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    Visited this truck again yesterday. Tailgate was gone when I got there. Pulled the headliner out of it as well as the B pillar trims, upper rear cab trim and other interior misc. pieces. Removed the seat for ease of getting to the headliner, seat is in poor shape so I just left it in the bed.
  2. 500 MJ


    Visited this truck again yesterday. Snagged the chrome tailgate handle this time.
  3. @CactusComanchehas a louver on Street Comanche #20. No idea where he sourced it from, maybe he can chime in here?
  4. 500 MJ

    yakety sax

    The perfect thing to leave playing on your computer when you log off and go to lunch!
  5. Are there components required for this at the speedometer cable? I thought I’ve seen speed sensors and shorter sections of cable that connect them in on some Jeeps, I guess I thought they were associated with the cruise control.
  6. LOL - Or the WHOLE TRUCK!!!!
  7. It kills me that this one went to the junkyard!
  8. Only the cool guys get to be in the 14 years club ..because next year it changes over to the 15 years club!
  9. I’ll keep an eye out on my junkyard visits!
  10. We spend quite a bit of time in Naubinway. Family has a cottage there, on the lake! Love spending time there!
  11. Baraboo is about an hour away for me. Interesting to see if that truck goes for the asking price or not... I have a feeling the seller will be sitting on that egg for awhile before it hatches.
  12. Stock Jeep MJ would have had the 5x4.5 bolt pattern. Definitely not from an MJ. Nice axle though! GLWS!
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