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  1. I have an authentic Lund, took a few years to find. What you have looks to be an Excellent piece!!!!! Very Nicely Done!!!
  2. OK tazjeeper, So who are the Manufacturers of the Toppers that you have?? I just may get out there to get one, but it has got to be the right one. You said you have some that were made to fit the MJ Correctly. Hows about the List of them??
  3. I would like to get my paws on some. Maybe a dozen or so.
  4. Looking Really Good!! I Know I am Really Interested in getting them in My Paws & On my Vehicles!! Would most likely want to get at least 10
  5. How Much?? And for Shipping to Walnutport, Pa., 18088??
  6. While I like the Cap, I would Like to Know, Did Glasstite make a High Rise Cap for Comanche Longbeds?? I would like to get my hands on a Glasstite Cap, like what is in the 2nd pic. (Minus the attached Brackets) Yes, I have other plans, in the parts gathering stages, for my MJ. Taken November 2015
  7. There are a number of places to get the Mirror Glass. Local Glass Shops are good, and are able to do the Install with some Warranty. I have gotten a few of them already.
  8. All I can say, about your "Cheapo Swap" is DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! Make sure the Shocks are Length and Mount Correct. As for the Springs, Make Sure of the Capabilities and Specs of the Springs and Shocks you are looking to put in!!!!! Weight Ratings and Lengths are able to be found, from multiple sources. From what I can see, in your Pics, the Bottom Pairs of Springs and Shocks ( Pin Mount for Top Mount), look as to be a Possibility for the Front. The Rear Shocks, WRONG UPPER MOUNT. MJ has Loops on Top & Bottom Mounts. MJ Rear Springs Won't Work.
  9. I have the same Center Caps. Have gone to Parts Yards, Gotten some at Swap Meets, Got some when getting more Wheels. Have not ever seen them available from any Retail or Wholesale source. Had a "Friend" working at a Mopar Dealership, tell me "No Longer Available". Now their Parts Availability only goes back to 2001. My Only Thought, besides where I Mentioned, Should you have a Friend, working in a Body Shop, or a Restoration Shop, Ask them for Help in Locating the Sleeve "Clip" for it.
  10. Summit Racing has a "Performance Header" listed at about $250. Something I have been thinking about.
  11. So, How Much, with Shipping to Walnutport, Pa. 18088??
  12. Yes, I still have my 89 MJ. I had butchered the brackets somewhat, to be able to use the "Curved" track. The Rear of the Driver's Side of the MJ's Bench Seat Bracket, only has the Outside Floor Mount. I had to get the Bucket Seat Brackets, as my Bench Brackets were shot.
  13. The Bench Seat Rear Mount on the Driver's Side, does NOT have the Correct Mounting to be used for a Bucket Seat.
  14. Look at the drawings of the Mounting Brackets I posted. The Bucket and Bench Brackets are Clearly Different.
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