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  1. K guys I got a 93 grand with a 5.2 and the Quadro Trac aw4 tranny. Will a 4.0 out of an MJ bolt up and how much modifications are involed?
  2. ok let me see if i get this right. your running lights work fine nice and bright but your brake light are not lighting up at all? if this be the case its probably the wire off the battery. on the batter positive cable you have the main wire that runs under motor to start solenoid the one that runs to fuse box (under the hood) then a smaller gauge wire that may or may not have a quick connect on it. that wire could possibly have a short or came disconnected
  3. Has not been pressure texted yet. I really don't no what I'm doing. I let it set for 2 and a half months because of a brake master cylinder/ injector o ring/ tire issues well finally got around to it and fix all that. Started up ideled and revved fine. Put it in drive and has no power it back fires threw intake and threw tail pipe. So I added 2 cans of heet and topped off with new fuel and replaced fuel filter. Still same problem. Also during doing all this I put the read of the truck up on jack stands and the truck run perfectly fine in all gears up in the air but as soon as it's on the ground it's back to no power and constant back fires.
  4. Ok guys 91 mj base 4.0 4wd. I've been told my fuel pumps bad. Trying to save a little money I plan on doing it my self. Well most the video and pictures I've seen show the fuel pump on to the tank meaning you gotta drop the tank. As I crawled under mine there seems to be something mounted to the side of the tank. Is this the pump? I do have pic and video of what I'm talking about but this site will not let me upload from phone. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  5. Ok guys 91 mj 4x4 inline six. It has set for 2.5 months and I replaced brake system and fuel rail and injectors. I added her and 10ga of new gas. And it idles fine revs fine in park and neutral but as so as it hit between 20 and 30mph it stalls out like it's not getting gas. Also I don't think it's shifting into 2ed. Is this my tranny going out and if so what all trannys will fit and what tranny do I have?
  6. How hard would it be to swap a gm 2.8 outta a Comanche and put in a fuel injected 4.0
  7. 91 base 4wd 4.0 stock. Well my master cylinder failed so as I was pulling it off I broke the stud off the brake booster so I also replaced the brake booster. Well put it all back together and bleed the brakes and as I'm leaving for work my wife calls and says I have no brake lights. So I look into it and I have brake lights they just don't go off when I let off the peddle. I've took off booster and reinstalled same problem. Any help would be awesome.
  8. Hey that my truck lol and it's in mo. Lol I got a 91 base sport truck 4x4 inline auto. Mine is hunter green with same grafics Dana 30 Dana 35 and 217 on body 38k on motor out of 99 grand Cherokee but I still have factory motor I'll upload pics later tonight
  9. hey guess I have a 91 mj and looking for a manual that is based on the mj and not the Cherokees Haynes and Clinton both have 88 tru 01 cherokee/ Comanche/wagoneer manuals but they focuse on the ever so popular Cherokees
  10. There's 6 wires from the brake pedal way witch one actually likes up the lights
  11. Yeah the turn signals and running lights r fine and bright but brakes r dim
  12. 91 base 4wd inline six automatic. So about a week ago I noticed my brake lights don't work but blinkers running lights and hazzered work So I checked bulbs and noticed the work there just exstreamly dim. Like so dim you can't see them threw lense. Well replaced bulbs same problem. Checked fuses all good. Started checking ten million grounds before I decided to run my own. Still dim called a few shops the told me it could be brake pedal switch or as parts store calls it stop light switch. Well yesterday replaced it and still same problem. And help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. ok guys I have a 91 base 4wd inline six automatic last week I noticed my brake light weren't working. So I checked the bulbs there good and noticed there no out there just so dim you can't see the light threw the lense so I thought it had to be a ground. So I started checking the ten million ground wires before I decided to run my own ground. Still didn't help so I was talking to a couple buddies and they said it might be the brake pedal switch so as the parts store called it a stoplight switch. Well after buying three different one I finally found the right 6prong with wires that fit the truck. So yesterday installed it and got the same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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