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  1. omega_rugal

    bad starter over night...

    is done, it was all wet and dirty inside... it´s been cold and damp lately, water must have condensated inside with no way to go out...
  2. omega_rugal

    bad starter over night...

    like, a lot... all conections have been checked, no loose wires, the only way to get it to crank as before is connecting the 2 batteries together... i had a similar problem years ago with a ford escort, starter failed overnight, turned out to be worn carbon brushes... i´ll drop the starter next saturday...
  3. so the last weekend i took the mj to do some chores, it worked fine as usual and was parked for the las 3 days. this afternoon i try to turn it on but the starter is too heavy, my first diagnostic was that the battery was discharged (i may have left something on) tried another know-to-be-good battery but nopé, same thing, it tries to hard to start then it catches up and runs, next step is drop the starter to see what´s wrong but, how does this happen? can the started run fine and then $#!& on you next day?
  4. you can take the hoses out and plug the thermostat outlet and screw a cap on the return tube...
  5. omega_rugal

    1986 v6 4x4

    is it a dana 35? what if you have a amc 20
  6. omega_rugal

    AX-15 ID and tech questions

    you need to drill them and use an extractor...
  7. omega_rugal

    Performance upgrades

    depends on your version of engine... update your signature
  8. omega_rugal

    valve adjusment too tight / too loose

    nissan tsuru (sentra in the us) not exaclty, i had to wait for it to coo downl, otherwise you can touch it, so it wasn´t operating temp neither cold i´ll check clearences again, just to make sure...
  9. i know the 4.0 doesn´t require valve adjustments this is for another engine, i´m looking for advice from seasoned mechanics since i´m not one, i just take things apart and put them back togheter. i have a tsuru b13 with the e16s, it´s a single overhead camshaft, i had have it for like a year or so, and ever since i got it i has a weird ticking noise i always though it came from the valve train so i finally ventured to open it and see if i could fix it, after taking off the cover turns out pistons 2 and 3 had no gap in the valves so i adjusted them following a youtube tutorial (yes, i did it) weird because i expected them to have a large gap somewhere, after checking all the valves i put the cover back and fire it up, next i´ll try to explain the best i can: before: cranking speed was good, sometimes fired up quickly, sometimes it didn´t power was ok but had to give it some gas to not stall while cold, when hot worked fine after: cranking speed is slower, as if the engine was too heavy or the battery is discharged but once it begins turning works fine i feel a noticeable increase in low end power, no longer stalls at idle and overall it feels more torquey noise remains... now i suspect the timing belt or tensioner... i´m more than happy with the power improvement but i don´t like the starter like that, my theory is that by adjusting the clearence in pistons 2 and 3 fixed an unnoticed compression leak but in the same time the starter now has to work harder... or did i @#$%ed up? please move the topic if it shouldn´t be here...
  10. my words exactly, that way i know if it´s getting power...
  11. nothing, but apparently the pump is toooo noisy for some...
  12. you can get a few more miles out of a dying pump bypassing the resistor... but yes, bypassing the resistor should be the exception not the rule
  13. omega_rugal

    renix tbi Throttle body

    that´s what i don´t want to do haha but i had to ask...
  14. one simple question: does the throttle body of a tbi 2.5l physicly bolts to a renix 4.0 manifold? is for a school project