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  1. this but IF it´s doing the shifts then the throttle body cable and/or TPS are out of adjusment, a faulty speed sensor will make the transmission not shift at all
  2. i have doing the exact opposite, running on LPG with the renix controlling the spark, and yes, batch mode in the 4.0 is like running a TBI system, the worse it can happen is that different cylinders get a slighty different amount of gasoline, at high rpm the system goes in batch mode anyway
  3. of course you can as long as you put the sensors at the right places i don't know why you want to put yourself through this, you love that system that much?
  4. we probably should start putting coolers to manuals transmisions too.. and differentials can get hot under load...
  5. unless you live in alaska or the south pole, remove the line to the radiator, use only a good cooler
  6. i would put it right in front of the stream of the incoming air, in front of the throttle
  7. it must be done with a warm engine, but in any case, the engine needs rebuild
  8. most peopel seem to forget that a bad GROUND will make the engine run like trash or not at all NEVER underestimate ground
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