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  1. Vineyard86manch

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    When I bought my 86 mj last March I promised the old girl I would restore her stripes eventually after it was painted. Thanks to Spencer at jeepsticker.com we made it happen. I had a friend who does graphic design put together the design and Spencer brought it to life. Great work Spence!
  2. Vineyard86manch

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    @GreasemonkeySC Musta been a good lil mj this year!
  3. Vineyard86manch

    ‘88 “Eliminator” on Ebay

    Appreciate the feedback gents. Great lookin mj anyway but a wee bit pricey:)
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1988-Jeep-Comanche-Eliminator/302996917014?hash=item468c060b16:g:0p8AAOSwOHpcFCEq Thinking that this comanche isn’t an eliminator but I might be wrong. They never made an eliminator with a 7 foot bed to my knowledge. Great lookin manch, but with how sought after the eliminator is, it seems kinda sheisty to pass off what probably is a pioneer as an eliminator. Thoughts?
  5. Vineyard86manch

    Going to pick up Comanche this week

    I flew to Montana to purchase mine and drive it home and it was a blast! Couldn’t get the wife to come along though, she thought I was insane for buying an old mj. She loves it now:)
  6. Vineyard86manch

    Going to pick up Comanche this week

    Is he firm on $3500? If you walked up with 3000 cash he might just take it. Solid frame, new exhaust and new tread and relatively low miles and you’re game to do the rust repair I think you’re in business. Looks like a fun rig!
  7. Vineyard86manch

    Acceleration hesitation

    @Manche757 It kind of feels like something is stuck in there and then it fixes itself, I wish it was just a potato:/ my mechanic says it may be a timing issue but I’m not sure. The exhaust isn’t a normal smell either. I don’t quite know how to describe it but it’s got a funk to it.
  8. Vineyard86manch

    Acceleration hesitation

    @bigmistake that was definitely another thing I was considering. With having driven my mj a lot more in the last few months than it had been driven by the previous owner in the past few years I’m thinking that the tank has had a lot of other crap in it other than fuel://
  9. Vineyard86manch

    Acceleration hesitation

    I haven’t yet, I’ve been busy with other stuff at the moment. I’ve driven it a couple times in the last week and for the most part it drives real smooth but it will have these hesitations for brief periods then it goes away. Is there a way to test the catalytic converter? Thanks for your help @manche757!
  10. Vineyard86manch

    Acceleration hesitation

    Thanks so much for the quick replies and advice! @Manche757 I replaced the muffler a couple months ago but I’m not sure about the cat converter I’ll check it out. @cruiser54 I’ll give this stuff a try. Thanks for the pic it’s helpful for a noob!
  11. I’ve now had my 86 2.5 for 6 months and I’ve put about 4K miles on it. It has developed a rough idle, to the point where it has stalled a half dozen times at stop signs (usually when my wife is with me of course). It also tends to have a hesitation or complete lack of acceleration when in gear, I’ll apply the gas and nothing appears to happen. I did plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, fuel filter, as well as cleaned the throttle body and done seafoam as well. What’s the next step for this novice? Thanks!
  12. Thats the price I tell people when they ask how much they can buy mine for, cuz I don’t want to sell it:)))
  13. @FrankTheDog haha I was thinking the same thing! For 875 that’s way too good to pass up! Someone please find that beauty a nice home and fix her up.
  14. Vineyard86manch

    Pictures of Comanches with Toppers.

    Not the best light or angle for a good pic of the topper. At first I really didn’t like this topper, real cheap, the “fish-eye lens” side windows look bad and the rear window pistons are shot. But heck, 7 foot caps that fit a manch are hard to find and this one is super light, one person can move it if need be. Held on by four bolts on the corners. I prefer my mj without the cap but this one does the trick when you’re roadtrippin!
  15. Hey man it went even better than I expected, and I was pretty loaded down too. With the 2.5 it is definitely happiest cruising at 50-55 so we took backroads most of the way. Had great weather for the drive too. It sounds corny but I really love the idea that this truck is having a second life and being put to good use. As for finding this truck way up there, I had been scouring Craig’s and eBay for an mj that was stock and wasn’t too rusted out. I first saw this one on eBay about a year ago going for about $4k. Above my budget so I kind of forgot about it for a few months. My wife and I spend our winters in Salt Lake City, and I happened upon the truck still for sale on Craig’s in February for $2400. I luckily had a friend in Whitefish who saved me a ten hour drive to go look at it. Honestly I kinda hoped it was too good to be true, but he spoke highly of it so I offered the owner $2100 and he agreed. The guy I bought it from was the second owner, a young guy who enjoyed the truck but was looking for something more practical. I flew up to kalispell and drove it down to SLC in mid March. It’s here on the island and I’ve done a few minor things to it but I don’t have any plans to make it a crawler or anything. A friend is re-creating the the three stripe hockey stick decals as well. I’ll be sure to post pics of the progress. Thanks for the interest and for the advice with the electrical, I learn a little something knew about this truck all the time.