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  1. For the sake of being bored at work I’ll say it’s a very nice MJ especially for up this way but it’s worth 7 or 8 and that’s if you throw on some era correct wheels, I always thought the ones it’s wearing were some of the worst Jeep has come up with.
  2. And it’s a rare ‘84! The only year they didn’t have fender flares or vents:))))
  3. Was thinking the same! Now I’m worried that someone’s gonna steal my black one off my tailgate and try and get $200 for it:)
  4. Hahahaha yes I think it would take a long steep downhill and a tailwind and it probably still wouldn’t happen:)))
  5. Looking at this makes me visualize driving my 4cylinder mj 120 mph, I would never do that to my old girl:))
  6. I found one on a site called allworldautomotive.com. Says they have one but not sure how up to date the site is
  7. @eaglescout526 I need the exhaust pipe from the manifold to the cat.
  8. I need to replace the front exhaust on my ‘86 2.5 and I looked at a couple options on Quadratec. They have one that they say is for a 4.0 for the years 86-90 (obviously they didn’t make a 4.0 in ‘86) and one for the 2.5 in the years 87-92. Upon asking them they told me they don’t have the part and that I’d have to modify one. Its my understanding that the ‘86s have a number of differences throughout the truck compared to later years. Have any of you guys found an actual replacement part or will I have to modify one? Thanks
  9. @JMO413 thanks so much!
  10. Hey there folks, electrical novice here. All gauges except for my speedometer stop working when I turn on my lights. This has been happening for some time now. Recently all my gauges start fluttering when I engage my directionals. It’s my understanding there is a ground somewhere near the e-brake pedal assembly? May very well be a larger problem than just a ground, but any help would be appreciated!
  11. @Minuit It was frustrating. When I removed them to re-position them the paint underneath was all uneven, I’m thinking they re-attached the badges before the paint had dried properly. So I just left them where they were.
  12. That’s where the company that painted my mj put my badges after paint!! 🤬
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