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  1. Took me a min to navigate this site! I'm here! There are a few questions out there. Yes to make this work most of the unibody has to be removed.. i took out the firewall out because of rust, but there was enough room in between the rear of the head and the fire wall. Had to shorten the frame 10” or so. Three batteries in the rear, fuel tank (35 gallon) center over rear axle. Radiator behind cab, 3 row aluminum. Derale dual fans, (these things will spin slow-fast depending on water temp. Piping will be 2-1/4” aluminum all the way around. Also a stewart inline water pump returning water to engi
  2. So, has anyone else tried to combine a dodge frame and a comanche? If so, shoot some pics! Here is my attempt. I just wanted a small truck with a 3/4 ton capacity. I'm gonna call it Truck Norris.
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