detail is off the charts and the whole project is inspirational, keep the pics coming and thanks for sharing each step, makes me appreciate your work even more! Buck.
  14. Your tetanus shots up to date? I know you aren't planning on working underneath but that truck will be spitting rust at you when you take anything off.
  15. buxmj

    Back to Work

    I am a musician and also teach private lessons at my teaching studio. It will be a while before gigs start coming back but I am able to teach some students through Google meet and that is going better than I thought it would. A few students have started coming back to the studio, I schedule at least 15 minute breaks between students now so no one comes in close contact arriving or leaving and that also gives me time to wipe the waiting area tables down. Teaching private drum and percussion lessons can be done while keeping social distancing so the few that have come back to the studio are fine with the situation, hoping to get more back each week. Income is not great but enough to pay the bills and with the free time I have got a lot done around the house and on the mj. Also have had time to get more consistent practice in, it has been a long since I have been able to do that. Buck
  16. I totally agree Wahoo. I like doing woodworking projects and appreciate good projects but that is an abomination. For the most part wood and vehicles don't mix, this is the perfect example of how not to mix the two. I also wonder how much weight he added compared to even a stock hard top, let alone a soft top. Buck
  17. Comanche and XJ body parts that are interchangeable are XJs up until '96. '97 to '01 XJs were redesigned inside and out. You will see some MJ owners on here and in person that have done a '97 interior and front end swap. If you are looking for bolt on parts stay with the years '84 to '96 from the XJ. As for the tail lights that is one of the holy grails of the Comanche. The mj tail lights were only made for the mj, don't let anyone tell you different, nothing else fits and they are not reproduced. If you find a set, snatch them up and put them in a safe! You can find them but they are sometimes at a premium price so be prepared. There are some writeups on this forum on how to restore the tail lights, some have turned out immaculate so that is the best way until you find a better set. Welcome to the madness and feel free to ask questions, this is such a great site with many helpful people, I have learned so much and learn stuff just about every time I log on! Buck.
  18. Found them on Amazon, Detroit Axle, $22.95 for the pair, looks to be a good product so far. Buck.
  19. I put new sway bar end links and steering dampener on last week. Steering and suspension feel better! Good thing to have a breaker bar and pipe extension. I do have new bump stops ready to go on, that will be soon. The MAP sensor bracket was looking pathetic so I took it off, sanded it, primed and repainted it. Engine enamel works really well for these parts. Buck
  20. 2004 Ford Escape with the 3.0 V6. Hope it lasts a few more years, bought it new and now has 242k on the ticker, hope it catches the mj at 267k. Our 16 yo daughter prefers to drive it more than my wife's '15 Nissan Rogue. Funny thing is we have always called it her car since we bought it just before she was born, might end up being her car, lol. Buck.
  21. Count me in for a set, thanks!
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