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  1. do that booster and master cylinder with the flat container dual cap come in 96 zjs?
  2. omega_rugal

    Death wobble is trying to come back

    so, in a nutchell: anything loose in a front solid axle will result in some degree of death wooble...
  3. so whe you installa a restrictor you are basicly bypassing the thermostat and keeping the coolant flowing instead of goign from hot-cold-hot cold...
  4. wait, what does the IAC has to do with it? if it was dirty cleaning it will help smoothing idling rpms, whe you press the clutch you are releasing the engine from the transmission, is supposed to run free, why woudl the rpms drop? a dirty IAC will give overall low rpms at idle...
  5. ONLY when you press the clutch? is there a sharp rpm drop while shifting? with engine hot and idling and transmission in neutral, press the clutch... see if RPMs drop, if so the throwout bearing or internal cylinder is bad, normally when you press the clutch the THB/IC turn with the pressure plate, if the bearing is damaged or stuck it will bring the rpms down enough to stall it...
  6. omega_rugal

    Renix 120 MPH Speedo?

    the real question is: who will run a 30+ years old vehicle at 180 MPH?
  7. omega_rugal

    AW4 Transmission Problem

    i don´t know if it can be adjusted, anyone else?
  8. omega_rugal

    AW4 Transmission Problem

    1- if you floor it and doesn´t shift down the TV cable is loose, adjust 2- did you mess with the linkage?
  9. omega_rugal

    Engine Woes – Walked home.

    if the system can not build pressure it will overheat, sounds stupid but that´s how it goes...
  10. omega_rugal

    Engine Woes – Walked home.

    you have a small coolant leak somewhere...
  11. omega_rugal

    Permutations and combinations

    replace the slave... keep it 2 wd 4 speed... or you have so much free time? if so, go for the 4.0+aw4+4wd+3.73 axles
  12. omega_rugal

    HO CPS Compatibility

    wierd, the differnce between a renix vs a HO flywheel is how the teeth are read, with the renix having more pulses per rev and lookign for missing pulses, while an HO only reads 4 pulses, both are made of iron and a CPS reacts to anything that is made of iron... the incompatibility you mention may be when the use a Renix flywheel with a HO cps AND a HO ecu, in this case pulses don´t match..
  13. omega_rugal

    HO CPS Compatibility

    really? i though that the ECU and flywheel had to match, not the cps..
  14. omega_rugal

    HO CPS Compatibility

    MAP, my bad... the TPS is even more simple, a potentiometer...