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  1. 4.0L motor. The motor side is not the problem, its getting to the bolt head that is problematic. I was using 4' of combined wobble extensions and creating new yoga poses. I have taken several Renix motors and trannys apart and don't remember the bolt/ nut combo. Was just curious if it came standard. Did the 94 motors use the E12 top bolts? Because the ones I removed were regular hex heads.
  2. Little JB Weld and that will be good as new.
  3. This is a good idea. I would go one step further and recommend stranded cable so it acts like a regular power cord. Maybe welder cable if you can find some cheap?
  4. I got tricked into changing an engine in a 94? Grand Cherokee for a friend. He wanted to pull the head first to see what was wrong. Turns out this engine got HOT at some point and melted a hole in the #3 piston. So pulling the block came next. I decided to leave the transmission in place since I figured that would be easier. And oh was I wrong. Here comes the question: Were bolt/ nut combos ever used in the bellhousing? On this vehicle (after I removed the obvious things like starter bolts, inspection cover bolts, etc) There were six more fasteners, two at 3:00 and 9:00, two at 1:00 and 11:00, both of which were normal from my experience removing other engines. Then there were two bolts with nuts (bolt came from the transmission side, nut was on the engine side) located between the others at about 10:30 and 1:30 position. Was anything like this factory? What should I do on re-assembly because there is NO WAY IN HELL I am ever putting bolts and nuts back. Undoing them had me using language that would make a sailor blush.... Thanks in advance.
  5. How mechanically skilled are you? From some of your other threads and questions, I would be hesitant about advising you to rebuilding the transmission yourself. Start with the transfercase and see how you feel. The transfer case should be quite a bit easier and more straightforward than a transmission. Not saying don't do it, just go in with your eyes open. Good luck!
  6. Its my policy that if I have read the book, I refuse to watch the movie. And if it happens that I have seen the movie, I refuse to read the book. Too many times of not following this rule has lead to great disappointment. Case and point, I have never seen the Harry Potter movies because I read the books first.
  7. For the rear, unbolt the u-joint caps at the rear diff and pull the driveshaft out of the transfercase. Literally pull, its a splined shaft that fits over the output on the transfercase. For the front, usually you have to unbolt it at both ends and remove, but don't quote me on that one.
  8. Lets change the question around: What are you hoping to get out of this? As in what is your rational for putting time and money into building a stroker?
  9. My family used to heat with wood all winter long. Elm was their favorite to cut. And my dad owned a homemade (not joking or exaggerating here) 20lb monster maul. Every winter we split well over 10 cords. The bad winters we got close to 15 probably. But I am a weird guy that truly enjoys splitting wood. Nothing quite like it. BTW, for anyone that doesn't know, elm is awful to split by hand. Lot of intertwined fibers that resist being split. Hence the 20lbs of maul to 'persuade' them. I loved the days when we cut an oak, hedge, or ash.
  10. remove bottom knee panel (not sure technical name) for easier access and better viewing. I also remove my seat (4 13mm nuts with ratcheting flexible wrench) to make laying underneath the dash easier.
  11. Well. then to satisfy the OCD, why not cut a circle out of thin metal and weld it in? Little grinding, little high temp paint. Could look really nice.
  12. Why would you? Its not open to the exhaust. The "pipe" you see coming off the manifold is just formed by thin metal wrapped around the exhaust header. I guess you could cut it off if you really think it would be a problem....
  13. That is an unfortunate amount of idealism. And its completely misplaced. I work as a Professor of Mathematics. Interacting with the future leaders of this world on a daily basis leaves me in constant fear of what is coming, or because of this current pandemic, is already here. For the last 30 years (possibly longer) the public school system has been doing its best to keep children from learning logic and reasoning. The only purpose of public schools are to make a better menial worker. Ones who won't think for themselves and merely obey orders. The other compounding factor is the continual and nonstop force feeding of doom and gloom from all sources. Media is the largest contributor, but all sources play their part. This has weakened our resolve and removed our fear of death. Listen to any of the spring break interviews. This fatalistic theory has been ingrained for too long. We are now seeing the outcome of this system. Isn't it glorious? Obviously the above doesn't apply universally. But it does hold true for the vast majority of the sub 30-somethings out there.
  14. $20 for 5 minutes of 'work'? That makes a really good hourly wage. I'm just lol'ing at you that have to have catalytic converters. Straight pipes ftw!
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