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  1. This is the Jeep that started it all for our family. My dad bought it brand new in august of 73. It was the first 74 that the dealership had gotten in. In 1999 it underwent a full restoration with a four wheel drive hardware glass body and fenders. In 2018 my brother sent in pictures to greenlight and in 2019 they used it in there line up of die cast cars.
  2. Lol edwardsburg is about 15 miles from where I live. Let me ask a friend of my dad. He is a engineer that worked in the van conversion and rv industry from the early 80’s to the 2010’s in Elkhart and surrounding area (Elkhart and edwardsburg is probably 5 or so miles apart). If anyone knows anything about LER industry’s it would be him. Never know someone might have one stashed away.
  3. Chad R

    Trailer P.S.A.

    Yes I know I saw that on YouTube. I imagine any good professional thief could pick in seconds, But your average joe crook probably can’t. I’m only trying to make it so if they do try they will have to earn it. Puck locks on the doors of a in-closed trailer are way better than pad locks have heard to many stores from local contractors and others that had pad locks cut with bolt cutters.
  4. Chad R

    Trailer P.S.A.

    Step two on trailer security I’m changing all the locks on our in-closed trailers to puck locks. They will have to be good at picking locks or have sharp drill bits.
  5. Chad R

    5-0 No Mo....

    Thanks for your service!!! Good luck in your new endeavors where ever it leads you.
  6. Chad R

    Trailer P.S.A.

    Yes you hook them to the ball
  7. Chad R

    Trailer P.S.A.

    Got my first line of trailer defense today for our in closed car trailer from proven industry’s next is puck locks on the doors
  8. Chad R

    Np 207 slip yoke

    I am looking for the rear yoke for a np207 for my 86 that I am converting to 4wd. Found transmission and transfercase can’t find rear yoke
  9. Had to be a clean truck the bumper is really nice. The back side is the worst and by rust belt standards it’s clean
  10. Jantz Yard4 automotive in Kenosha WI. Has what is left of the truck as it is all parted out not sure what’s left of it. I bought the rear bumper.
  11. Chad R

    Trailer P.S.A.

    That is what I was thinking about plus this
  12. Chad R

    Trailer P.S.A.

    This past week we had our car trailer stolen out of the back yard of my family’s shop. Yes the tongue was locked. Yes it was insured and will probably take a big one up the you know what by the insurance company. So I have been looking into trailer locks hard core for the last few days. It is amazing how easy it is to defeat many tongue locks, with just a crow bar or bolt cutters. So for the rest of our trailers I’m buying tongue locks by proven lock industry and also going to buy some type of wheel lock weather it is a tire boot or a hook that goes threw the wheel to the leaf
  13. If this helps my 86 2.5L had dealer installed ac that had v-belts. I took it off because the bracket broke and cause belt issues
  14. It’s on its way to southwest Michigan
  15. I bought my Comanche from Daveysjeeps. They were great to work with.
  16. John c walker was the owner of the wagon. He was also on the fire department, there is a blue light on the front of the wagon. We also found a card in the wagon to make it legal for him to have the blue light.
  17. Still waiting to get into body shop to get pulled. The body shop has not had the time to get it in ( it’s a favor job). Funny though you should ask because we were just talking to the guy last week. Shooting for a couple weeks on a Saturday hopefully. Will post some pictures when it gets pulled.
  18. Chad R

    Jeep vs Bronco

    There is hope that Jeep will hear us! Take note the number on the hood of this Jeep, that Jeep posted on there instagram
  19. Chad R

    Jeep vs Bronco

    Interesting read. I hope Ford did not waste there R and D money like GM did with the H2 and H3. I’m glade that Jeep might finally get a competitor. Don’t get me wrong I will never own a ford product. If ford has a hit that will force Jeep to better there products. Like maybe GIVE us a hemi in the wrangler and gladiator!!!!
  20. I put in zip of 45401 in car-part for a slider back window. See if this helps you
  21. I loved the sound of the borla on my tj with a 4.0 till the welds broke internally( rocks might have had something to do with that). I’m running a muffler now from gale banks it’s sounds good and does not sound like a fart can.
  22. Before jumping to conclusions I would give the final verdict to the alignment technician. That is what I do for a living. I would be shocked at the slow speed of a car wash bending those parts. Higher speed impact yes. That front end design holds up pretty well it can take a good beating.
  23. Sounds like the HOA that my brother has, got to have certain color mail box yard cut a certain way no out buildings and if you fart wrong you get a nasty letter
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