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  1. I had an idea to do this with a 4door Comanche body, looking forward to seeing more!
  2. Got some more goodies in, waiting on a kevko ls1 oil pan, locking dipstick, flywheel and clutch kit and I can stab the motor and trans in 😬. I picked up 2 ax15s and a advanced adapters bellhousing a few weeks ago, Speed Engineering S10 LS swap Manifolds which are stainless and have V bands welded on already and are also half the price of Novak manifolds! Picked up a LS6 intake the other day too
  3. Cutting is my favorite part got the LQ4 mocked up, I knew I was going to have to move a lot of stuff but sheeesh
  4. Made a little progress last weekend, got the tired, non running 4.slow out, inner fenders cut out and started plating the inside of the frame and got the LS motor mounts in. Next is mounting the custom built AGR steering Box 2.5” forward of the stock location and moving the track bar bracket about 2” forward as well. Then I’ll get the LS mocked up and start with the front tube work
  5. I never posted it but in between the last time I posted in 2016 and May of this year I bought a 06 LJ and built and sold that for some of the funds for Comanche parts I bought a pair of stock rubi44s from a friend and slapped on some trusses and put chromoly shafts in both axles. I also swapped in a rubicon express Y link kit and bellypan, I made a motor/trans skid plate that connected to the bellypan as well. Finished it off with a 4 link in the rear and artec relocation brackets for the coil springs. It performed very well on and offroad for a LJ on 37s but just wasn’t the same as wheelin a
  6. Thanks everyone! More goodies showed up this week I got a full steering setup from Josh @ Steerco. He made a custom box for me with a quicker ratio and is flow matched for the pump. Also got all 4 coilovers in today. Once I get the drivetrain in and most of the other parts mocked up I’ll weigh it and order the correct springs! I also picked up a Dana300 a couple weeks ago and started cleaning it up and prepping it for a HD 32spline output and new gaskets all around.
  7. I’ve been meaning to post on here for quite some time, forgot my password to the email address I used to have for my login and just recently found it. I still have it, still collecting parts but I’ve made some more progress and acquired a lot of the expensive stuff. I’ve rebuilt everything on my Dodge in the last 4? Years except the trans that I built in my last reply I picked up some sticky BFG KR2s, Battleborn beadlocks, Installed a ruffstuff battery box in the back, some amazon special, utv rear lightbar, factory taillights, built a tailgate, motobilt 19 gal fuel cell after the jeep sittin
  8. Somewhere between July and now my auto tranny went boom in my dodge so I bought a wrecked 97 12valve,NV4500 truck to swap the Nv4500 and anything else I needed into mine as I didn't have nearly enough money to pay for a built auto that would hold up. So I rebuilt the NV4500 myself and swapped it in. I also painted it purple because why not? Bye bye stupid slushbox
  9. I bought a 30' gooseneck 2 weeks ago because I'm moving back to NY. My life's been a complete sh!tshow since July but I've made some progress, in all aspects. I just haven't had time to update anything! hopefully after this move I can get my life back on track again. I have an awesome job lined up and all of my friends and family waiting for me to come back so I'm excited. Things will get rolling on my jeep once I'm settled in because I REALLY need to go wheeling again. I went down to Sand Hollow state park in Southern Utah not too long ago for Trail Hero and had a good weekend in the sun and
  10. I'm flying back tomorrow night for a week, I might try to get out there for a day trip. There's no place like it anywhere! I never did hear anything about that runway shoot. I have a couple buddies that aquired some nice cars over the last year or so if you ever need to film some tires being mutilated haha. If you're coming out to Glen Helen I'll have to catch up with you there
  11. Hey Will, it's Nick B from Long Island. I'm still very jealous of this thing and the Montauk pics! Glad to see you got that cps situation figured out! Hope to see more updates soon
  12. I'll regear them whenever I finish my Truggy, so probably never haha I'd just like to get them under my maroon Laredo so I can move it around, my landlord isn't the happiest with all my stuff in the driveway
  13. Picked up a JK30/44 for free last weekend from a buddy in moab, remember that Maroon 87 Laredo I have? I have just about everything to slap those axles under it and make it drivable besides shocks/ wheels and tires... I'll get some pics up whenever I swap them in
  14. Progress but not really progress. I got a tow pig and love it so far! 2001 2500 24v, Auto, 35s with a $#!& ton of goodies and new parts and has been very well taken care of. I'm currently saving for a built trans since it has 164k on the stock original trans :( 62mm turbo, 4" turbo back exhaust, Edge Tuner, Fass 150 fuel system, Industrial Injection 150hp Injectors for basics. I'm happy with it For real progress I bought a set of thin LED headlights to help out with the Dovenose and might be getting some Superjoints for the SD60
  15. Made some progress in the last few weeks. Picked up some 39.5" Iroks and some H2 wheels to get me by for a little while. My front 3 link is built but needs to be finish welded and still need to add a lot more tube up front. I'm undecided if I want to dovenose the front yet. I'd like to keep it looking somewhat like a Comanche. Here's some random pics. My trackbar should be pretty damn close to level with the drag link and the bracket was made from some scraps laying around the shop and is getting more reinforcement.
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