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  1. does the vibration goes up when you accelerate? does it stop when you coast?
  2. deleting the EGR has the side effect fo having more power at cruise, not much but is there... if it wasnt for emissions the thing shouldn t even be there...
  3. the truck is on sale, i´ll try to contact the guy again, i don't know why is that hole there, perhaps to get rid of a rusty part but i don't want to risk buying if it can't be fixed, and if it was because of rust i should probably let it pass...
  4. someone made another hole on the other side... patching it may be as much work as replacing the entire thing
  5. is posible to unweld the cowl without having to dissasemble the entire front? someone made a hole on it and i have to replace it
  6. bringing this ancient thread back from the grave but... what if you remove the AC bracket entirely, rotate the alternator and use a custom bracket to hold the Alternator where the AC bracket used to be?
  7. you need a donor, usually an XJ, and swap everything, engine, trans, TC... i give it 3 out of 5 in difficulty
  8. now that ou mention the dana 44. i read somewhere that the version used in XJs/MJs were hibrid´ using the case and ring/pinion of a regular d44 but with smaller bearings and thinner tubes... fake or fact?
  9. i was thinking that 3.55 gears and disks brakes could be useful if you have a dana 35 with 3.07 and drums...
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