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Found 3 results

  1. Well, I think I have "too much" Jeep stuff now. So time to sell! Everything is priced but gladly will accept offers! Some misc parts laying around. NOS is down at the bottom. Also have two door check arms for the rear XJ check swap. $10 for the pair. RX-141 Radio with cut up harness*untested*. $50. Includes mounting bracket. RX-173XJ, not sure the going rate on this one and it also is untested. $70. Included mounting bracket. Heater core box. $50. All Vac motors work and has an OEM heater core in it. Plastic front license plate mount. $25 Hood bumpers. Yes this part number shows it won’t fit our hoods but it does. I have one installed. $10 a piece. There’s four total. here's where they go: New Chrysler era 2.5L valve cover. Used. Been installed on my truck for maybe under 5,000 miles(was replaced by a cover with actual AMC logo). Painted to match the replacements and how they used to come from the factory. Hard plastic type and not the soft crap plastic type that will break after a year of use. $35. 91?-96? AC control deck harness. $10 4.0L H.O. Years? AC hose. $25. Hose is in good shape, inside is clean. Cancer like passenger tail light. Recommended for trail MJs only. I seriously have no idea what happened to this tail light. Came with another taillight I bought, it doesn’t look bad but there is some repair on the housing that makes this more for the trail rigs. It does shine light through. Just looks like crap, but a tail light is a tail light. $25 Decent drivers side tail light. $50 Black short center console with removable coin tray. $50 Silver(not brushed) textured dash bezels. Both have molested radio slots and one has a hole drilled in it for an alarm LED the other has seen better days. $40 each. Cordovan Illuminated visor. Not in the best shape but pretty good for being in AZ. $60(cleaned as best as I could get it without destroying the fabric) Passenger side Pioneer or Chief trim door panel material in navy blue. $30 Saved it from AMC salvage, speaker grill and map holder included, speaker grill needs retainers. XJ wagoneer woodgrain door trim set. $30 Headlight/seatbelt/key buzzer(Blue) $20(contacts have been cleaned) Sentinel headlamp delay module $15 Bumper mounting hardware. Crown mounting brackets. Used but still look new. $30 Right side only vent covers. Got from AMC salvage. Both I and the owner found it incredibly odd that there was only 4 of the passenger side. $20 each and they do include new clips and foam. Charcoal back panel piece. It is in decent shape, has been cleaned and color touched up. Most of the clip holders but one are intact. It has clean cuts right where the window is. $30. N.O.S. Parts Head rest covers kit in Dark Blue/Charcoal? $50 Sun visor clip bezel in tan. $20 Visor clips in charcoal/paintable. $10ea 2.5L Renix power steering reservoir. $60 Passenger side molding for Laredo Package XJ or MJ in silver. $25 Passenger side molding with chrome x3. $20 each Passenger side front bumper end caps in black x2. $30 each. Front end Bra for you 97-01 guys. $90. Brand new never been used. No box but has instructions.
  2. I am looking for factory interior lights. B pillar and if they made them roof liner. My jeep was basically bare when I obtained it. Thanks.
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