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  1. Sort of like what was said on page 1.......?
  2. Don't guess .....confirm.... 2 eazy tests before removing cps....check for spark.... either remove a plug or take an extra plug hook it to a plug wire and set it against the block to ground...have a helper turn it over....do you have spark? If no start looking at Cps..... if yes then try pouring or spraying a bit of fuel down the throttle body and turn it over....if it fires then it is fuel delivery related....if still nothing... again cps
  3. yxmj

    Posi-Lok Removal

    That is probably why the posi-lock was installed...it would allow you some driveability on hard surfaces ......then full lock when you want it........hook it up again and you can use your truck in 2wheel and will still have the option of 4x4 (off road or loose surface only)
  4. yxmj

    No problem keeping the beer cool today

    Still in it.....this will make the -20 forecast for Friday feel like......Spring On the jeep note.....both daily drivers a 4.0 and a 2.5 start without being plugged in !
  5. yxmj

    No problem keeping the beer cool today

    Ha Ha......come on up.....best beer and prettiest girls..... It actually went down to -51 on my drive to work... I would like to find the guy who started the phrase "global warming" ...and kick him right in the......!
  6. Winnipeg (for those who do not watch the price is right) is 2 hours straight north of Grand Forks. This is in Celsius...... Strangely enough Fahrenheit and Celsius are = @ -40
  7. yxmj

    Need some TJ help!

    Don't know if this helps but YJ's have the same rail but they are removable...... You take them off when you put the hard top on and use the same holes and bolts to attach the hard top....you might be able to make a set of them work for you? And you can buy them after market.....even one at a time if you want Here is a set https://www.morris4x4center.com/rampage-tub-rail-kit-sold-separately-69997.html
  8. yxmj

    Weird starting issue

    Does the trans have a Neutral safety switch?
  9. That is the complete system.....master line and slave
  10. How far are you towing it?
  11. yxmj

    Cause of knock?

    Yes....that is were I am going.....if you had a stethoscope you could pinpoint the exact origin of the noise....no guessing involved. IMHO....if it were a piston you would hear it when the motor was cool cool and all through the rev..... My money is on 1) Ring Gear/Flywheel 2) Harmonic balancer
  12. yxmj

    Cause of knock?

    Do you have access to a mechanics stethoscope?
  13. yxmj

    Cause of knock?

    Does the sound change when you step on the clutch?
  14. yxmj

    Cause of knock?

    Is it an auto trans?