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  1. Looking for one within 300 miles of the Saint Louis area for my 87 Comanche....
  2. How much were you going to sell it for? I could make it up that way this weekend
  3. Will you be near Indianapolis?
  4. kaidenlem


    I am looking for 2 new blue speaker covers that go on the door panel. Thanks
  5. Will a bed liner from a Dodge Dakota 6.5ft bed fit into the Comanche without modification? Found one at a local salvage yard and was interested
  6. I am looking for a LWB bed liner to go in my 87 Pioneer. I am located in Southern Illinois and would be willing to drive a few hours, but not shipping one
  7. Got it mostly figured out. Unplugged everything one by one and sprayed with electronic cleaner and it started up fine. Every once in a while, it will run on 5 cylinders, but then when restarted it will fire on all. Also, with the new fuel pump in, it almost seems as though the factory reversed the float wires, because the tank is about 3/4ths full, it shows on 1/4, and then when I filled the tank it went to E. How can this be fixed?
  8. Found out the fuel pump relay was bad and replaced it, now there is a completely different no spark issue...
  9. Having some trouble with my Comanche. The fuel pump was just replaced yesterday, and now it will not shut off when the key is on, and the vehicle will not start. It’s an 87 with the 4.0. Any suggestions? Fuel regulator?
  10. Where are you located in the country? I am from southern Illinois
  11. Do you also know where I might be able to find a long bed drop in liner for sale? I know that’s about impossible to find...
  12. I was wanting to know where I could find these white-fade decals as seen on the truck below. It was a factory 86 modification I’m pretty sure?....
  13. Thanks Pete. I think I will order the same mirror that’s on my current one for this project. Do you also know where I can get the black leather-ish bucket seats, you know with the holes in it?
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