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  1. Yall harsh, but my primary language is redneck so English is hard. Thank you minuit, pulled a triple over new years and got so fed up on researching, I gave up and figured I'd ask some smart folks. To all the others I have my buddies destroyed tj while hes deployed and somehow hes roped me into fixing it for him. Ah well least I won't be wheeling alone, and he'll owe me a lot of free pulls.
  2. buddy has a 97 tj 4.0 32rh and he is trying to put in an ax15 out of a 92 yj. Yes I know its internal slave and I need a special pilot bushing, its temporary till he drags in a 5.2 to go with the Dakoda bell housing I have. And yes I know I need ether a manual ecu or to run the lockup solenoid wiring to a light so it recognizes a load. what I need to know is can I use the 92 flywheel on the 97 crank? will it work with his auto cps? Or the manual one from the 92? would it be better to get a 97 flywheel and cps as a pair from auto part store? and yes
  3. Ive sold myself on the 4.10 gears with all the towing and climbing I do for work. Still curious on using the locker I have or track down the Volvo g80? Anybody daily on a lunchbox? Side note where is a good spot to host pics?
  4. Thought the lunchbox I have was d30 spific? I was going 4.10 since I have it already for d30. Found the lunchbox and gears in the same axle. I tow often enough to just regear it. But one day the planet's will align and the wife will let me get some selectable lockers in there.
  5. So my old Ford just wouldn't cut it as a commuter any more, traded it for a 95 4.0 5 speed. Someone had lowered it so within the week that was fixed sits on 32in at w 4.5in lift. Using 90s ford t-bird springs and strut tops 90s blazer bastard pack and shocks No name lift shackle Rough country steering set up No name 2.5in wheel spacers And home made rear bumper All for 120 bucks at the wrecking yard. Will post pics soon as I remember how. My question to you all is when I do my regear (3.07+hill+32s+highway speeds=pain) would it be better to toss the Spartan (think) i found or
  6. I had the same problem. I ended up taking some square tube and a bit of square rod and made a bracket. few holes and a free mudflap that fell off a semi I got a pair of removable mudflaps. If you got a drill and a angle grinder its a simple project, and works just like the factory semi ones.
  7. I love my 5 soa rear. but I'm a tall bastard so that helps with loading. If the soa was done correctly by welding new perches on top of the axle id keep it. like most of us once you go wheeling you'll be glad you didn't pay to lower your truck. You didn't have any pics of the front suspension, but if its still using the stock "frame" brackets look a getting a drop set, least until you want to go crazy. also the zj steering upgrade (I bent mine on the street) Zj front sway bar (helps w body roll bit more) wj control arms (stronger, cheap and bent to clear a larger tire) If you can or
  8. Nice to meet you, unlike a lot of forums comancheclub is great. Turned down for a ranger.... :rotf:
  9. Until I can get some time to devote to the Comanche again I've taken on building my buddies 2000 Mitsubishi. Will post picks when he starts buying stuff. Plan is; OME HD 2" suspension 4crawler 2" body lift Replace the ugly 3 blade rims something like 285/75r16 probably treadwright guard dogs Mount an Isuzu rodeo tire carrier off the back TRIM MOST OF THE PLASTIC CRAP OFF make some good recovery points Track down the optional factory rear locker or lunchbox set up hitch receiver F/R for winch Anybody have any other options for parts, ideas, etc?
  10. you could also get lower arms from a wj to fix the tire rub issue. They have a bend in them to clear not to mention they are an actual tube rather than stamped foil.
  11. aren't you using wj knuckles? Y not just use the unit-bearing w the 5 on 5 as well and some spacers for the 8.8? Help the rear width and don't need a custom adapted knuckle to fit the xj/mj ones.
  12. If I remember someone on jeep forum found out those are Quality Control numbers. The inspector put em on whatever he checked, so if a fault was found later they could track back.
  13. Somewhere between its main power and the bulb is a short or a bad wire (eg. broken or corroded wire under the plastic coating). Double check every point you can access w a multimeter to find the drop and replace it. Military trailers do that all the time.
  14. also the perfect recipe for a lot o fun, so least she brought smiles to someone.
  15. nice welds man, i was thinking of doing a Humvee intake like this
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