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  1. fits down a trail I made. Started it today and ran it in what feels like -25’ degrees
  2. Thank you all! This is awesome. I couldn't believe it when I started sanding down the bed since it was repainted when I got it. Previous owner got rid of it to build a rock crawler. I only know of 3 other Comanches that are solid in my area since the plow guys drop salt like it's going out of style and most vehicles rot away up here. Wait til you see what I have planned next for my build! also, updated pictures I found on an old phone to my build thread .
  3. The 90' SporTruck from Florida I picked up from a local member Bob. A really great guy with a lot of knowledge on these trucks. This is a high output swapped 4.0L 4x4 automatic . Has a Visor.
  4. Thank you very much. I think the dirt bound rear bumper and unknown rock sliders will complete the look .
  5. Figured since I can't stop driving her, when I should be buttoning up some things. I my as well take some pictures. I do still have to finish the interior, and sound system. I plan to buy a DIY rear bumper kit. Sprayed 10 cans of fluid film underneath the cab,bed, and unibody rails. I still have a lot to do. Very happy so far with my build.
  6. Had a little time today to get these two ready for storage. My 75' F-250 Ranger making the Comanche look small. Those old highboys came with some tall suspension back then.
  7. Next time I see him I will. Vast knowledge and tips on these trucks.
  8. Brought a ladder stand out with my Comanche today mid day . I realized as I made a tight trail back how much I missed driving a jeep.
  9. Long overdue update since it's hunting season here in western New York. Warn m8000 installed behind the ARB Bumper. Noticed the ball joints on my $50 Craigslist axle were worn. Upgraded to alloy USA ball joints. While doing that noticed the tie rod and draglink were worn. Track bar is new, but plan to upgrade to adjustable . I installed a new draglink, end, and tie rod with end that is for the 95' grand Cherokee v8 ZJ. Fits great with no issues. Toolbox installed, working on the interior next . I don't have much drive time before the salt drops . Made a new friend locally who is a veteran Comanche Club member. Bought many much needed parts and a 90' sport truck 4.0l HO swapped 4x4 truck off him that is very solid from Florida. Pictures and build of that to follow. Also, my custom plate arrived 👍. and the wimpy old one.
  10. The link to is not found. I am in the process on wiring up my 96' doors, pw and pl using a 4-door Cherokee harness. Plugged it in and nothing. I assume I need relays or a ground? I plugged the factory harness into the the same spot on my 87' fuse panel so accessory. Any help would be greatly appreciated . Thank iad
  11. I painted the 92' and sold it. Put a flat bed on it. It still lives local. I searched around for parts rather than hack up the rotted 92'.
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