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  1. What size was the Engine?? Need a 4.0 Air Filter Box.
  2. Do you still have this??
  3. Really sad news, that Sheisters are taking advantage of Us Jeep Owners. Hopefully you get some progress after they see a drop in business, for jeep parts.
  4. May the Good Lord see fit to give Jerry, Peace & Happy Trails, in a Comanche.
  5. HELP!!! In Need of a Pair of Door Handle Screws!!
  6. I would be Interested in one Grab Handle. Color not a big deal, unless you have Blue. Could also use a pair of Door Handle Screws, if you have any extras.
  7. I know there are a few places to get Floor Pans, Drivers/Passenger sides. Have yet to see a Trans Hump replacement. Z&M Jeeps has XJ Floor Pans, Driver/Passenger side. Driver's side: http://stores.zmjeeps.com/floor-pan-complete-xj-lh-cherokee-com/ Passenger side: http://stores.zmjeeps.com/floor-pan-complete-xj-rh-cherokee-com/
  8. I am a Big Supporter of the LOCAL Shops, to get the Larger and Heavier parts. While there are several places, that may "Specialize" in parts. In my effort to save the cash, I had contacted a Local Spring shop, to get a price quote. They told me, Straight out, they had the Factory Specs, and could make what I needed and any changes I wanted to make (Lift Adjustments), would Not be an Issue. I had asked for 1 ton Springs, with an additional 2" Lift, and got their Quote of $500. Was told that included new bushings and Axle Bolts. I feel that it is very reasonable. Plus
  9. Just checked car-parts.com, for myself (so I can have an extra set) Here is what I got. A bunch of Canadian yards, and a few US yards. Prices shown are very reasonable.
  10. I have read through this whole thread, along with the ad, and Laughed at the Floor and Underbody rot. The paint Sucks. Plain as Day. Why the Red switch on the Dash?? Really??? A Pioneer Radio??? Personal choice. The CarFax is a Good Read. Original Owner sold it with over 100K miles in '05!! Last entry has over 150K. I really laughed. I knew a High School Auto Body Shop Teacher, who would come back to Beat & Slaughter the Flunky who put this P.O.S. together. Nevermind what he would have done to the Painter. Satan's Lake of Fire would be a Leisure Vacation, after M
  11. I had gone to OK 4 wheel Drive in NJ and they had the part numbers and I got it from them.
  12. How Radical are you wanting to get? While there are parts available for a 2wd Lift, Would you want to switch over to a 4wd set-up?? Start looking at different companies, at what they have to offer. Compile a List of the Parts that you Will Need (Springs, Shocks, Brake Lines, etc.,) 6" Lift in the Rear, may be as easy as a SUA(Spring Under Axle) to a SOA(Spring Over Axle) Swap. Just Remember that you will need to get New Spring Perches welded to the axle. and figure where you want the Shocks to Mount. Some may say "Use an Add-a-Leaf to get Rear Lift", I woul
  13. I just contacted a Local Spring Shop. Saved the Shipping, Great product, and kept the cash in the Local economy. Just so you know, I went with the Metric Ton set, was like $100 more for them. Add on: as requested. When I contacted the Local Spring Shop, They were very thorough with getting me what I wanted. Be it Standard Specs, or Lifted. They Assured me, They have the Capabilities to do, what I was looking for. As I knew I was going to be adding some Lift Height, I opted for what I calculated, to be what I wanted to do. Yes, I
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