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  1. Already have the transfer case so it'd be a no-brainer. I already have the t-case and engine, I'd just need a bellhousing adapter and the AX15. May be easier to go that route for sure.
  2. Exactly shouldn't be too bad since I can make all interior custom also. But thinking staying with carb setup, as well as a T5, manual or AOD auto. But also going to keep 4x4 setup in case I want it in the future. This truck still has the 4.0, auto, and t-case. But will have to switch them since the wiring is sliced and control modules gone. Just want something simple to play around with when I'm bored. Feel free to chime in on any ideas, because It'll happen once I get my paint job done on my pioneer.
  3. Just what the title implies to make this a fun weekend short cruise/RACE truck on the dirt oval.... PLEASE PLEASE leave some feedback...already have the engine and mounts figured out
  4. Gotcha, no worries. It is somewhere in the 86 registry
  5. Gotcha. Could I find out where 1JTWD6615GT204205 was sold originally?
  6. Awesome! Both my MJ's were born sold in Illinois, and not far from me. Small world I guess. Neat. Where did you find this information?
  7. NO WAY! When I bought this truck last year, it came with a can coozie around the shifter on the steering wheel, and guess what it's from? LITTLE JESS JEEP! How awesome! Where did you find this out at?
  8. Following, interested in any swaps with these units. Looking into all options. There are several local to me on Facebook marketplace. Not too expensive either. Going to do mods after installation, but there are lots of manufacturers making parts to rebuild the 327 or a 350. Absolutely love the sound of the 327. Super interesting engine, always wanted to do a sbc swap and figured the 327 was a good candidate.
  9. I'm getting ready to swap a 327 sbc and an NV3500 trans out of a truck in the junkyard into my MJ. It has no interior or wiring harness, and the 4.0 in it hasn't run in God knows how long. It turns over, but there's no computers or harness AT ALL. Not even a dash. Going to put together my own harness, to get it to run all it needs is a hot coil wire, one for the fuel pump (and added regulator for the carb), and one wire to touch the starter. That is it if you want a standalone engine. I'm going for tach, speedo (maybe), oil pressure, coolant temp, and battery voltage, as well as a univer
  10. I was given this glorious idea by my grandfather, who always wanted a 327 SBC and a 5 speed stick shift. Going to try and find one out of the junkyard and slap into here. I may fix the interior rust, just as its more of a safety hazard than anything. But I plan on ordering the Novak engine mounts for a small block engine, and it should fit no issues. The truck is a short bed 4x4 with the 4.0 and auto trans. Still has all of it. But the interior will be the fun part. Not going to go crazy with the build, I want a rat rod/hot rod style with some rust and junk left behind. I plan on build
  11. I already have one, so that's why I was curious. I have an 04 and the rear dana 44 is for sure heavy duty and definitely not aluminum. I've had absolutely no issues whatsoever with the 4.7 non-HO that I've had for almost 3 years. It never even misfired when the plugs had no electrode left. But again, it would be crazy cheap to do, wayyyy cheaper than a stroker build and the 4.7 v8 would still have more power than the 4.0 for what I'm going to use this rig for. Again, never had an issue with mine. I've had it for 3 years and tens of thousands of miles with NOTHING bes
  12. Just got the idea of purchasing an entire WJ 4.7 drivetrain and entire wiring harness out of the junkyard for a couple hundred bucks and dumping it into an MJ with NOTHING. The V8s have a 44 rear and 30 front. Just curious if anyone is as stupid as I am and want to try it.
  13. I have the chance of possibly scoring another MJ IF I get rid of my 04 WJ. I really don't want to get rid of it, but there's an 86 XLS 4x4 LWB local to me, guy wants $4,000 US. What do you think? 168k miles I believe. Not sure if he's posted here in the CC forums previously, if he is on here hopefully he won't get mad for asking my question. I WILL NOT give out his contact information though, so do not ask.
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