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  1. bring enough extensions for the socket wrench...
  2. did you touch something else when you installed the horn? the only way yo melt a cable that thick is by shorting the battery... btw what about the battery?
  3. omega_rugal

    BA 10/5 really a bad transmission?

    is a light duty trannny, so is best for on road use and little or no towing or heavy loads, are you sure is working ok? people usually ditch the BA10/5s because their are already damaged...i prefer a manual anyday but in this case maybe you should keep the aw4
  4. omega_rugal

    Dana 35 to ZJ rear disc problem

    i was going to say the same... is it bent?
  5. omega_rugal

    4wd conversion questions

    get everything from a later 2.5l XJ, axles, transmission, and transfer case, that way the front axle will match your rear (4.11) and it will be Non CAD, sourcing parts from diferent trucks usually leaves you finding good axles that match...
  6. i found out the battery tray in the mj can hold smaller 2 batteries side to side... is any good reason to do it? drawbacks? just saying...
  7. omega_rugal

    bad starter over night...

    is done, it was all wet and dirty inside... it´s been cold and damp lately, water must have condensated inside with no way to go out...
  8. omega_rugal

    bad starter over night...

    like, a lot... all conections have been checked, no loose wires, the only way to get it to crank as before is connecting the 2 batteries together... i had a similar problem years ago with a ford escort, starter failed overnight, turned out to be worn carbon brushes... i´ll drop the starter next saturday...
  9. so the last weekend i took the mj to do some chores, it worked fine as usual and was parked for the las 3 days. this afternoon i try to turn it on but the starter is too heavy, my first diagnostic was that the battery was discharged (i may have left something on) tried another know-to-be-good battery but nopé, same thing, it tries to hard to start then it catches up and runs, next step is drop the starter to see what´s wrong but, how does this happen? can the started run fine and then $#!& on you next day?
  10. you can take the hoses out and plug the thermostat outlet and screw a cap on the return tube...
  11. omega_rugal

    1986 v6 4x4

    is it a dana 35? what if you have a amc 20