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  1. INjake89mj

    Another feeler!

    yes sir
  2. INjake89mj

    Another feeler!

    I've SWB skid Brandon. You can pick it up when you are up here this weekend.
  3. John, I agree with you 100%! I am in the process of gathering parts at the moment. If this was something needed to keep forward progress on a job, then yes, I would have already ordered the parts off Ebay. But since i have time, I may as well get the most bang for my buck. Hopefully have complete transmission bought by this weekend, guy in southern IN has a few listed on CL. I will be going down there this weekend to look at one.
  4. No I did not. I found a couple whole transmissions at midwest jeeps in Vincinnes. $550 for ext ax15 complete. I'd rather do that than spend $300ish for all the parts to convert one off Ebay. But always searching!
  5. INjake89mj

    '93 AX15 ZJ

    There was a manual tranny ZJ that came up for sale near me a while ago. This one was too far gone for the price they were asking. I always wanted one though! Good find!
  6. Looking for all necessary parts to convert to external slave. Thanks!
  7. Looking for a set of factory control arms for a WJ as well as a set of steering knuckles. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  8. INjake89mj

    Trac Lok is stuck?

  9. Do you have any better pictures of what you used for mounts? I haven't bought a set of Dakota seats yet, so once I see them it may be self explanatory.
  10. Attica, It's about an hour straight west of Indy off 74. I've got a really good friend that lives in the Paoli / French lick area. Not too far from you.
  11. I am too, I just hope that its not to tall. I had late model XJ seats on MJ brackets in my old truck and they were a little too tall. had maybe 2" head room. Didn't care for it. The reason i want the Dakota seats is I like having a console and the ability to have a bench as well.
  12. MNKYboy's are mounted different. He mounted the center to the trans tunnel, and dropped the seats lower. His are not bolted together like factory.
  13. With his bracket, the Dakota seats will fit in the Comanche just as they came out of the Dakota. They will be equal height.