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  1. O_O There is a wrecker 1.5 miles from my old house that claims to have a 100,000-ish mile AW4 for $275 and already pulled.
  2. Doing some late night dumb stuff. I just bought the underhood, engine, dash accessory, and dash power wiring harnesses off eBay for $275.34. This is stage one of unscrewing up all of my mistakes and will get it into a stock wiring state. This way I can sell the Haltech Elite 2500 for money towards a replacement transmission. Also, this will fix the air conditioning and cruise control.
  3. The PA Jeeps show being in a different location will be weird!
  4. Who is planning to attend this year? http://pajeeps.org/ July 18 and 19 I will attempt to be there this time and I do have a working Jeep.(Assuming I don't get laid off by then!)
  5. I believe the strength progression goes Built AW4 > Stock AX15 > Stock AW4.
  6. It looks like a remanufactured AX15 plus the additional parts I would need are around $1,000.(Not including driveshafts.) That is much better than $2,000+ for rebuilding an AW4 to take the abuse.
  7. This is the second one and third torque converter. I keep breaking them. Also, the 1997 AW4 is an oddly specific transmission year. I can get an earlier transmission, but I would also need to make wiring harness modifications.
  8. It has done maybe twenty miles in the past two years. :(
  9. Poll, sort of: I am super frustrated with the AW4, it will cost way too much to rebuild it, and I am close to just parting out this truck over a transmission issue. So, time for a manual transmission swap? I would have to collect a clutch pedal again since I believe I sold that. New/modified driveshafts. Relocate the wiring harness that is using the clutch hole in the firewall.
  10. The TJ Rubicon front axle is a hybrid of a D44 and D30, but it is better than the stock D30.
  11. There is a dedicated button on the center stack to turn off overdrive. I frequently had to use it even in stock form. The Toyota AW4 in the XJ had a high amount(~30%) of transmission loss, but the Chrysler 42RLE in the LJ is terrible. I basically drove it with the throttle pedal smashed down. Oh, I also had to replace it with another one because the 2-4 clutch pack shredded itself just from towing a trailer around and I had even installed an auxiliary transmission cooler to bring the temperatures down. Bring the temperatures down was very relative since it still ran incredibly hot since the transmission cooler lines run in between the hot side of the engine and the two smaller catalytic converters that come right off the exhaust manifold. Also, the rearward catalytic converted is hot box between the floor, frame, and skid plate next to the transmission so the right side of the transmission gets cooked too. A poor transmission that had no hoping of surviving in the conditions it was given to run under. My LJ is technically the most unreliable vehicle I have ever owned and a reasonable person would have ditched it years ago. If you take the time to add the auxiliary cooler, sleeve the transmission lines with heat shield, and heat shield the transmission from the catalytic converter on the right it will probably last significantly longer than mine.
  12. I spoke for it myself earlier today. I am going to use it as part of a display setup for SEMA(Assuming I make it...) this year.
  13. I will be out tomorrow up that way so I will stop by and get more pictures of the tail lights along with information on their condition.
  14. I moved on from my shop so I am clearing out a bunch of stuff. I can take PayPal as payment. If you are near Huntsville, AL you can schedule a time with me to come by my shop and see what I have to get rid of. There is a bunch more not listed here. Everything shown here is 35 minutes away from my current place so I will ship out items one or twice a week. 2x heater cores, brand new, for 1997-2001 XJ, $35 shipped each. 1997 XJ PCM 280AC - $30 shipped XJ PCM, Verify that yours is 493AE or similar, $30 shipped One the few Sprintex prototype supercharger kits for the XJ, no mileage, ran for about fifty minutes on the dyno before deciding it was not enough for my needs.(Stock 4.0L engines only for this! Don't put this on your stroker.) $1,200 plus shipping, shipping will not be cheap($100+) as it is bulky, heavy, and I intend to package the hell out of it. As this was a prototype kit you should expect to need to do your own tuning, EFI control, and more. This will be the last time I post this before it gets put in a box in the attic and forgotten about forever. 4x Spidertrax WHS002 wheel spacers, 5x4.5 1.25" thick, ~50,000 miles, $120 shipped Corbeau MJ seat adapter brackets, $150 shipped Chrome grill pieces for XJ, aftermarket, $50 plus shipping. XJ instrument clusters - Varying condition on needle fade and lens appearance. Please specify the year you need! I have one for 1997 to 1998.5 years and the rest are 1998.5 to 2001. XJ full instrument cluster - $70 shipped, $100 shipped with mileage and VIN programmed. XJ full instrument cluster - $70 shipped, $100 shipped with mileage and VIN programmed. XJ full instrument cluster - $70 shipped, $100 shipped with mileage and VIN programmed. XJ full instrument cluster - $70 shipped, $100 shipped with mileage and VIN programmed. XJ full instrument cluster - $70 shipped, $100 shipped with mileage and VIN programmed. See something you like? Ask and I will get more pictures along with a price. See something you like? Ask and I will get more pictures along with a price. 34, 35, 37, and 41 tooth speedometer gears "short" for newer NP231/NP242 transfer cases, some are new, will check when asked - $25 shipped for new, $10 shipped for used. XJ right rear replacement floor pan, $50, shipping will be expensive. MOPAR ignition coil pack for distributorless 4.0L engines, new, $150 shipped. 1997 XJ wiper stock, used with 200,000+ miles, works, $15 shipped. Rough Country Transfer Case Drop Kit for TJ(Probably with metric bolts) and an assortment of stickers I stashed in there, $20 shipped. Fixed sway bar end links for a JK, I think, longer from a lift kit. A friend left them at the shop. $15 shipped. Various, ask and I will get more pictures. ALL OF THE MJ TAIL LIGHTS ARE SOLD. MOPAR cruise control retrofit kit for 2002? to 2004 TJ - These are hard to find. You will need the switches($100 for a pair from Standard Motor Products) and the wiring that goes into the cab to the steering wheel clock spring will need to be replaced.(Some wire and a few spade connectors.) This kit requires disassembling one of the PCM connectors to add the terminals.(You can see when I installed it here: https://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f22/project-alexia-s-nice-jeep-628045/index14.html#post7877414) - $100 shipped Oh yeah, anyone want to buy a Comanche? It needs a transmission and a title. Makes a great driveway ornament.
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