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  1. Neat Set up. Made me want to check out ARB Compressors. Under the Seat, gave me an Idea. Maybe get a Small ARB, stuff it in the Console, under the Armrest.
  2. Before you install the new buckets, Did you have Buckets or a Bench in it?? Bench Brackets are not the same as Bucket Brackets.
  3. Getting to the point of being ready to add an Air Compressor to my rig. Not sure just where to mount it. Have a nice sized Tool Box, behind Pass. Seat. Have to keep the Hi-Lift Jack inside. Have a bag with Straps, Jumpers, and some other essentials, behind Drivers Seat. Have the Air Tank going in on Pass side, outside of Frame, with a Skid Plate. Curious about where any others have mounted a Compressor.
  4. I have the same Issue. What Box & Where is it??
  5. What size was the Engine?? Need a 4.0 Air Filter Box.
  6. Do you still have this??
  7. Really sad news, that Sheisters are taking advantage of Us Jeep Owners. Hopefully you get some progress after they see a drop in business, for jeep parts.
  8. May the Good Lord see fit to give Jerry, Peace & Happy Trails, in a Comanche.
  9. HELP!!! In Need of a Pair of Door Handle Screws!!
  10. I know there are a few places to get Floor Pans, Drivers/Passenger sides. Have yet to see a Trans Hump replacement. Z&M Jeeps has XJ Floor Pans, Driver/Passenger side. Driver's side: http://stores.zmjeeps.com/floor-pan-complete-xj-lh-cherokee-com/ Passenger side: http://stores.zmjeeps.com/floor-pan-complete-xj-rh-cherokee-com/
  11. I am a Big Supporter of the LOCAL Shops, to get the Larger and Heavier parts. While there are several places, that may "Specialize" in parts. In my effort to save the cash, I had contacted a Local Spring shop, to get a price quote. They told me, Straight out, they had the Factory Specs, and could make what I needed and any changes I wanted to make (Lift Adjustments), would Not be an Issue. I had asked for 1 ton Springs, with an additional 2" Lift, and got their Quote of $500. Was told that included new bushings and Axle Bolts. I feel that it is very reasonable. Plus to be Supporting my Local economy. Not to mention their Warranty, and Business Reputation.
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