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  1. i need one too, my MJ came with a black plastic instead of rear window, i can't see anything whenever i have to go back i think i´ll me one out of clear plastic and call it a day
  2. why not keep the radiator? you think it may not be adecuate? from what y have seen it´s a lot of modding to fit the large 4.0 one
  3. you will need extra cooling for such long trip under load... also get someone to brake the other truck, MJs have te pulling power but not enough stopping power, ironic i towed a friends 2001 WJ for like 15 miles and had to stop midway to allow it to cool, i didnt know WJs were that heavy
  4. the front should be ok, but the rear, ax15 + 4wd + ford 8.8? that combo may not match any of the measurements we have. also, do your rear axle is the 1 piece tube? because the thick, 2 piece axle is difficult to cut and rebalance
  5. no problem, i don't know if it´s good or bad but i always over think about everything, and like the challenge of building what hasnt been built the shackles should be as short as posible to avoid any more unwanted lift, and made out of thick steel for longevity as for the front mount there are 2 ways: move the offset down, which adds lift, and we don't want more lift OR move the offset BACK, i´m thinking of a square piece of steel that slides in the mount and bolts where the leaf bushing, protuding just enough to offset out and then drill the holes there, this would move the axle back about an inch which could make up for the lenght difference between a turdy 5 and a chrysler 8.25, which may be the only reason to do this swap, replacing the weakest MJ axle with the most common axle you can get out of almost any XJ i´ll try to make a drawing
  6. all of it, the EGR for instance, remove all components and cap all vacuum hoses that go to it, you can disconnect the EGR valve or remove it and plug the hole... the evap canister is up to you, but beware of gas fumes in summer...
  7. truck suspension must be some sort of rocket science
  8. so the square radiator fits directly into the MJ, good to know
  9. thicker plates? also the MJ would require shorter, less bent ones... you know what forget it
  10. yeah, 2 pieces of bent steel joined by 2 bolts are waaay too complicated for anyone to build...
  11. 2 mounts, 2 shackles the rear look easy, the front may take some thinking, it only needs to clear 3/4 inch each side... maybe less if you tuck the leaves all the way in
  12. which is the best upgrade in the strenght departament?
  13. power mirrors on a comanche? i would like that...
  14. they gonna have to fit below the original mount, at least enough to clear fit the spring end
  15. to each his own offset mounts/shacles are more plug n play friendly and you can easily undo them, or move them to a diferent truck, you can go SOA without messing with the axle... but to each his own...
  16. well, same goes for the front, offset shacles/mounts are easier to build that perches arent they?
  17. the TCU is powering the solenoids as it should, i would test the speed sensor before tossing away a perfectly good TCU, electronics usually fail entirely, a TCU powering up, enabling the solenoids but NOT shifting makes little to no sense, i know electronics, trust me, sounds more like a bad speed sensor or a TPS stuck on WOT
  18. custom shacles can take of that can't they? the offset is not that bad
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