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  1. I will be sure to post one regardless of what transpires with the sale of the house! When we saw the truck my wife said, “this is definitely a sign!”
  2. Yes there is a single car garage that is more like 1.5 spaces attached to the house that was occupied by another vehicle. The j10 and the comanche might very well both fit! I’ll keep you guys posted if this works out, it doesn’t hurt that the Mrs. is as in love with the jeep and the house as I am!
  3. Didn’t know where this post belongs on CC but I thought some of you might appreciate it. Went up to Vermont with my wife last weekend to look at a property for sale. What did we see half buried in the snow in the backyard but a J10 pioneer, in pretty solid condition no less! Granted I couldn’t see what the entire thing looked like but it had just a few spots of surface rust and by the plates it had a current inspection sticker. I didn’t get any good pics of the interior as I couldn’t budge the door open with the snow packed around it but aside from a sagging headliner the interior was mint, beautiful leather bench and classic tan interior, 66k on the clock. Can’t say I would leave such a beauty out in the winter conditions to get covered in feet of snow. Definitely inquired as to whether it would be included in the sale:)
  4. I’ve enjoyed following your project here on CC and on instagram. Love that you’re keeping that thing stock, she is looking great!
  5. Incredible find! Please keep it stock! Been looking high and low for a turbo diesel xj that’s still in one piece, and a waggy no less.
  6. Don clearly was a big presence and a wealth of knowledge on the cc site. I never chatted with him but he definitely made an impact here. As a newer member to the club and an mj owner who is learning a lot about my Jeep all the time, I’ll say it’s been super helpful to check in each day and see what repairs and mods and quirks members are working on. It also makes me realize how unique and rare these trucks are. When people chat me up about my truck, I’ll say the majority are folks who had an mj who have a story they love to tell about it and they’re so eager to share. As for meeting up, I would definitely love to meet other members and their mjs. Sadly here on Martha’s Vineyard there are half a dozen mjs crushed at the local jy and only one other mj on the road. If there are any other members in Massachusetts or on the east coast that want to try and meet up I’ll do what I can. Cheers🍻
  7. Came across this chief on eBay, looks real clean and only 35k miles. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1987-Jeep-Cherokee-CHIEF/113592167939?hash=item1a729eee03:g:04IAAOSwBVdcJnQN
  8. 1,000 obo. Not mine but I checked it out too, here’s some more pics from the ad.
  9. When I bought my 86 mj last March I promised the old girl I would restore her stripes eventually after it was painted. Thanks to Spencer at jeepsticker.com we made it happen. I had a friend who does graphic design put together the design and Spencer brought it to life. Great work Spence!
  10. @GreasemonkeySC Musta been a good lil mj this year!
  11. Appreciate the feedback gents. Great lookin mj anyway but a wee bit pricey:)
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1988-Jeep-Comanche-Eliminator/302996917014?hash=item468c060b16:g:0p8AAOSwOHpcFCEq Thinking that this comanche isn’t an eliminator but I might be wrong. They never made an eliminator with a 7 foot bed to my knowledge. Great lookin manch, but with how sought after the eliminator is, it seems kinda sheisty to pass off what probably is a pioneer as an eliminator. Thoughts?
  13. I flew to Montana to purchase mine and drive it home and it was a blast! Couldn’t get the wife to come along though, she thought I was insane for buying an old mj. She loves it now:)
  14. Is he firm on $3500? If you walked up with 3000 cash he might just take it. Solid frame, new exhaust and new tread and relatively low miles and you’re game to do the rust repair I think you’re in business. Looks like a fun rig!
  15. @Manche757 It kind of feels like something is stuck in there and then it fixes itself, I wish it was just a potato:/ my mechanic says it may be a timing issue but I’m not sure. The exhaust isn’t a normal smell either. I don’t quite know how to describe it but it’s got a funk to it.
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