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  1. omega_rugal

    Reusing a Comanche "frame"

    That`s what i was talking about
  2. omega_rugal

    oil fill cap

    it`s not your oil cap, either the PCV valve is stuck, the lines are clogged or the engine is worn and blowby is pushing the oil out
  3. omega_rugal

    What’s this relay? Fog lights?

    that`s for the temp gauge, the one in the bottom is for the ECU
  4. omega_rugal

    What’s this relay? Fog lights?

    coolant temp and knock sensors... don`t touch them
  5. if you can get a 2.5 with little rust it`s the best for a project, the later the model, the easier to swap things over, also there`s a plus that the rear axle will be 4.11 or at least 3.55...
  6. omega_rugal

    High Crank Case pressure/oil leak

    what about blowby? check each cylinder compression...
  7. omega_rugal

    1988 MJ restoration

    very useful mods these days hehe, who needs to know the hour and cigarettes anyway?
  8. i would use a thin saw to carefully cut it from inside, the use needle pliers to extract it...
  9. omega_rugal

    Reusing a Comanche "frame"

    right nex to texas
  10. omega_rugal

    Reusing a Comanche "frame"

    XJs are common here, so common that like i said, they get dumped as soon as something goes wrong, they don`t bother to fix them... MJs are nonexistant, only my unit and like 5 other i have seen, one of which is in very bad shape i also saw several of those 4 door "comancherokees"... and yes rust is not an issue here, mine had rusty floors but that was because some idiot PO got the carpet wet and didn`t do anythign to dry it...
  11. omega_rugal

    Reusing a Comanche "frame"

    that... never ocurred me...
  12. omega_rugal

    Reusing a Comanche "frame"

    How about crashed or rolled over MJs? as long as the frame, bed and back of cab is good... also MJs that have been stripped but happend to have those parts in good shape, in here people trash perfectly good XJs with blown gaskets or worn engines (which can be fixed) so bad to make it not worthy? that`s my question...
  13. have anybody tried to unweld the X-frame of a comanche? the idea is to find a MJ with a damaged cab and assuming the X-frame is good, unweld the cab and then, get a good XJ, cut it right behind the front doors and weld the MJ X-frame and the back of the cab... yeah, i`m desperate to get more MJs..
  14. omega_rugal

    Inline radiator filler

    Dakota/Durango ones are too short but it`s an option...
  15. omega_rugal

    Inline radiator filler

    dakotas and durangos... interesting...