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  1. My line of work, I have to answer every call because it could be something important that I need to tend to. So, once I find out it’s a scammer call, I either hang up if I don’t have the time or make the best of it (usually when I’m driving long distances and have the time to kill). I go through their process and tell them mostly what they want to hear. String them out and keep holding that carrot out far enough to keep them on the line and not hang up. I know it’s sick, but what they are attempting to do is very sick minded as well. Sometimes it is VERY entertaining/absurd to listen to what they have to say and what they want to sell you. Put on the acting hat and play a role of a made up character with a different name than my own. It’s really fun to start new conversations of a totally different nature when they transfer you around to talk to the “specialist” on their end of the line. Give them a totally new name and a completely different story. Confuses them to no end! Don’t give out any actual personal information and make the drive go that much quicker. I feel I’m not hurting a thing when doing this, just taking away their time that they could be calling someone else and bothering them. :)
  2. 500 MJ

    Jeep J-10 Price

    Is that a factory rollbar?
  3. There are enough of us here, I doubt you’ll have an issue finding that piece of the moulding if we all keep an eye out for it. I’ll for sure watch for it when I visit yards. As you know, guys up north would love to have one this clean to start with. It’ll be a fun thread to watch! Oh, and you’ll really enjoy putting the next 24K miles on (you know, going to MJ related gatherings across the country and the occasional home improvement store run).
  4. Agreed! They don’t make MJs anymore... A little bit of time with a welder or ALOT of time taking it all apart...
  5. You’ve got a very nice truck there, enjoy it! Welcome to the club!
  6. So, I’ve got a nice little stash of renix 4.0 TBs. Say I want 2 of the bored out ones (one for each truck) and I send you 4 TBs prior to needing my 2 back. How does the pricing on that work out? Would you want the 4 if I only bought 2?
  7. Don’t know if I have ever seen an MJ with a roll pan, and I’m really interested in seeing how you did the work on the tailgate. Looks very nice!
  8. Hey Guys, I've crawled around the southern half of the state of WI and I'm pretty sure I know of every MJ still in the yards around here. :) There are some that have sliding rear windows and I can work on getting one if my travels allow for it in the next month or so. So that I don't over-pay, what price are you willing to pay for one? I have quite a few tailgates, let me dig through them this weekend and I'll send 89 MJ a PM regarding them.
  9. Very nice truck, I agree with what others have said regarding the price. Evidence of the truck being maintained is sure there, it’s easy to see looking at the items that have been replaced under the hood. Lots of folks will surely be after this one when you choose to list it, it is clean and untouched. People know the price point on these and it seems that more of the better “survivors” in similar condition as yours are getting listed by folks who inherited them, I feel they are popping up often these days. Only sell to a cash buyer, when it comes to something this old and sought after there is no reason to mess around with folks wanting to deal in another method. Good luck with a clean sale, be sure to tell the buyer about Comanche Club!
  10. Sending PM about the bed mat
  11. How many teeth on your speedometer gear? Folks will want to know this, so they can match it to their driveline specifics and tire sizes. No need for it here, I have plenty of them!
  12. Wow, whatever in California could have made that thing so crunchy?!? Still worth the $75!!!!
  13. 500 MJ

    Chrome Rear Bumper

    If you can get your hands on a solid one with some minor flaws, the shops that you can send them to for re-plating can work magic on straightening them out before they re-chrome them. I’ve seen it done on some Willy’s Pickup bumpers...
  14. Ad does not say, auto or manual trans? Also, do you know what rear end it has?
  15. 500 MJ


    PM sent.
  16. Listed on eBay, note the eBay price is higher than advertised here. I’d much rather deal with someone here on the club. If the eBay ad is still up, these are still available. Jeep Comanche MJ Black Rubber Side Moulding Set for SWB https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183726790041 Thanks!
  17. Help us help you - What is your price on the mirror, what trades are you interested in?
  18. Too far of a drive for me, hope someone here can get them and put them to good use! https://rockford.craigslist.org/pts/6837529191.html
  19. The truck they came from, not much left of it: 4 cyl, 5 sp, D35 rear, Pioneer trim
  20. I have a complete set of black rubber side moulding for a SWB truck. A few pictures of the truck that this came off of are below as well. The truck is lined up for the crusher at a local yard and I’m getting EVERY last thing useful off of it before it’s gone. The moulding is not really my thing, but it was all there so I nabbed it thinking someone else here would be into it. Everything that I saw when pulling it leads me to believe it is all OEM. The paint under the tape on the truck was unscathed and very shiny. I cleaned the pieces up once I got it all home, it has a few nicks in it, overall it’s all still in really good shape. It’s very pliable, when I put it in hot water to clean it up it was very easy to work with. Because it’s so pliable, I’ll roll the peices up and pack them nicely in a USPS flat rate box for shipping. Set them out in the sun or in warm water when you get them and they will straighten right back out. Price is $100 shipped, or $85 cash if you pick it up. These prices are firm. Paypal payment is fine so long as I net the prices above in the payment. If you’ve not dealt with me before, I’ve been here at CC a very long time and folks who have dealt with me in the past have never had an issue with my transactions. I prefer the “friends and family” payment on paypal but I’m not opposed to “goods and services” if you feel the desire to go this route. I stand behind what I sell. Thanks! - Brent
  21. What are the prices for your items? I agree, It’s nice to know where yards are that still have MJs in them!
  22. Still looking to find out if these are galvanized or bare steel? Thanks!
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