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  1. some say that the dakota´s split bench are good too
  2. in a solid axle setup , anything loose in the steering can cause death wooble, worn engine mounts will increase it even more by adding the engine´s weight in the ecuation, more unspring mass, more vibration stop trying to find the exact cuase, the right spot, the right bolt, the precise nut...
  3. very easy, what will be the donor truck...? make sure is a ax15, avoid the ba10/5 like the plague... the column shifter is no problem, just leave it there...
  4. that´s why i don´t remove the one in mine, after 30 years it´s probably welded shut... imagine all the trouble just for removing this plug if the block cracks...
  5. but then oil will spill somewhere else wouldn´t it?
  6. it´s a long way from the engine to the radiator for the oil to go don´t you think? if you really want to use those lines, how about routing the steering fluid there?
  7. rebuild it, unless theres something very wrong with it, it will work like new....
  8. bypass it and remove the compressor, mine didn´t came with one...
  9. did you touch something else when you installed the horn? the only way yo melt a cable that thick is by shorting the battery... btw what about the battery?
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