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  1. THIS THREAD seems to have your same issue, and points to the same solution as I stated above.
  2. On other threads people have mentioned unplugging the variable speed wiper box. Its under the dash, and if you unhook it you are then supposed to be able to plug the two cables directly together. This should give you all or nothing on the wipers. Try that first and see if maybe your box is the problem.
  3. For snake oil, I use Marvels Mystery Oil. I put a quart in on every oil change and add 4-6 ounces on every fuel tank fill. If your problem really is junk in the head, it will take several oil changes and several tanks of fuel until you notice improvements. It takes awhile to break down sludge buildup. This should be required for all Renix Owners. It will give you actual data on how your truck is running. Really helps diagnosis.
  4. So part of my collection of old crappy vehicles is a 1985 Toyota BJ73. Its a JDM vehicle, so its got all kinds of cool things not offered here in the US. Besides being right hand drive and having a PTO driven front winch, its a diesel engine. Specifically a NA 3B. Its started leaking badly from the Injection Pump. So obviously I need to take it off, have it rebuilt, and then put it back on. This leads me to my main two questions: Does anyone know an old school builder that can reseal my injection pump? Does anyone have experience timing an old mechanical diesel engine? There is supposed to be some specialty tool that I need to get, but I can't seem to track down a part number anywhere, much less an explanation of how to do it. This has me leery of jumping into it. Anything you guys know would be appreciated. Especially anyone from the cold white north, where the BJ73 left hand drive was sold for a bit. Any help/ advice appreciated. Thanks guys!
  5. Thanks, now I want a pair of those! Do you happen to know if they can be ordered with convex glass instead of straight glass? Especially for the passenger side.
  6. Or treat it like a timed challenge event. Can you replace it while holding your breath before you pass out? Seriously though, a fan blowing under there would be a good idea.
  7. site:comancheclub.com poor man's stroker Plug that into Google and read threads to your heart's content.
  8. I guess I was pointing more to the logical flow Eric had. Since you have something happening at 2500rpm exactly, what else happens at 2500rpm? E-fan kick on? IDK, but it seems like that should give you good info to start chasing something. Could be a red herring as well.
  9. Did you read the posts above yours? For instance, the one that has a link to the website of said yard? Or the posts where the name is mentioned multiple times?
  10. Does your swap have a electronic control on the power steering pump? I'm thinking something along the lines of THIS VIDEO, finished in THIS VIDEO.
  11. Just a friendly suggestion: Try using the search feature on the site. Or do what I do and go to google and type in "site:comancheclub.com ****" where the **** is replaced by whatever you are trying to find. Single best way to pull up threads that are pertinent to your interests IMO. In this case, I would recommend something along the lines of "Site:comancheclub.com rear springs". THIS THREAD seems like a good candidate for info for you.
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