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  1. $10,000 is the estimate to get it there and make it legal which is around a third of the potential auction price. Instead I can auction it and put that money towards purchasing a house outright in the future.
  2. I finished installing the gauge cluster earlier and I need to finish running the wires back to the fuel level sensor. I also pulled the wires out for the AC high/low switches to have them ready for the shop to hook up. There is still the stupid P2138 issue though.
  3. Also not hiding rust under the carpet. Those floors rust so easily even on well maintained ones.
  4. Someone on Facebook found me and sent me a message about buying it. I casually dropped a high number and they basically agreed.(Pending me wrapping things up.) I really think I need to use a Bring-A-Trailer auction for this.
  5. Okay, if this has valid inspection in Japan there just might be hope. https://www.quadruped.jp/customs/index.html?id=1103 Also, BUGGY CAMARO. https://www.quadruped.jp/customs/index.html?id=1117
  6. It definitely will not pass a shaken inspection in Japan and if it went with me I would keep it.
  7. This is going to suck, but I am going to have to sell my LJ before I move. :e I do not even know how much to sell something like this for.
  8. I decided back around 2003-ish and probably thirty years or so. Depends how long I live.
  9. It is gone. The short version of this is that I am moving to Japan in a few months and I am getting rid tons of vehicle related stuff. Nope. Just a relative of a friend that lives in my neighborhood.
  10. The MySQL8 upgrade disabled pruning binlogs which meant it was repeatedly filling up the disk. -_- We are back down to 22G used in total.
  11. Maybe related to the upgrade, but it was going to happen eventually: The server ran out of disk space. Linode recently bumped all 30GB plans to 50GB for free though so after some maintenance we are back online. User uploads are about 15GB, database is 10GB, operating system is 5GB.
  12. I am further along with the firmware for the hardware. The interior is reinstalled and it is looking cleaner with some other touch up bits. I am reducing the amount of hobbies that I have my hands in and vehicles is the big one that is getting cut. I am only doing what I need to make the LJ back to complete.
  13. Upgrades completed: IP.Board 4.5.4, Ubuntu 20, PHP 7.4, MySQL 8
  14. Part of it is a passenger firewall leak somewhere and part of it is that underneath there is a piece of metal that is welded to the body that sandwiches it to provided bracing for the seat bolts. The rolled edge allows water and debris to get up between the pieces of metal. The left side right rear seat bolt is a spot I attempt to prevent it from rusting anymore previously. I already have this all put back together and covered in excess seam sealer.
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