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  1. throttle position sensor bad or out of adjustment... start from there... vacuum leak, IAC valve...
  2. someone with a broken MJ may want them...
  3. beats me, IIRC it came from a dead nissan efan, made some holes in it and coupled to the water pump with a custom flange, pulls as much air as the old mech one but weights lots less, no more overheating problems, finally... if i only put a shroud on it it´ll be more efficient but like i said it has not overheated as it is, and i live in a place where 40 degrees in the shade is considered "normal"... a few weeks ago i had to tow my friends WJ (dead ECU) and after 10 miles or so it began to over heat, first time with the plastic fan, i let it cool and kept going for another 10 miles with no problems... may add an efan for such situations... the ones that bolt on won't fit, the ones that fit will not bolt and the ones that fit and bolt will rotate backwards so if you find it, please share a design leftover from the old 258?
  4. IF such thing exists i won´t be a bolt on upgrade, so why bother? go full electric or put a plastic one like me. if you can have more airflow at least ditch some weight
  5. the O2 sensor doesn´t raise the MPGs, only prevent them to drop. running at stoich ratio doesn´t always mean you are running at the best efficiency.
  6. Ford Taurus fans work well, use the driver side one, that[s the main one, pulls a lil more air OR go full electric and use 2, ditch the old mech fan
  7. the goverment rearing its ugly head again...
  8. it is, it limits the fun i can have in my MJ and how much can go on upgrades instead of fuel
  9. i have seen many cars with 4 speed trannies non-OD trannies perform better than their 5 speed OD counterparts, my 97 Sable returns 1-2 more mpgs in D as long i don't drive faster than 45 mph due the TC locking up faster and staying that way, i also can pass other cars faster due not having to downshift every time i floor it... my older carbed 93 Tsuru , 4 speed transaxle was more efficient than my mother´s newer, fuel inyected, 5 speed tsuru, running both cars at the same time, with full tanks and the refilling after reaching our destination mine got around 5% better economy, confirmed real world test. if OD it´s supposed to boost fuel consumption, engine wear, drive train wear and so on and so forth why i´m getting better results with D than in OD? my guess is that in D frictional losses are lower, that combined with the taller ratios that non OD usually have puts the engine in a more efficient range, and in my sable´s case, locking the torque converter earlier (the ax4s shift programming sucks @$$, who made this thing?) i´m bored right now so bear with me...
  10. was the truck running when you got it? are you sure the 4.1 axles are good? if so, swap them whole...
  11. on carburated 2.5l is there an ECU controlling the spark? i have seen diaghrams where the CPS plugs directly to the ignition coil...
  12. i think the dakota V6 used the NV1500, the 2.5 used the ax15
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