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    Junkyard Truck - Liberty Wholesale Auto Parts - Toledo, OH - Stock Number 200454 Looks like an aftermarket roll bar in the bed to me...
  2. Great photos, Thanks for sharing!
  3. Happy to see the honors given. Very nice truck here! P.S. - Yes the Rock Auto magnets are neat, aren't they? ;)
  4. Great photo Roger, looks like a great time!
  5. I see someone is attempting to take over CC again with all posts showing on the front page... I wish I had that much free time, LOL
  6. Agreed. Is there a proper "term" for the stainless steel octopus?
  7. Well we've determined that we won't be keeping goats as lawn mowers. They work great if you have a bunch of brush to clean up, they have heavy appetites for sure. I've been able to keep the extra grass cut with the riding mower no problems so I think our days for having goats on this parcel of land are completed. They did their job well to get the yard manageable and we are thankful for that! No further work on the shed to report. I still need to get the remaining boards to finish off the last set of doors. However, I am now starting now to clear out trees for the co
  8. - Building muscle the Bada$$ way! Woodcutting IS a workout!
  9. 500 MJ

    tailgate tuesday

    If you need a new home for that white bed please keep me in mind!
  10. Good finds indeed. Curious, what do you want with all of the electrical splice connectors?
  11. 500 MJ


    Aha, thank you @fiatslug87
  12. 500 MJ


    How can you tell? Once those weeds all die away it’ll sure be easier to take a good look underneath. When I go back it will never hurt me to ask about things. Maybe his thoughts on the truck will have changed... maybe he wants to do different seats anyway so this could be an option too. @coheed
  13. 500 MJ


    @eaglescout526 I'll be in that area again once or maybe twice in here the months of September/October. After that it is hard telling when I'll be back. What do you need?
  14. 500 MJ


    Junkyard Truck at 3D Auto Salvage in Johnstown, WI I have pulled parts from this truck in the past. Yesterday's visit netted me the brake release handle. Past parts have been the tail lights, chrome tailgate handle and cargo light/switch. Tan wingback bucket seats still remain there...
  15. This is a Renix Laredo XJ that I came across the other day. It is mostly complete but I could not get the hood open easily to verify what is or is not left in the engine bay. I did take out the sun visors and the center clips. The center tray for the visors was once equipped with the keyless entry, though some of the electronic bits had already been taken out...
  16. Great job! Thanks for sharing all of the story and progress, the truck looks excellent. The rear window louvre is a pretty sought after item, glad to see it used on this truck!
  17. I’ve had the passenger rear nuts go off on their merry way twice to me. Once on an XJ and once on my ‘88 MJ. Both times I luckily had drum brakes on the rears and I rode the inside of the wheel off onto the shoulder of the road. Axles never fully hit the ground. The first time it happened in the XJ I had my date for the afternoon with me. She thought it was great that I could steal lug nuts from other wheels to get us back on the road.
  18. Cool thing about this one is that there was NO VIN displayed on the dash location either and the tag in the engine compartment had also been changed/reattached to the body...
  19. Here is an interesting one. This VIN may not come up nicely in any database but I am sure there is a story for why that is the case. The VIN is found on a new tag that is affixed to the B-Pillar side of the driver's door, from Texas!?!? I will follow up with photos in the next post. This is a 1984 Jeep Wagoneer that is currently at Wally's U-Pull It in Oshkosh WI. It is a Limited with the 2.8L and a dark red interior. Pretty well picked over but I might go back for the remaining chrome front end pieces...
  20. Looks nicer than places I’ve paid to stay at in the past. Nice job Ben!
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