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  1. I very clearly have listed in my sale posting on Facebook for my Subaru that absolutely no bank will loan them money to buy it.(Clean title, but prior reported water damage.) 1.) Buyer offers partial trade plus cash. 2.) Drive two hours away to Chattanooga, TN.(We agreed to meet up "half" way.) 3.) Buyer is a kid who literally just turned eighteen and graduated high school. 4.) Partial trade is not a clean title as stated, but a rebuilt title. Also it needs a clutch, the bumpers are falling off, and the dash is destroyed. 5.) "I have to talk to my bank about a loan for the cash-" No bank is going to loan you money for a salvage history vehicle or to an eighteen year old buying a WRX STI and especially not the combination of those two. Also, I would be surprised if any insurance company will insure an eighteen year old for a WRX STI and if they do it will be vastly out of their budget.
  2. I am supposed to be meeting someone this weekend that is interested in purchasing my Subaru with a partial trade. If that goes through I would 31% of my debt paid off most of which is the high interest debt. So if that happens theoretically I could keep the truck around and let it languish some more until I had money to work on it.
  3. To clarify that, I am Ace/Aro. I have difficulty forming sexual and romantic attraction to people.(Possibly due to two decades of deep depression.) But, uh, yeah, my hobbies due tend to be the perfect partners. Some good news this week: I sold off my CNC mill and some other bits that should pay off all of the high interest credit card debt which will get me out of immediate financial disaster by the end of this month.
  4. Only if I succeed at dream goal #2 - Which is to work and live in Japan. I had a taste of that recently and I am hooked on city life not worrying about a car. I love the LJ too much though so it may stay with family some how. Though I don't really have much of that left. Thank you. <3 The person who contacted me is very active here so it should live on here assuming they purchase it.
  5. I just got home from throwing out several large piles of old Jeep parts to the curb for large trash pick up. I am closing on this ten year chapter of my life and moving on to the next part. I have sunk so much time and money into Jeeps over the past decade. It has been a purpose driven escape from problems in my life that I ignored and attempted to drown myself in things that kept me busy. I really can not express just how much money has disappeared into these projects as the amount is staggering. I have hit my limit, managed to incur a ton of debt in the past few months unrelated to all of this, and things have to change/keep changing. Over the past year I have been going to a psychologist, getting medical treatment, lost seventy pounds of body weight, and have a plan for my future. Hell, I even had a girlfriend for a bit recently.
  6. Messages answered! Potential sale pending for mid-July.
  7. 1987 Jeep Comanche for Parts - No title, It runs, stops, does technically drive forward, but the transmission needs replaced.(Replacement transmission in the bed.) 4.7L Stroker Engine, about 15,000 miles, 250+ horsepower Electric cooling fan conversion(Needs temperature sensor reinstalled to work properly.) Two whole AW4 transmissions. The one installed works in second gear only. The one in the bed supposedly works and has "low" mileage. Currently has a new torque converter installed. NP242 transfer case Dana 30 front axle, 4.56 gears, about 15,000 miles Dana 44 rear axle, setup for spring over(5.5" lift by default), 4.56 gears, about 15,000 miles 5.5" suspension lift setup 32" tires on JK Rubicon wheels. Has adapters/spacers to bolt them on. All 1997+ interior and drive train conversation. Engine bay and dash are all 2001 wiring. Black interior - Currently removed due to water leak investigation. Will be piled back inside for you to deal with. Factory roll bar, some nice bumpers. $5,000 - You are buying a pile of great parts to do what you like with. If you work with RockinMJ that I bought this Comanche originally from you might be able to get the original title for it. Send me private messages for email and phone number. Typical question and answer: "Why are you selling?" - I need money. "Will take less than $5,000?" - No. "Will you deliver or meet me half way?" - No, bring a trailer. "If it is 'for parts, no title' then why does it have a current registration?" - We don't talk about that. You are buying an assembled pile of parts. See here:
  8. I parked it outside again. Maybe I will touch it again next year. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I am going to be busy with too many other things to pull the dash again.
  9. I drove it around the neighborhood. The transmission is still broken of course, but it can lazily make the MJ move around. I powered washed it and I have found that there are at least two leaks. One looks like it is from the passenger firewall/HVAC area and the other is dripping off the bottom of the dashboard above the driver feet.
  10. They are here and I took a few minutes to solder on the through hole parts to board #1! I will be bringing these boards online over the next few weeks.
  11. Alexia

    Nos motherload

    The cross bar in the upper right looks like the tool used to extract the guts of the AW4. The whole thing is like a steering wheel puller. Most people just make the tool out of a piece of steel.
  12. What is with the screws and fender washers holding the rear upper trim piece in place?
  13. I had started to fill out my exhibitor registration as well. :/
  14. I am getting this moving tonight hopefully. I need to dig through my shop parts boxes and look for spare oxygen sensors since I keep them around for wire repairs.
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