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  1. omega_rugal

    Manual to Automatic

    the 2.5 has the same chevy pattern, shouldn´t apply too?
  2. omega_rugal

    Manual to Automatic

    get a 700R4 from a S-10
  3. omega_rugal

    Manual to Automatic

    if you have the 2.8 shouldn´t a GM auto tranny work? get a complete 4.0+aw4+tcase combo from an XJ, you current setup will be difficult to upgrade...
  4. omega_rugal

    98 cherokee scrap

    everything from the front doors, drivetrain everything except the rear axle, requieres frabrication, not a bolt in swap...the rest of the unibody doesn`t fit
  5. omega_rugal

    Manual Window Regulator for a '91

    you can swap the whole door...
  6. omega_rugal

    cruising issue

    revving up under load i meant...
  7. omega_rugal

    cruising issue

    weird, a bad pump will no let you revup enough to get to 4th or 5th gear... sounds like a timing issue...
  8. omega_rugal

    Weird MPG Question

    for an inline 6 or a crossplane V8, running at 2500-3000 is not stressful, in a way is a good rpm range to be in, with air, oil and coolant flowing at a good rate... in a inline 4 or a V6 running at those revs or more means the internal components literally fight to stay together due the imbalanced designs, OD helps in this case
  9. omega_rugal

    Weird MPG Question

    running at peak torque doesn not directly translate into better MPGs, quicker acceleration and response but guess what it takes? gasoline...
  10. omega_rugal


    what grinds? the tarsmission? soudns like a differential problem
  11. omega_rugal

    Weird MPG Question

    at cruise, you move at a steady speed, the engine delivers almost full torque WITH VERY LITTLE RESISTENCE, lock the converter while standing still and with high revs and watch it it gooooo! a properly working TCU will never apply the lock up unless the right conditions are met, you said doing it manually...
  12. omega_rugal

    Weird MPG Question

    and if you have bad luck, @#$% up the lock-up clutch, is small and it was designed to work only at highway speeds where engine torque is minimal, it can`t withstand the engine`s full torque you are kidding right? the TCU senses how fast the output shaft turns and uses 2 solenoids to route hydraulic pressure inside the transmission to apply or release clutches and band that control the gear reduction, see? very simple! of course you can but you must flipp it at the very right speed or else the transmission will hicup (like when you suddenly let go off the clutch after shifting a manual) ... keep doing it and you`ll eventally kill the clutches and the tranny itself...
  13. omega_rugal

    Weird MPG Question

    "stop and go" is where gasoline goes down the drain, kicks the ECU out of closed loop in order to give you a quick start, even if it switches back as soon as you release the pedal, and with a stroker and bigger inyectors is to be expected...
  14. cool factor goes up a 200%...
  15. ok TCU my bad, but the hardwiring was in the harness or the TCU itself?