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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celsius
  2. in the summer you dump the thermostat and fanclutch... of course i live in the middle of HELL where we usually get temps of 38-40 degree celsius, it´s 33 degrees right now btw and summer has not even started yet
  3. now that we are talking about alternator, does anyone have the brand and model of the one used in 88 comanches? i´m trying to find parts to rebuild mine
  4. after some research i found that the BA10/5 has relatives that use external slave, volvos and of course, peugeots have them, but if you happend to find one it would be a miracle
  5. not much people have acces to an eeprom flasher and/or the software to edit it...
  6. i mix a quarter with every change.... for the past 2 years
  7. the engine is ok, just don't swap it to a Comanche, not worth the effort... is the WJ bad or why you want to take the engine out?
  8. post 2008 4.7 are better, 2 spark plugs, twice the pleasure
  9. it seems that no one here likes it... i like it though...
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