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  1. You can check on here: https://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/70-hauling/ Basically it is a forum of professionals and amateurs with spare space that might get you a discount,
  2. I asked Pete for permission to post this once. Part of the final touch for getting this drive train swap done is getting the gauge cluster working. Of course I plan to do the same as I did in the Comanche with a translator box for the two different manufacturer's communication protocols. I have had a handful of people asking me over the past month when I would start selling these to the public. By this point I am so far long on the hardware design side that I am actually starting my own company. https://www.scarletperformance.com/ - Just the logo for now on the site. More will come in a few months once production samples are produced. Interfaces and Protocols(More Protocols in the Future) Include: * 2x CAN with all supported speeds * GMLAN * Haltech CAN * Single Wire CAN (Low Speed) * GMLAN SWC * Chrysler CCD * ISO9141 K and L * J1850 VPW * Chrysler PCI * J1850 PWM Features: * 5v DAC for simulating engine health sensor output * 12v DAC for simulating engine health sensor output * 8x 12 volt General Purpose Inputs for digital logic * SD Card slot for data logging * QSPI 32Mbit Flash for additional code storage(CircuitPython support) * JTAG/SWD 10 pin connector(For total customization of the firmware) * USB port for end user configuration and flashing To be clear: Scarlet Performance is not associated with the Comanche Club and this will be the only time I will be posting about it in this fashion.
  3. They still don't! I am getting a brake kit from Black Magic Brakes when I get back from vacation. Thanks! I looked for about four years for one to become affordable after they came out.
  4. Alexia

    Calling all LJ guys

    The picture is old, but this is a 3" Savvy lift mixed with Metalcloak, Metalcloak fenders and such, simple steel bumpers, 4.88 gearing, ARB air lockers, and a few other things. The wheels were replaced recently with 2019 JL Rubicon take offs. It is a bit of a sleeper on the street.
  5. The easiest would be to grab a 1997 engine and body wiring harness to toss in. It would be back to normal in a day minus the transmission problems.
  6. I am done with this truck. The replacement transmission was acting up I assume due to the valve body modifications I made for harder shifts. So I just swapped in the spare stock valve body I have. Now it only has first and third gear. Well, it had second and fourth until I got to the intersection to block everyone. I have put less than 10,000 miles on this project since starting it seven years ago. I could not just leave it alone after it was running fine before going the Haltech route and I ruined it. The code is not finished(fuel and odometer), but it works fine.
  7. The issue a little more complex, but in short the shop said my intake design was crap. So was getting terrible gas mileage.(5 MPG or less.) I have another trip across the country in two weeks again. I don't think I would have had the stamina/drive to make it up there after sleeping in the Chicago O'Hare airport.
  8. Reason that the Wrangler is broken and that I am missing the show: It was out of gas.
  9. I definitely will not be there. The shop did not work on my Wrangler at all while I was out of the country and refused to work on it all. So it is getting towed to a different shop today.
  10. At this rate I will not make it. The engine swapped into the Wrangler is running missing a cylinder or two which I believe may be a broken valve spring. I am going to drop it off at the dealership next week to see if they can figure it out.
  11. I can't words in the morning. I meant hole in the console.
  12. That is a pretty terrible factory hole if it is factory.
  13. Alexia

    how low is too low?

    This is most likely an art piece and not meant to be driven.
  14. Think of that as the apprentice rate. I was learning a bunch of stuff while doing it. There many little crimes that an experienced builder done on it that would throw me out of their shop if they saw them.
  15. I have that estimated around $10,000. I tracked the number of hours at $40 an hour.
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