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  1. Big day for Little Blue, 10 plus miles around the neighborhood and a trip to the gas station for a fill up. Got home to find the O ring on the gas tank is leaking after filling it up all the way. Guess I’ll pull the tank to ensure I get it in correctly. Glad I bought a transfer pump so I can siphon the fuel out.
  2. Really nice looking 2 dr Cherokee on FB Market Place in GA.
  3. New thermostat, radiator, alternator, re-used power steering pump, gauges all working except water temp. Moving forward. Took it out for a short drive this afternoon. Still need to do rear wheel cylinders and some more brake bleeding. Trans is shifting kind of hard, another trans fluid flush is in the future. Alternator is now charging thanks to the fix provided by @Greentoy. Also have a new trans filter to go in during this flush. Need to check the wiring on the euromatic B pillar lights as they aren’t coming on with door switch.
  4. Followed @Greentoy s directions and now I have a charging alternator! One difference I had is no yellow wire to small diagnostic block. I used the red wire instead. *Correction: on the 87 4.0 Renix use the orange wire, Again use the orange wire. I came out to a dead battery after the truck sitting for a couple of days after I used the red wire.
  5. I am having the same problem with my cluster swap in the 1987 4.0. I will be installing a new higher amp alternator since I’ll be adding a winch in the future. Going to give @Greentoys fix a try if the new alt doesn’t charge.
  6. So I wasn’t an EM or ET was BM and struggle with wiring. I just did the cluster swap on my 1987 4.0 and have run into the same problem. I am going to PM you regarding your fix.
  7. Few more items checked off the front end list. Adjustable/quick disconnect sway bar links and heavy duty track bar installed. Also pulled the valve cover for cleanup, new gasket and to check valves for movement. Valve train looks supper clean.
  8. I’ll have to look into this when my new Alt arrives later this week. Thanks again for all of the knowledge!
  9. Positive it’s a bad alternator, the more I run the truck the lower the voltage output is. When I stopped messing with it yesterday it was down to 9.7 on REMII and close to that on the cluster gauge.
  10. Anyone using this DB alternator on a RENIX 4.0? Application list says it fits. https://www.dbelectrical.com/products/alternator-high-output-160-amp-4-0-jeep-cherokee-87-88-89-90-wagoneer.html Now that I have the REMII and full gauge cluster I noticed today that I am only seeing 10.5-10.9volts on the readings. Checked the battery readings with a bolt meter it shows 11.7-11.9volts. Also pulled the positive cable and truck dies. So thinking it’s time for a new alternator?
  11. Surprisingly the actual wiring harness connector was in really good condition.
  12. Thought I’d share this here for more eyes. If you having interior lighting problems you should definitely look at replacing your headlight switch. All my exterior lights worked perfectly, but courtesy lights and dash light were non-existent. Changed out headlight switch and fixed all the interior lighting problems. I did change out the door courtesy switches and they work as they should now with the new headlight switch installed. Here’s a photo of the old switch.
  13. Photo of old headlight switch. Lower right side shows missing tab location.
  14. Dug into my door lock problem to replace the lock cylinder. Got everything apart to realize the local parts guy sold me the wrong lock cylinders. A bit frustrated, but went ahead and put everything back together until the correct lock cylinders come in. Went to work on the cluster swap and was checking wires under the dash to see if everything was correctly connected. Went to get my $30 magnetic flash light and couldn’t find it anywhere in the shop or the truck. Took a break to get a drink and remembered I used the flashlight while working on the door lock... guess where the flashlight is now
  15. New headlight switch. Old one was pretty nasty and had a tab that was completely gone. I’ll try and get a photo USF I didn’t toss it already.
  16. It feels like she’s growing up to fast. Full gauge cluster swapped in and I now have under dash courtesy lights. New headlight switch, but still no dash lights as I can see in daylight. All the gauges work except the water temp (bought the wrong sending unit). That will be corrected soon. Now to finish the underside work (new rear shocks, heavy duty track bar, new lower control arms), some more brake work and she should be a driver. IMG_3832.MOV
  17. Well done video.
  18. I just installed the same kit and am running 32x11.50x15s. Opt for the extended sway bar extensions, I didn’t and had to order them separate. I also added an extra 3/4 inch spacer to the front. Normal driving I think the 32s are going to be fine. I did a little flexing on a clay mound and was able to get the tire to rub the fender flare a slight amount. Not enough to damage the flare or tire but it definitely rubbed under full flex without the sway bare connected or bump stops installed. I haven’t installed the rear add a leaf or shackles yet. My truck had an old Trailmaster lift and
  19. Thanks for the tips. I previously redressed the ground on derives side of truck under dash, but haven’t check the dash bolt ins.
  20. Insured and registered she’ll be on the road soon.
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