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  1. You lost me, gotta help me out with this one. Business at work (railroad) is going well this year. Plenty to do for sure.
  2. About 2’ of ice and snow. We had a heck of a cold spell in early Feb, I didn’t do a thing outdoors that wasn’t necessary. Warming up now and plans are to get back to cutting down more tree(s) this weekend. Met with a builder on Friday to discuss options for moving forward. Building material prices are very high. We may only do site prep this year if prices stay this high... Still working through milling up black cherry as the weather allows as well. I’ve got a nice stack of it going now. Leaving some of it live edge and others I am cutting off th
  3. What mirror style are you looking for? There were quite a few different choices available...
  4. Do you have a part number on your old one? I know that these changed every other year or so...
  5. 500 MJ

    "The Middle"

    The subject CJ5 appeared to me to have a reproduction tub on it. The “Jeep” on the tub had no decals on it at the beginning and the rear didn’t appear to have a tailgate or tailgate chains at all at 1:35 (best shot we get of it). Would I happily own that CJ? YES. Nothing against the aftermarket bodies, just my opinion that a commercial where you are touting your product for being 80 years old, well - I think you ought to show an example of 100% YOUR product...
  6. Pulled these from a junkyard truck last summer as I figured they were still usable for someone. I don’t have a tan interior (or carpet) in either of my trucks. They cleaned up decently but they are far from new. The vinyl trim is cracking (see representative photo) and the heel reinforced area of the drivers side is showing. They were very dirty when pulled, I’m surprised at how well they cleaned up with a power washer. The truck was a 1986 if that helps any with the proper interior color. This is the truck they came from: $50 shipped to your U
  7. I have 4 of them. 3 for A/C, 1 for non A/C. Sending PM
  8. I'll check tonight, I think I have a box of these that are doing me no good sitting on the shelf.
  9. Yes. Please. Have fun, looks to be a pretty easy one to resurrect!
  10. Yes. It will be a dedicated space that is used for many things. My wife will use the space mostly as her dedicated office for her Marriage and Family Therapy Counseling practice. A separate exterior entrance to the room will be provided specifically with this purpose in mind. This allows her to practice easily from home as her schedule allows and not have to rent an office (no driving time to get to appointments, no wear and tear on cars, etc). When not used for that she will also use it as a dedicated art studio, she enjoys painting with acrylics and has no dedicated space in the house for th
  11. All pictures taken this winter here at the house.
  12. Dane County - Here is the zoning sheet for RR-1, which is what we are. I am limited to the size of the building based on lot size, can have up to 30% of the lot covered with building(s). I won't come near this with my planned pole barn. https://danecountyplanning.com/documents/pdf/Zoning-District-Fact-Sheets/RR-1.pdf Rough floor plan (not all exterior windows/doors are shown) that I have been tossing around for awhile:
  13. Currently NO BIDS on this one. Front end damage, but very fixable. Someone snag this one up! https://www.copart.com/lot/57813490/salvage-1988-jeep-comanche-ky-louisville
  14. A very good deal. And it is complete, right down to the plugs for the unused hitch balls. A deal to be had!
  15. Both trucks and all of the MJ parts will get consolidated in the new barn. A 36’ deep stall will be dedicated for both of the trucks to park back to back. You guys are more than welcome to swing by as things progress along. Got to get the trees down and fill brought in first...
  16. That’s the plan. In 20 years I’ll be retired and woodworking my days away. :)
  17. Thanks! The chainsaw mill is good for small stuff that sawmills would scoff at and not even want to load into their mill. I have only used it for cutting hardwood. I bought it in 2015 and have cut mostly oak and cherry with it. In 2019 I cut some walnut with it for a friend, that tree was 18" diameter and we did a 10' log. It was just under a tank of gas on the Stihl 041 AV Super per pass - keep in mind that is walnut. Cherry cuts more efficiently, oak does take plenty of fuel as well. The mill is an Alaskan MK III mill, they now have a slightly improved version MK IV. It is very simple to use
  18. That is the plan. Our lot is 1.2 acres and it has plenty of mixed hardwood on it. As the trees come down over the years it is my intent to mill as much of them as I can for lumber. The pole barn will have a nice workshop in the NW corner and I hope to be able to make many nice wood projects through the years. The lumber that I don’t use myself I’ll sell for profit. Each of the remaining 3 trees that need to come down will have plenty of sawlogs in them. The Basswood is the only one I have on the property that is ready for harvest so EVERY bit of that one that can be milled will be cut for lumb
  19. No further work on the shed has taken place. I have been busy on clearing land for the pole barn. Slower going than I had hoped as it has been me alone mostly doing the work. I’m down to three trees left to come down and they are all BIG. Basswood, Black Oak and White Oak. As the tress come down I cut and split them into firewood. I have kept some saw logs for cutting into boards. I just started cutting up some of the black cherry last weekend. I have some elm as well that I’ll do with the chainsaw mill. Bigger logs will go to the actual sawmill... Here are photos of th
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