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  1. Sheet metal is harder than i thought, even with a hammer it won't budge, does heating it make sheet metal softer?
  2. just tried rotating the alternator up... it doesnt fit...
  3. so, is it? i prefer this parking brake instead of the lever operated, saves space
  4. found the problem, those spot welds really make it difficult
  5. wihtout the engine pushing, the joint is free to rotate
  6. have anyone played with the exhaust? long pipes, short pipes, more diameter, less diameter, after all it affects scavenging and power band
  7. wait, if we remove the timing cover it may run all the way up... mmm
  8. a crossflow head, with 2 spark plugs... twice the pleasure such head would need to be OHC which will need mjor modifications to the engine... or to run a large chain in front of the engine
  9. a new record, good for dyno pulls only
  10. According to that chart, Renix and early mopar are identical, is that correct? how they got rid of the EGR?
  11. bored throtle body and removing the exhaust restriction are easy tweaks.
  12. right fender and grill are out, whoever ' fixed' the truck deserves to eat $#!&, they didnt even bothered to straighten it, just pull the thing toghter and weld
  13. that part is under heavy stress whenever you turn , anything that prevents the rails from moving away from each other helps...
  14. I'm going to remove all the interior, swap a 97+ dash, bucket seats... the idea is to strip the truck entirely, i assume i will end up with a doorless cab attached to a X frame. this way it will uncover any rust or hidden damage, and give clear access, right now on the list is to fix or replace the passenger side rail, it was damaged in an accident and not fully fixed by the PO, also there is rust on the floors that needs patching, the driver side hinge is loose all this while i take the engine apart for rebuild, it s been running weird lately and i suspect a broken sp
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