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  1. Will you send it to England? I will order and pay for the courier.
  2. I am looking for a mini console, changing gears. Red color. shipping to Great Britain (I order and pay for the courier)
  3. I sent you a private message.
  4. so I'm still looking. maybe someone has and will help me.
  5. and your lamps are still valid?
  6. if there is no option outside of USA, I can not see it. I can see only 270-300 $ per piece.
  7. can someone save me?
  8. One lamp (right rear passenger) died. it crumbled in my hands into a million pieces. Does anyone have to sell from shipping to England?
  9. In England there is no part for MJ, I have to save some parts from xj
  10. Szukam prawej tylnej lampy (pasażera) MJ Nie bój się wysyłki do Anglii. Zamawiam i płacę za kuriera :)Wiem, że to duży problem, ale w Anglii nie ma nic wspólnego z Comanche. Moja lampa była w bardzo złym stanie i rozpadła się na milion kawałków w moich rękach, kiedy chciałem ją odnowić. Ktoś mi pomoże?
  11. Some new photos :) in England it's still raining. I only have time on Saturdays and Sundays. I do what I can :) time in the garage is over and now is already home. the measure is almost ready, I had to change the wires in the clocks because another model. I am waiting for some sun and give I will fight. I love my comanche :) I forgot to add. I bought him the wheels. 35 / 12.5 / 15. He will get silver rims for them. Wheels will reach me in a week. I can not wait :) 20190227_115611.mp4
  12. In England, I found one company that has good prices for the USA, but only small shipment sizes 30/30/20 cm. weight 1 kg (two rear lamps) In England, I can configure it. unfortunately I do not know if it can be done in America. Can anyone check you on the other side? https://www.parcel2go.com/ If it is not working in the USA any shipment is unprofitable. Unless you could still check what the price is for a simple postal delivery.
  13. Tak, nie jest kolor. Nie wiem, chcę komputer stoi inaczej :) Do you have more from my list?
  14. I am looking for a red interior. mine is red and I miss this element.
  15. I also have to save the lamps. Wash the paint and glue it. We'll see what the end result will be :) It is very bad that there are no parts in England. Everything needs to be saved.
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