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  1. At this rate I will not make it. The engine swapped into the Wrangler is running missing a cylinder or two which I believe may be a broken valve spring. I am going to drop it off at the dealership next week to see if they can figure it out.
  2. I can't words in the morning. I meant hole in the console.
  3. That is a pretty terrible factory hole if it is factory.
  4. Alexia

    how low is too low?

    This is most likely an art piece and not meant to be driven.
  5. Think of that as the apprentice rate. I was learning a bunch of stuff while doing it. There many little crimes that an experienced builder done on it that would throw me out of their shop if they saw them.
  6. I have that estimated around $10,000. I tracked the number of hours at $40 an hour.
  7. Exhaust warped so much during welding that I could not clamp the rear on, but it is getting close to a driving state!
  8. Over the past two weeks I have taken care of the pedals and most of the GM Body Control Module(BCM) wiring. For the accelerator pedal I used ACDelco 19417903(2005-2013 Corvette) and for the brake pedal position sensor I used ACDelco ACDelco 20995840 from the 2011 Camaro. The main challenge to figure out wiring up the BCM is the ignition switch. Jeep is old school with being a literal high amperage switch and relay control to the starter. GM uses the ignition switch as a sensor with a 5 volt reference input and a 1.3k ohm resistor to make hot wiring difficult. I also bought a 3D printer last week as well so I have been messing around with making a holder for the BCM. This is a video, but this forum does not support video so just click: https://azxiana.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/BrakePedalPositionSensor.webm
  9. I did the water in gas bit before. Pressure was fine, but the external fuel filter was saturated with water along with a thin layer of water at the bottom of the tank that was difficult to see from looking inside. It took pulling the tank and replacing the fuel filter to fix it.
  10. 6 or 12 ton jack stands from Harbor Freight. The cradle grabs the frame nicely and I used them for my entire build.
  11. I bought a new welder a few weeks ago and along with the new table stuff like this transmission shifter bracket was quick. Under side items will have to wait since I have started the wiring under the dash. This is the pile of old wiring I did years ago for the power door locks, a security system that was there before I bought it, and now obsolete pieces. Lots of dash pieces. Then the bit I hide at the bottom of the post: GM flip key with a Jeep key blade cut to fit the flip key slot. Also the GM VATS antenna so I can have the factory GM immobilizer, keyless entry, and remote start.
  12. It took me very little time to use the new vise on it and the table to build a transmission shifter cable last night.
  13. Progress update: Nothing. I keep thinking my right arm is fine, but then I do something that basically sets me back to "ouch". So I am doing light duty mostly using the left arm and then earlier I had the drill catch twisting my left wrist like a pretzel before I could let go. I also had a wire wheel slip off and dig into my ankle through my sock a few days ago. The wire wheel incident prompted me to finally get around to building a welding table so I stop doing things on the floor between my feet. However, I checked Craigslist first and found a 4'x8' table for sale for only $500. I arrived with casters, bolted them on, and rolled off with it back to my place. It is a bit tall for me with the wheels on so I will just have to get a new stool for the shop.
  14. Thank you! Update: I just replaced the AEM Wideband controller and sensor with a brand matching Haltech Widebrand controller and sensor. Immediately the engine is running great and stock like. However, now the transmission keeps trying to hold third gear.
  15. I wrecked my right arm installing the radiator. I can not pick anything up(pinching motion) without the outer fore muscles hurting. Also, this Novak radiator hoop has some rather annoying design flaws that would have been noticed if the designer of it ever tried to install it at least once. Minor shortening for both hoses. I still need to pick up the fitting for the steam hose. Radiator Hose, Lower - Gates 23037 - 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee/Commander with V8 Radiator Hose, Upper - Gates 22356 - 2000 Chevrolet S10 L4 The stock overflow bottle was reused by: 1.) Unbolting the right side bracket off the 4.0L radiator. 2.) Shortening said bracket to not interfere with the steering shaft. 3.) Bolt it on the left side.(Don't flip it, just move it to the left.) 4.) Aggressively cut the bottle plastic bracket off the fan shroud. 5.) Drill some holes and bolt the plastic bracket to the metal bracket.
  16. Sorry for the last minute notice. The new version of IP.Board, with an important security fix, requires PHP 7.1+ and to get that we have to do an operating system upgrade on the server. The down time should be less than an hour and start after midnight.
  17. I ordered the fuel line parts to feed the engine and that was a pretty simple job to install. Emissions tubing will be done later once I find the Camaro diagram. Since I am running out of room in the stock PDC and I wish to add circuits for other things later I installed this auxilliary PDC that fits nicely above the battery. Five out of six relay triggers are all wired with ignition run/start power from the ASD relay output. The six pin Weatherpack connector also has a wire for ignition start output if I ever need that. The first two relays includes one for a hard mechanical disconnect for radiator fan power and one for the lights on the rear gate. This huge relay is a Dorman 902-310 PWM fan relay used in other Chrysler products. I will be using it with the GM E38 PWM fan control to run the single 25 amp fan. Supposedly this relay is good up to 40 amps, but I can not find a datasheet on it.
  18. Harbor Freight Pittsburgh Pro ratchets are my go to now for quality. They have all the high end features and have yet to let me down. My Craftsman 1/4" and 3/8" ratchets(USA made, replaced with China made) have all broken repeatedly and the replacements have a problem where they reverse direction if the handle is swung too fast. The two 1/2" Craftsman ratchets(USA made) still work fine.
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