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Found 1 result

  1. Codename Bumblebee: Continued A currently quite short build thread by Minuit I've been looking for a second project for some time. My silver '91 has been my daily driver for years and is at the point where it's getting hard to call it a project truck. If you've been keeping track of this truck's previous build thread, you'll know that this truck's previous owner, relyt120, never got a chance to do much with it and recently needed to sell it. Coincidentally he put it up for sale at the exact time I happened to have both the means to buy it and the time to work on it! Not only that, but I'd had my eyes on a manual vehicle of some sort. The previous owners (with the exception of relyt120) have been unkind and downright neglectful to this truck, and it needs a lot of love. However, the most important things are in place - to get it up to snuff I have a lot of small things to do, and some major surgery is needed. Here are the specs: 1989, short bed, Renix 4.0, AX-15 internal slave, open D35 rear end, ~150,000 miles. Let me be clear: I'm very much aware I have a lot of work to do, but I know what I'm doing and I'll do things right The Good: - It has the AX-15, and it shifts very well - The engine, while noisy, runs fairly well. - Besides the floor pan, it's almost completely rust free. The body on this truck except for the floor pan is in some ways better than the '91. - It's a Comanche! - I got it for a very good price. - It has a number of upgrades already done, including bucket seats, switched electric fan controls, Volvo fuel injectors, and upgraded grounds. - It theoretically has air conditioning. - I got tons of parts with it, including two Comanche interiors. - It has a surprisingly soft ride. - It's a blank canvas for whatever I want to do to it. Unlike the '91 I don't feel any obligation to keep it original. The Less Good: - Electrical issues abound, including non-functional reverse lights, brake lights(!!!), and a completely nonresponsive instrument cluster. - The engine sounds like hell and makes barely acceptable as of January 2019, zero as of May 2019, barely acceptable oil pressure. - The driver side floor pan and some of the transmission tunnel is rusted through likely due to a long ignored clutch fluid leak. I have a patch panel for the driver side floor. - The front end is in need of work. The truck has a significant front end shimmy - not quite death wobble, but definitely something is very loose. - It has massive vacuum and exhaust leaks. - Renix Cooling System. 'Nuff said. The pressure bottle of course leaks and a replacement has already been ordered. - The windshield is toast. - It's mind bendingly hideous. - The parking brake is missing. The Plan (more detail in Post 14): - Fix brake lights before I drive it on the road again - Fix all critical electrical circuits: brake lights, gauges, reverse lights. - Replace the Renix pressure bottle. - Re-install the interior. - Refresh front suspension. as of August 2019, done... more or less. - Repair the driver side floor. - Convert cooling system to the open loop High Output version. as of September 2019, it's been thoroughly de-Renix'd. - Turn the truck a single color, with chrome trim. - Air conditioning! Edit 12/2/16: Unlike my other build thread, the OP will be updated continuously and serve as a summary of my progress.
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