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  1. I am interested. My 90 has bench seat that is not very comfortable. I'm 6-3

  2. Okay, sorry to be off-line for so long, some medical, some Bob's not having time to make the brackets. Good news! We pulled my seats today and he is in the process of making jigs to start building seat bracket sets. He just finished a fantastic looking Chevy Cameo Pickup, and has some time to start building the brackets, and even thinks he has a way of building them that won't require welding to the Dakota sliders. He's building the jig in these pictures and estimates he can make 5 or more a day. I'm hoping there won't be any further delays. I'm not needed for this part of it, but he often gets someone with a classic car that walks in and wants him to work on it, and they pay better than he would get from selling seat brackets. I'll keep you informed. I know we lost some of you, but let me know if you're still interested.
  3. Sorry for the delays, Bob has been very busy at his Custom Car Shop due to a couple of spring car shows. I think I have a solid agreement to do the patterns this week and he can start cutting the parts. Once the parts are ready, he can weld them up quickly, and I'll ship them off. I'm mostly retired so shipping is the easy part. BE WARNED: At some point he is supposed to re-arch my rear springs, and that's my spring priority!
  4. Mine is a 1990 Pioneer, I'm the second owner. Bought it from the 89 year old wife of the original owner, who bought it new in 1990, and it hadn't been driven for 6 years prior to my buying it. He obviously had every extra added to it, including the skid plate package, cruise, intermittent wipers, air conditioning. It has only 154,000 original miles on it now and no rust. I had an overheating problem for awhile and now am obsessed with the temperature gauge, even though it hasn't overheated in a long time. Can't see the temp gauge in my normal seating position and tilt would take care of that. Will also make it easier for my wife if she needs to drive it. Thanks for the info, I'll pick it up tomorrow!!! I'm going to miss the old style horn button! Maybe I can make it fit.
  5. After a long search I found a Cherokee with tilt, column shifter for auto transmission, cruise, etc...... Some time ago I was told that only some years will fit my 1990 Comanche, and I don't remember if the 1994 is too new for it to fit. Only a short time to decide if I want this. Anyone know???????
  6. An update!! Looks like we are pulling my seat this Thursday or Friday to make templates. I also found a really ratty MJ at a wrecking yard and we are going to cut out the floorboard and use it as a jig while Bob puts the mounts together. I like the way he thinks. Hopefully in production in the next week and I'll let everyone know when we are ready to start taking definite orders. Thanks for your patience.
  7. Sorry to leave everyone hanging, but my guy has been building a couple of cars for an upcoming car show. I have his set for next Tuesday to make the patterns and jigs for the seat mounts and he says he will be making some up immediately just so he can relax from the pressure of building the show cars. I'll let everyone know when they are ready to ship.
  8. While putting in a new radiator I noticed a ceramic resistor on the drivers side of the engine compartment and it's split down the long length and held together by two wire ties. Went to two two different parts stores and no one could find anything matching the number on mine or tell me what it might be. Anyone have a part number and brand for a 1990 4.0.
  9. Hopefully next week or so! He just had a guy roll in with a 58 Chevy Pickup that needed some work, big money, so he's holding me off. I'll keep everyone informed!
  10. Okay, here are the measurements. I weigh 180 pounds so consider seat compression. Front of seat (not seated) 6" to bottom of steering wheel. Front of seat, with me seated normally, 31" to headliner Buttprint in seat, without me seated, but some compression (me leaning on the seat, but not full weight), 37" to headliner. I hope this helps. Still no answer from Bob on when he can start these.
  11. Good idea on measurement. I'll do that tomorrow. Also, Kickin'Chicken, those are definitely the right seats. The gray console lid matches the gray interior perfectly!
  12. Finally got my wife to take a picture showing headroom. Like I said, I'm 6' and no problem with headroom.
  13. On mounting. We bolted the seats together so everything was one-piece and then set it directly on the tunnel, moving it back until the seat backs and console lid almost touch the rear window. That puts it further back than the stock seat and gives a lot more leg room, and with the angle of the brackets, reduces the height. I'll see if I can get someone to take a pic of me sitting in the seat, showing the headroom. If you go to my original post in DIY Projects there is a picture, with the console up, showing the clearance under the steering wheel, and how close the seats are to the rear window. Adequate clearance getting in and out, but I wish I could find a column shift, automatic trans, tilt steering column.
  14. Yes, they do sit about 1 1/2" higher than normal, but they also mount further back in the cab. I'm 6' tall and I have a good 4" headroom, and more leg room than with the original seat. I like sitting a little higher. My only problem was putting a grab bar from the drivers side back seat of a Cherokee, on the drivers side of my Comanche. I hit my head three times before I got used to it.
  15. ******I talked to Bob and he will be able to make up templates next week. He's pretty quick once he starts a project so I will get with everybody when he's ready to take a day and either weld, or not weld, depending on your preference. I'll also give everybody a final cost, plus shipping. Thanks for the great response, I know you'll be as happy as I was1
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