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  1. Shelby918

    The gun

    Glocks are cheap. Like XJs. Fuuuuuck ton of support all the way around. Mjs are like BHP. They are somewhat common but not enough to have 100 percent aftermarket support. Cj/wranglers are the AR of cars. You can build anything you want. Toyota is the sig p22x series. Almost perfect. Alot of build potential but every little thing costs alot
  2. Shelby918

    The gun

    I'm sticking with my answer. Not alot of after market stuff. But you can make it work
  3. Shelby918

    88 Pioneer

    Sounds like a phishing scam lol
  4. Shelby918

    88 Pioneer

    Tulsa oklahoma 88 pioneer Red/rust 4x4 4.0 auto 5colum 4 speed Gutted with 1911 holster where the radio was 120k miles No coolant reservoir or lines. Only block hoses. Drove 160miles like that no problem but driving 2 miles it over heats. Titan 4.7 kit on order
  5. Shelby918

    The gun

    Iv got a 1911, 2 browning HP and a few sigs. Has a MJ owner....... the MJ is the browning hi power of the 4x4 world.
  6. Saw this and wondered if anyone has this hemi set up.
  7. I'll try that. Does cursing at it and having some drinks help?
  8. Lol I wouldn't know. Like I said I was watching many videos and didn't remember the channel name
  9. If you built this please share the build. But I got 5 bucks assuming your Australian
  10. Shelby918


    Lol I was at ft sill for a bit
  11. I was about to post the link and tag you until you just said that.
  12. Lol I didn't realize that's you. I was watching several mj videos and couldn't remember what channel it was
  13. With all that said and done. Can xj lens be placed on it?
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