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  1. A new one, or a used one so you can reproduce it?
  2. Very nice! Is the intent to use the roof panel and graft in the a-pillar from that old shell? Or will you try to straighten out the smashed a-pillar further?
  3. Sounds good, sending you a PM.
  4. Where in Iowa are you at? Shipping would be outrageous. I’m in WI, just over an hour northeast of Dubuque.
  5. I have a complete Renix 4.0L head on the shelf but I don’t have the compressor to remove them. Let me know if you have a problem finding a set from anyone else and we can figure out how to get you my set.
  6. That is the same AMC part number for the grille, right? So maybe its an NOS grille?
  7. I wonder if using a hot knife / hot wire would work well to cut the old lens from the housing?
  8. I like it, aftermarket support is never a bad thing. I feel that the OEM tails in great shape and poor shape will still hold their respective values. The high dollar, gotta be perfect, restoration folks will want nice OEM and the cheap “get me legal so I can drive my truck” folks can still get a legal bolt on light for less than these lenses. My biggest fear with this is that we may have too many DIYers trying to improve their truck’s appearance and do a poor job with cutting up the housings they have to glue on a new lens. Simply put, tail lights that are in good “driver quality” shape are the ones I fear for the most. Getting repop 3D printed housings available ASAP is a big item now…
  9. Heard it many times. Thought it was a goner.
  10. GAJ “Sunscreen Glass” = factory sun roof?
  11. 500 MJ


    Found on Car-part.com Auto Recyclers, Rock Springs, WY
  12. 500 MJ


    Found on Car-part.com - Taylors Towing and Auto Wrecking, Cottage Grove, OR
  13. 500 MJ


    Discovered this truck from photos on Car-Part.com - Gundies Auto Recycling, Seattle-Portland, WA The truck has/had? a cargo lamp and switch when the photos were taken...
  14. 1991 Cherokee XJ Limited - Factory Overhead Console AND Sunroof? @ Wally's U-Pull It, Oshkosh, WI
  15. Welcome to the addiction! You are probably wondering why the classifieds won't let you post there, you need to have 10 posts elsewhere within the forum before they will open up for you. Parts that are in high demand are any of the Comanche specific items. Easy items to grab are the tail lights and cargo light/switch (if the truck had it). Tailgate, bucket seats (with the MJ base that tilt forward), center console, rear window, etc. are all other sought after items as well that cannot be found in Cherokees.
  16. I have a separated one for each side. PM me and we can go from there, Thanks!
  17. Is that a cab corner or a bed corner? The bed corner would taper down to the wheel well...
  18. Good luck with a clean sale Ben, I always admired this rig!
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