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Found 2 results

  1. Hello i am restoring a 86 comanche 2.8 ltr 4wd automatic when i bought the vehicle it had no 2.8 ltr LR2 motor in it so i put in a 3.4 ltr L32 motor in it i am at the part where I'm trying to get the tranny to work and I'm trying to figure out how the power steering works if anyone has pics of how the power steering hooks up and what it all connects to would be great i don't know where to connect the hose lines from the P.S. pump but i do have the pump connected to the motor also where is the drain plug on the tranny i think i put to much fluid in it because it slips i have the 3-speed A904 automatic tranny i was also having a hard time reading the dip stick to the tranny where exactly is the line that tells you when its full i did read in the haynes manual that the truck must be running in order to check the fluid level if you guys want pics i can post some upon request Thanks
  2. So I took my gauge cluster out because I wanted to change out my dummy lights cluster for one that has the vitals, and after realizing that the one I had wasn't compatible, I went to put mine back on. After putting my truck back on the road and started to test drive it, I realized my shifter indicator was not showing any signs of life, so I went on to see what was going on. So to all MJ owners with an automatic transmission on your MJs with a column shifter, be extremely careful when removing your old cluster, because when I removed mine I tore the shifter indicator cable. So just be sure to detach it from the steering column before you even try to yank it out of it's place. Anyways, here are some pics: Here you can see where the super small cable goes through the gauge cluster in order to attach to the steering column, if you already know your's is torn, and want to take a peek behind your gas gauge to see what's going on, please save yourself a headache and take a picture of where your gas gauge sits at before pulling the needle out, because if not you'll be guessing where you had it and have an inaccurate gas reading and be stranded in the middle of nowhere thinking you have 3/ of a tank still.. Ask me how I know.. I still have not repaired mine, since the day I took it all apart I ran out of time, but as soon as I do I'll post it on this topic. Anyways, I hope this was of help to all my fellow Automatic Transmission with a Steering Column shifter MJ owners out there! PS: Also if anyone knows where I could get a shifter knob that fits the rod on the column I would greatly appreciate it!
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