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  1. i´m curiosu about this too, clutch? flywheel, pressure plate?
  2. from the outside: - full flush - fresh fluid and filter - new seals - new solenoids, overtime they can stick, not retract fully just or die.. - new accumulator springs and seals... if you have the skills and tools required, new and upgraded clutch plates would be great but if that was the case you would be asking... a dragging band doesn´t slip like that, and a slipping clutch will do the same in D so must be a something in the valve body, do you have the bad habit of shifting to R while moving forward? or shifting back and forth from D to R too quickly?
  3. the 0331 uses coil packs and no, it doesn´t work with renix...
  4. the one from a durango it´s a good upgrade right? those show up in junkyards often...
  5. nope, a few dregrees each time, i calculate that IN TOTAL i have turned it like 300 degrees...
  6. i found one culprit, the track bar bolt was a little loose, tighted it, the steering feels firm, the steering box moves a little but only if i really push on the steering wheel, i don´t know if that can be fixed or if if caused the death wobble, i also retightened the steering box a bit, i have already tightened like a full turn, does that mean my SB is toast?
  7. you need a tranny too, the ax4/ax5 won't last long behind a V8, so you gonna end up with a Jeep on top of a GM powertrain... why just not get a GM truck?
  8. with lots of skill... it was more a joke than a suggestion,
  9. replace the windshield washer bottle with a late model XJ, the one that goes inside the fender...
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