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  1. Part of it is a passenger firewall leak somewhere and part of it is that underneath there is a piece of metal that is welded to the body that sandwiches it to provided bracing for the seat bolts. The rolled edge allows water and debris to get up between the pieces of metal. The left side right rear seat bolt is a spot I attempt to prevent it from rusting anymore previously. I already have this all put back together and covered in excess seam sealer.
  2. This is fixed. The global wrapper template for the CC theme was edited at some point and that caused it to not get updated during the upgrade. I reset it to stock and all the features show up on mobile now.
  3. Sorry about the surprise change. I thought the 4.4 to 4.5 upgrade was a routine upgrade that it was asking to have done. BBCode and Emoticon stuff: Invision Power is working to deprecate them in favor of newer technologies.(Rich Text and Emoji) This release begins the migration portion of that.
  4. I am working on fixing the colors that got a little wonky after the IPS 4.5 forum upgrade. It burns! (Ten minutes later.) The colors should be pretty much be taken care of.
  5. This is in the LJ. The big old rusty portion is a sandwiched piece of metal above the heat shield for the muffler.(You can see the heat shield through the small opening.) Water collects between them and it rusts through from the bottom. How would you fix it? My process that I am thinking of: Cutting out the bad inside metal and clean loose chunks.(Done) Rusty metal treatment. POR-15 cover the outer metal from above. Adhesive body sealant the new piece and slowly weld in keeping heat low. POR-15 inside. POR-15 outside above the muffler.
  6. Personally, I have not see one when going on the tear down and rebuild of my MJ.
  7. Alexia

    Trailer P.S.A.

    That lock is really easy to pick. It is made of a die cast zinc body which means a blow torch can melt through it fairly quickly. https://masterlocks.com/products/6271
  8. Alexia

    Trailer P.S.A.

    I got the for maximum annoyance level. Hitch ball lock, lock through the ball release level safety pin hole, and a chain wrapped through a wheel. If connected to the Jeep the chains get locked on to the receiver(not load bearing, just additional) and there is a locking receiver pin. The wheel chain has to be dealt with if they do not wish to drag the wheel. The hook up requires them getting through the weakest link.
  9. Alexia

    LJ Thoughts

    I have also broken two of those!(In their defense both were very high mileage.) If you wanted to do that kind of swap you would have to fit parts from earlier model years, wiring harness hacks, and more.
  10. Alexia

    LJ Thoughts

    My regeared LJ with 32" tires and auxiliary transmission cooler would like to have a word with the two broken 42RLE transmissions laying on my shop floor. I went above and beyond to protect them, but they still died. The programming on the transmission controller is crap since it is always trying to get into and stay in fourth gear as low as 32 MPH for fuel economy. The O/D OFF lettering on my LJ's button is worn off because of how much I had to use it just driving around casually. The 42RLE is ultimately what led me to give up on the stock Jeep drive train and do a V8 swap.
  11. I drove it one thousand miles in the past year. I was done with it!
  12. I just sold the Subaru for $14,000. That pays off about 40% of the debt and clears the highest interest loan.
  13. I very clearly have listed in my sale posting on Facebook for my Subaru that absolutely no bank will loan them money to buy it.(Clean title, but prior reported water damage.) 1.) Buyer offers partial trade plus cash. 2.) Drive two hours away to Chattanooga, TN.(We agreed to meet up "half" way.) 3.) Buyer is a kid who literally just turned eighteen and graduated high school. 4.) Partial trade is not a clean title as stated, but a rebuilt title. Also it needs a clutch, the bumpers are falling off, and the dash is destroyed. 5.) "I have to talk to my bank about a
  14. I am supposed to be meeting someone this weekend that is interested in purchasing my Subaru with a partial trade. If that goes through I would 31% of my debt paid off most of which is the high interest debt. So if that happens theoretically I could keep the truck around and let it languish some more until I had money to work on it.
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