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  1. Does it make the noise in 4H and 4L ? The video from my end sounds like a creaking.....?
  2. Why can't you just pressure wash it? I car-wash my motors all the time and never had a problem.....and on my Xj's the alternator has been submerged on many of them with no ill effects. Wash it with a car wash and blow it off with compressed air?
  3. Just a thought.....can you lay under the truck.....with the rear wheels on jack stands would be ideal but not necessary..... grab drive shaft at the front yoke and see if you can wiggle it up or down or side to side......Just a thought but there is a bearing at the rear of the transfer case. Never had one vibrate....it just blew up
  4. I do not want to point out the obvious to you.....but the balancing of the tires is the place to start.....you can change every bushing and the track bar....put on new ball joints wheel bearings ....shocks.....rebuild the whole front end.....if the wheels are out of balance it will still shake......maybe since you say your budget is limited you should start there... IMHO
  5. You might want to start with your front wheels/tires......is the rubber healthy.....are they balanced?
  6. Hope so if he is looking for a front axle shaft.....cuz if it is a 2wd.....it is going to be a FUBAR time fitting it in......
  7. From you signature and build thread....you converted to 4x4? What front axle did you use? Is there a junk yard in you area that would have XJ's of that era? Otherwise you would have to start canvassing the parts stores or on line.....
  8. Check and see if during the line BBQ.....did you melt or disconnected a vac line....like the one that goes to the map?
  9. Check your u-joints on the front drive shaft.....especially the one coming off the trans case.....
  10. On the tech page I was commented on because I once diverted my windshield washer spray to cool a CPS to make it home…. That’s nothing…..It got me thinking that since my youth for what ever reason I had found other uses for the windshield washing system 3 other uses for your windshield washer spray 1) A bit of extra hose to each of the rear wheel wells of a 69 Chevelle so it dumps out in front of and on the rear wheels…..fill the bottle with Bleach…..When you pull up to the Stop light hit the button 3 times……Punch it and you have the best stop light burn out ever. 2) Get a new reservoir bottle……Run the hose into the cab under the dash……Fill the bottle with Jack and Coke……Now when they search you going into the drive in Movie (if they still had them) you are not caught with booze…..but you can impress the girls by having Jack and Coke on ”Tap” 3) This on requires access to your buddies truck for a bit of time…..Run the hose and conceal it so it ends up under the steering column pointing at the drivers crotch……Run a wire lead from the brake light wire to the washer pump……..Tell your buddy it is 3 for 1 beer night at the bar and you will meet him there…..priceless when he gets out of the truck
  11. For that look you could try taking a glob of grease on a paper plate.....now take a paint brush (an old ratty one that is uneven would be great)......dab the end of the brush in the grease ....now apply it with a poking or stabbing motion (not painting it on but dabbing it on) in as random of a pattern as you want. Next spray your paint on and walk away.....let it dry for a bit longer that you would normally.....go back and wipe the grease off and clean the metal with white vinegar.......
  12. Like said above CPS is overheated I would not advise this but....I once limped an xj home by pulling my rubber windshield washer line off and pointing it at the cps fastened it with a zip tie.....every time it warmed up and stalled i pushed the wiper button.....gave it a moment to cool down and the fired it up and kept going....... Do you have a spray can of parts clearer or brake cleaner nearby.....spry some on as it evaporates it will cool it off enough to limp a bit farther.....???
  13. If you want to go the cheap and easy rout search you local junk yard for 1999-200? S10 blazer or ford explorer springs. Both are spring under, and the right width.... the top leaf with the eyelets cut off or the second one would be a cheap and easy install for a bastard pack that would give you the desired height.....IMHO
  14. The line from the Master to the slave has deteriorated.... just old..... that is probably the source of the black you see.....short term you need to drain and flush the fluid, and bleed the clutch....long term, as said....new master, line and slave
  15. Just curious.....if you do an old fashion spark test....(pull the plug and ground it on the head) you say you have excellent spark......what color is the spark?
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