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  1. You're still runnin 4:10, aw4 and 33's right? I know you do lots of wheelin, but are you happy with this gearing overall? Highway, city and dirt? I'm still considering gears and just curious.
  2. 7100s are available resi or non-resi. And in much more valving options. They are also user-rebuildable. Note that you will need a high pressue N20 setup or, go to a shop that has the ability. Shouldn't be fore than 10-15$ per shock to fill. Read n learnt!
  3. Yeah Eagle I like what I know about it. Now gotta gather the rest of the puzzle.
  4. Lee it was a 10% off deal which made it $865 plus shipping. Thanks for the recommendations Crash. 7100s not 5100s?
  5. I haven't even touched the Comanche in months(been moving) but took advantage of the Black Friday deals and pulled the trigger on the Clayton Long Arm upgrade. If your runnin this setup, I would appreciate some guidance on parts/components to finish out the lift that works well with this setup. Coils, track bar, pitman, shocks, etc. Havent done anything for the rear yet either(soa).
  6. I haven't done one dam* thing to it! Haven't even sat in it! Been too busy wrenchin on the 7.3. Gotta find some time...
  7. Oh and add the particulars to your signature line in your profile settings. That will keep ya from being asked "what year, trans, rear end, etc."
  8. Best advice I recv' when I started my MJ was to go thru cruiser's tips and get it mechanically sound. Of course you already know about your floor boards. Turn your frustrations into challenges and have fun. You will find good knowledgeable folks here.
  9. can't see the problem... but prolly cuz i can't quit staring at the wheels n tires!
  10. The Bellowed up pipes are to cure the power and fuel efficiency losses when the old style up pipe donuts go bad. The terminator T500 hpop is a higher volume reman of your own core pump and just makes stock injectors fire more better but can really add performance if coupled with different injectors. I got mine from RiffRaff diesel.
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