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  1. Fabbed up some quick brackets and welded them to the cab, ran the wiring through the cowl under the hood and bang! Ditch lights.
  2. Installed a set of aerocatch hood pins. 10/10 for both looks and pain in the @$$ to install. Painted the bumper.
  3. Added a bullbar, lightbar and mounted my winch to the new bumper. Put on a set of 35x12.5 Maxxis RZR MTs on aluminum rims. Wheeled it all summer long in the mountains.
  4. Installed a front bumper my brother fabbed up and added 1.75" .120 wall tube fenders up front
  5. Bringing this thread back from the dead! Still have the ol girl trying to drive it more and more on the street and abuse it less. did a 98+ front clip with knockoff ebay trucklites and cheapo smoked signals/corners. cut out my rotted out rockers and welded in 2x6 .120 wall box, routed the exhaust through the rear fender.
  6. My most recent wheeling trip and the biggest one since the motor swap a year and a half ago. Ran Ruby Falls by Cadomin Alberta, about 200km highway each way then another 120km of bagged out forest service road then 50km of trail into the mountains and the falls. This much snow in September was a surprise and sure made camping a pleasure. Trail was rocky and had about 10 river crossings, i took in a bit of water into the air box but luckily the stock paper filter absorbed almost all of it. Overall terrain there wasn't anything too crazy but the snow sure made some the climbs interesting. on the
  7. Put some new boots on er last january 33x13.5 r15 super swamper TSL
  8. More of the TMR perches and wheel base stretch: Before: After:
  9. Havent been on here in ages i'll try to get everyone up to speed. Mostly post on my instagram @tgsuteau. Truck is no longer my daily driver now its strictly a weekend wheeler. Since my last post on here ive installed: Suspension: BDS 4 link longarm, BDS 4.5" coils, BDS track bar, TMR customs anti wrap leaf spring mounts set to 1" stretch to recenter the Rear wheel in the wheel well Steering: Off road Only U turn HD steering Drivetrain: Did a complete 93 HO 4.0 swap including all wiring, added a 99+ intake wrapped in gold space foil to try to keep intake temps down.
  10. Greetings comrade, thank you for the compliment. That was most likely me, I'm pretty sure I'm one of the only ones daily driving a comanche in edmonton. . :MJ 2: .
  11. Also did a slick install for my air tank pressure gauge . :MJ 2: .
  12. Finally got around to installing my rear dana 44, while i was at it i added a leaf and made up some custom shackles, caused a leak in my rusted out gas tank, plumbed in my rear disk brakes, installed my air tank, found some rust on the frame so i pulled the bed and painted the frame. Pulled the leaves out of my parts truck and took the second longest leaves out and cut them down about an inch so they fit nicely in between the second and third leaves. i added the leaf to try and stiffen up the suspension a little bit it seemed too soft before, so far it definitely rides better but i also r
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