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    1989 Jeep Comanche SWB (2WD) 4.0L 6 Cylinder / BA10/5 / 2WD / SWB Build date: Current Location: Maryland Status: Previous owner had it tagged and on the road. Notes: Green short bed with grey interior with cloth bucket seats, dealer installed sun roof, and floor shift 5spd .
  2. I just got my Comanche this past weekend and it is the same color! I believe the paint code is APA PS3 QS3. The first set (APA) denotes a monotone paint scheme. The other two codes are the two possible paint colors assuming it wasn’t monotone. So P means primary color and Q means secondary color. The paint code S3 is a Chrysler code according to my research and is called “Dover Grey Metallic”. (Listed as HS3 in the paint chip sheet) I haven’t ordered any touch up paint to see how close it is though. Does anyone have experience matching 31 year old paint?...
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