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  1. It would. I'll see about coming up with a video for that one. If you are already doing this I would recommend a small bit about using the "site:comancheclub.com *search string*" feature on google. I am more likely to use that than anything else. Even for things not comancheclub related, like limiting results to a certain journal, etc.
  2. This would point me to the tires. When was the last time they were balanced? Follow-up to that question is when was the last time they were balanced by someone who knew what they were doing, cared about their work, and used a quality machine (Road Force balancers FTW)?
  3. I had an idea for using the CAD on my D30 to control 2WD Low, 4 Hi, and 4 Low. It came to me after finding some vacuum solenoids in the junkyard. If I wire a switch in the cab, and use two solenoids connected to the vacuum actuator on the CAD, then I should be able to control when the fork moves independent of transfercase position, allowing 2WD Low if I want it or 4WD Hi/Low as needed. All the tubing coming from the transfercase has already been eliminated, so no confusion there. The problem, and I should admit I am not the brightest lightbulb when it comes to wiring (mostly becau
  4. With an AC unit and a satellite dish on it? I don't think so. That's a redbilly single wide with an engine.
  5. Grease is messy. I like using bread. Get the super squishy white bread, pack it in there, and find a bolt that fits the hole well. Start hammering and adding more bread as needed. Works great.
  6. I had something similar happen recently. After three days in a row of drinking throughout the day (never to excess, just keeping a small buzz for hours) during a vacation I broke out in hives and severe itching similar to yours. An hour later and it was all gone. My bet would be toxic build-up with your constant drinking. The testing you have done gave your body a few days to get back to normal. If you get back to the standard drinking it will probably come back in a week or two. Not that I recommend that as a final testing procedure, but it could be definitive.
  7. What size tires would you pair with that much lift?!?
  8. If it was my truck I would look for bright blue spark at the end of a plug wire during a no start condition. Then I would get a fuel pressure reading. That will help you narrow your search.
  9. Sounds like its time to break out the extensions, learn some new curse words, crawl under the truck, and change out your CPS. I recommend getting one from NAPA as they seem to have the best track record. Either that or see if @eaglescout526 can hook you up with an OEM version.
  10. These are good readings. Time to move on to the next items. However, if it starts cranking but not starting again, this would be the very first thing I would check. The four things you need for a running engine (in order of likely fails) are: Spark Fuel Air Compression/ Timing You can check for spark at the end of a plug wire like MiniBeast says. If that checks good and you are still have a no run condition I would move on to fuel. Any auto parts store should rent you a pressure gauge for "free" ie: you put down a deposit when you check the tool out
  11. For most things on vehicles Tim is right, you measure in VDC or volts direct current. However, the CPS produces an AC wave form because of the 'pulses' from the tooth pattern on the flywheel as it goes around. Make sure your test leads are on the wires going to the CPS itself and crank the engine. You should be getting some reading. If you see nothing, then I would assume your leads aren't staying on the pins in the connector. Sometimes I use paperclips to backprobe a connector I want to measure. That makes it easier to get a solid reading. Can you get someone to help you? Often I
  12. Test first, lets make sure the CPS is an actual problem. Then worry about how to fix it. Like MiniBeast said, its fairly straightforward, just time consuming.
  13. Time to check your CPS function. Read THIS PAGE and follow the test exactly as described. Report back with the number. It should be >=0.5 reading on the volts AC scale. A failing CPS can shut down your truck and cause a crank, but no start situation. Then when everything cools down completely it will run again for a while.
  14. @Jesse J Read THIS thread, 6th post down. How are you at welding?
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