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  1. Here's a long overdue update for you fellas. My Comanche has been pained for a long while. Its been my second daily driver. I HATE THE DAMN FRENCH TRANSMISSION. Its the worst shifting thing ever haha. I have put in a pioneer radio that lights up red and I am replacing my dash illumination to match.
  2. I have made one from an 86 MJ tailgate, but I don't have any pictures.
  3. Its been a while so how about an update! The truck has been getting what it deserves and some modernization is definitely needed. New euramatec lights http://s14.postimg.org/b7wyze3u5/IMG_0601.jpg Truck receiving some well deserved paint and body work On the side I also grabbed 2 tailgates, a good 87 and a not so good red 86. I am using the 86 as the back rest for a bench I am building. I clear coated it to freeze the rust from expanding and give it some gloss. The bench is made from laminated perianal wood and 2x4 stained with deck stain to match. Ill post the final product eventually. But here is some teaser shots http://s14.postimg.org/5dhkj5fql/IMG_1011.jpg" /> http://s14.postimg.org/ym9jp2b59/IMG_1069.jpg" /> Also if you’re like me, you have a ton of random Jeep emblems. I made mine into refridgerator magnets.
  4. Well here's a little update. For some reason I am having a problem pasting in the links to my pictures from image host, so I will just tell you what is going on. I It has been a busy last couple months for me, but I have made serious headway with the Comanche. First nifty little thing I did was install an underhood light reel from a Cherokee which retracts and has a magnet for working on your vehicle in the dark. it cost about 15 dollars at the junkyard. I also installed the new Euramatec interior lights which work and look wonderful. I also recently had it painted back to the original Dover grey, and fitted metal chrome Laredo door handles and new seals on both windows. It looks sharp to say the least. I need to install a new wiper motor next. I am looking for a company to replicate the stripe kit on my truck, as it doesn't seem to be available. Hopefully I can get some pictures up soon!
  5. got mine for $23.24 shipped with bulbs on ebay. It was a good day Got mine installed. the wiring is as follows Red: This goes on the outside on the terminal that is not linked to the middle one Black with white tracer: This is the middle wire Black: this is the outside terminal linked to the middle terminal. I found this out 3 fuses later. My gift to you
  6. Breven52

    E TN

    I am sometimes up at Kingsport, and sometimes visit Gatlinberg and Knoxville
  7. Was a good time! We can always use more trucks to roll around with us!
  8. its a 4x4 and my second daily driver. I do use my 4x4 a lot though. I'm not wheeling, more like trail riding.
  9. I actually did replace the gear oil recently. I used Lucas with the lucas additive that is supposed to help older transmissions. It helped tremendously, but it leaves a lot to be desired. Has anyone ever swapped in a Nv3500 or NV4500 into these trucks? I love the trans in my wrangler. I abuse the crap outta it. I will most likely drive the puegot till it breaks though because my budget is scattered everywhere
  10. Tell me straight up. My Comanche albeit otherwise perfect has a bad case of the puegot transmission. How bad is that hunk of French metal? I already have a problem shifting into 2nd if the truck has been sitting. How hard is an Ax15 swap and approximately how expensive? Should I also go ahead and switch to a HO 4.0? Can I keep my interior controls If I do?
  11. Bump. Lets go $25 for the emblems and $15 for the vents
  12. here are a set of side vents that are decent and a full set of Comanche emblems from an early 87. Vents are $20 plus shipping the emblems are $30 bucks for all 3 plus shipping. MURFREESBORO, TN
  13. Ran into another Comanche. This one had the usual rust and a lot of unusual problems. Good looking truck though. The owner said he was on here sometimes. Scored some Comanche parts at the junkyard I also modded my front marker lights per the thread on here. I now have alternating turn signals with the headlights on. I also scored these. They will be for sale if anyone needs them.
  14. I put an MD Juan body tub on my Ford GPW. it is a script tub just like my original. Here's whats good: 1. The owner of MD Juan is constantly changing and correcting his products. He is very active on G503.com 2. It has the look of a fresh brand new jeep when you use his tub. 3. The parts generally have very good attention to detail 4. One of the only sources in the game. Pretty much makes everything for everybody else. including omix ada The bad: 1. the primer on his stuff is worthless. 2. everything is just slightly off. just fractions of inches off.(like my brake pedal holes being wrong) 3. tubs can be very hard to put on frames. like to the point some people have thrown away a brand new tub. (mine personally fit like a glove with just a little frustration.) 4. can be expensive 5. ford marked parts on GPWs usually aren't the right F mark. all in all if you have a good frame and powertrain and a bad body you won't go wrong with MD Juan.
  15. Progress has been made. The interior is back in my jeep and I drove it 300 miles back to school with me. I went to a junkyard and scrounged a new aircleaner cover and some Comanche emblems and side vents. I also snagged an under hood light from a Cherokee that is on a reel and is magnetic for late night engine repairs :banana: . all in all a successful few days spent working on the truck!
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