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  1. Right on man New Bedford! Yep I know him for sure. Before I bought mine, every time I saw him at the gas station fueling up his mj id ask him when he was gonna sell it to me, and his reply was always the same, “Never!”:))
  2. Haha yes this guy is on the vineyard! We will be quite prepared here in the event of a zombie apocalypse:))
  3. Then a build thread it is! @Gat'79 I’m on Martha’s Vineyard, a small island off the coast of Massachusetts.
  4. Definitely rusted rockers but the frame is solid. The black leather bench and dash are all super clean. Haven’t pulled up the carpets yet so we will see what comes of that. For the time being my friend and I are going to get it at least inspection ready. Our plan is to keep it stock for now, maybe down the road upgrade the engine from the crummy 2.8. It hasn’t been driven much in the past few years so I’m sure little things will come to light as we drive it more. If we do a big resto to it I’ll be sure to start a build thread!
  5. No matter where you live, Comanches are rare. You probably know the other two or three folks in your town or county that own them. But it’s always good to keep your eyes peeled. Last week a friend told me that my next door neighbor had a Jeep that they were looking to get rid of because the older gentleman who owned it no longer was allowed to drive. Sure enough, on the other side of the tall fence separating our properties was a red ‘86 mj. The island I live on has ten main roads, so you get to know all the vehicles, and aside from mine and one other mj I thought that was it. The old man hadn’t driven it in a couple years, but after a battery charge she started right up. His wife was happy to see it go, but it didn’t go far, just to the other side of the fence:))
  6. 2.8L, 4wd column shift auto build date unknown 82k miles black interior, leather bench rust in all the usual places Stock, rough around the edges for sure but she runs! Inherited this today from our next door neighbor who can no longer drive. Thanks Thomas and Carolyn! She needs some TLC and will stay stock.
  7. The prices some people put on parts 😂😂. I bought my mj and immediately drove it 600 miles home for the price of two of these bedsides!
  8. Update: After putting more RTV sealant around the windshield and sealing the antenna grommet as well, I waited for rain to see if that solved everything. I didn’t have to wait long and throughout today we have gotten about a half inch of rain. I went to look and I noticed it wasn’t as much leaked in as previous times but still a little water getting in. I snapped a pic, where under the dash would it be coming from? At this point it’s only leaking a little, I’m pondering just drilling a couple holes in the floor.
  9. Thanks @Jeep Driver I’ll let you know, might take you up on that rad you have, waiting to hear back on a rebuild quote.
  10. My ‘86’s radiator is going and while talking over my options with a friend he suggested looking into getting it rebuilt. It’s not my daily and never sees highway so I’d be content with OEM but I’m open to anything as long as it’s not ridiculously expensive. Thoughts?
  11. Always loved the “Stroh” MJ. Thanks for sharing the pic of it going big!
  12. Thank you guys for the advice! I thought I had patched everything up tight but I guess not://
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