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  1. It looked to me like an outdoor storage bin thing with upgraded hinges and a steel latch to make sure it stayed closed. It was on one of those steel cargo racks that insert into the hitch receiver. The plate was mounted to it and the lights were all wired up on it.
  2. I snapped this picture today. When things get used so often I guess they just become permanent. I applaud the effort here to make this as safe and legal as it can be. Just to be clear, those are functional brake lights, not just mere reflectors taped on there...
  3. Agreed! Seconded! Depending how the trip works out, I’d be happy to venture south with my trailer to the flatland and save a few hours and miles of northerly driving for the big cargo load too.
  4. ^ that tail light is NOT an MJ tail light. ...Just so someone doesn’t go chasing it down to only get disappointed.
  5. 500 MJ


    Cable appears fine, hinge mechanism under the hood gets the salt exposure and it was seized up for sure. Tree had fallen on driver’s front by the fender/hood area anyway so there was no reason to try and save the hood. Cleaned the debris/junk out of the bed yesterday. You can get an idea of what I’m working with here based on the wonderful condition of the bed floor... the bottom side is nice and crunchy.
  6. 500 MJ


    Cutting the top of the bed completely off is they way I’ll be getting the bed rails off. I see how they are fastened on the bottom of the top of the bed with non standard nuts. I can see how they would commonly seize up. I’ll get photos once I get to cutting them out, might be a few months... The bed on this thing is toast and only good for a few patch panels at best.
  7. 500 MJ


    First set I’ve EVER seen. There are used and abused, but complete.
  8. 500 MJ


    I purchased this MJ locally earlier this week and I’ll be using it as a parts truck. It was almost headed to the local junkyard. I am planning to part it out myself over the upcoming weeks and months. The transmission is shot (what originally took it off the road) and time/neglect has done its damage to the rest of it, frame is rotten at the rear spring mounts. It was parked under a tree at the prior owners and the tree fell on the windshield and roof. Plenty of good parts left, you know I’m going to salvage everything that I can. What isn’t usable will be taken to the scrap yard in m
  9. BIG interest here in a SWB! I’d be happy to completely prepay for it, but need to know price first
  10. $150 is a fair price. There is plenty of skill, effort and time into making this. Very nice.
  11. You lost me, gotta help me out with this one. Business at work (railroad) is going well this year. Plenty to do for sure.
  12. About 2’ of ice and snow. We had a heck of a cold spell in early Feb, I didn’t do a thing outdoors that wasn’t necessary. Warming up now and plans are to get back to cutting down more tree(s) this weekend. Met with a builder on Friday to discuss options for moving forward. Building material prices are very high. We may only do site prep this year if prices stay this high... Still working through milling up black cherry as the weather allows as well. I’ve got a nice stack of it going now. Leaving some of it live edge and others I am cutting off th
  13. What mirror style are you looking for? There were quite a few different choices available...
  14. Do you have a part number on your old one? I know that these changed every other year or so...
  15. 500 MJ

    "The Middle"

    The subject CJ5 appeared to me to have a reproduction tub on it. The “Jeep” on the tub had no decals on it at the beginning and the rear didn’t appear to have a tailgate or tailgate chains at all at 1:35 (best shot we get of it). Would I happily own that CJ? YES. Nothing against the aftermarket bodies, just my opinion that a commercial where you are touting your product for being 80 years old, well - I think you ought to show an example of 100% YOUR product...
  16. Pulled these from a junkyard truck last summer as I figured they were still usable for someone. I don’t have a tan interior (or carpet) in either of my trucks. They cleaned up decently but they are far from new. The vinyl trim is cracking (see representative photo) and the heel reinforced area of the drivers side is showing. They were very dirty when pulled, I’m surprised at how well they cleaned up with a power washer. The truck was a 1986 if that helps any with the proper interior color. This is the truck they came from: $50 shipped to your U
  17. I have 4 of them. 3 for A/C, 1 for non A/C. Sending PM
  18. I'll check tonight, I think I have a box of these that are doing me no good sitting on the shelf.
  19. Yes. Please. Have fun, looks to be a pretty easy one to resurrect!
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