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  1. Great looking long bed man! Wish I’d gone with your paint guy and not maaco!
  2. One like this. I'm assuming it’s the original sensor so it’s ceased on there pretty good. To this point it hasn’t mattered anyway Because I’m a skinny dude and I can’t get it to budge:)
  3. Yeah I’ve got the pretty standard o2 sensor socket I’m just having trouble getting good leverage on it. Gonna keep trying with PB and heat. Might just pull off the manifold like you guys suggest. Thanks!
  4. Thanks @Pete M! The majority of opinions online that I’ve seen is that I’ll get a little less power and efficiency, but honestly I’m not sure if it was functioning anyway. This things been running rich for sometime.
  5. So I’ve been having a tough time removing my O2 sensor in my ‘86, and I snapped the plastic section with the sensor specific socket. I’m gonna keep working on removal/replacement, what are thoughts on driving it in the meantime? Thanks in advance for helping this amateur:)
  6. Hey Kyle, Love that you’re going the stock route, keep us posted on what you end up with!
  7. No problemo, was gonna grab new ones anyway but I figured I’d make use of these if they fit.
  8. Hey Jeremy will they fit my 86?
  9. I can already see the ad now! ”These are super rare, especially in this condition, no low ballers I know what I’ve got!”
  10. Didn’t think this thing was still kickin around, but yeah 8900 for what it appears to be is not crazy at all, it really looks legitimately well maintained. Trust me I never would’ve posted this in January if I’d had the money, I would’ve bought it and then posted about the purchase:) @comanchefan Let us know if it’s as good as the ad looks!
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