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  1. Love this story, if that xj spent its whole life in New England that’s even more amazing. Also, where in RI is your salvage yard?? I gotta check it out.
  2. That’s a swell deal, when you have a farm truck you probably don’t put er in fifth very often
  3. @eaglescout526 any idea how many of the 2.5s from 86 came as automatics? Was this a special order? You also don’t see many mjs with the smokers windows.
  4. @NHMJXJ my thoughts exactly! When do you ever see a factory bumper these days that looks like it just left the factory?!
  5. 86 Mj in Ohio with 32k miles. Also it’s a 2.5L auto tranny which is pretty rare. Looks very clean. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/773291056430946/
  6. @PSiTSi I’ve always admired your Comanche, good luck with the sale!
  7. Hahaha the phone is killing me! @Minuit before I saw that you commented that radio made me think of you, what model is that?!
  8. Thank you both for your insight I’ll see what I can figure out!
  9. I’ve been having an issue with my instrument cluster when my headlights are on. Every instrument except the speedometer stops working, and the blinker signals and high beam light stay on unless engaged. When it first started doing this it would correct itself after a few minutes of driving but now it’s all the time. I’ve been told the ground is somewhere near the parking brake assembly? Pics or words of guidance please🙏🏻
  10. I suppose my best story so far is how I acquired my mj. I found her up in northern Montana. I was living in Salt Lake City at the time, and I found the cheapest flight I could to get up there, a 3 stop flight slc>>San Fran>Portland>kalispell. Even though I had a friend who lived nearby take the truck for a spin, I’m starting to question myself for having paypalled a guy I’ve never met $2100 for a truck I’ve never driven. Then he tells me the battery is dead but gives it a jump and leaves me with a ratty set of cables to take with me. Now it’s march and the sun is about to set and I’m about to head south through some remote areas. I immediately went to carquest and bought a new battery for the truck. As I’m gassing up before I hit the road, this old salty mechanic comes out of the garage and says, “I thought all those trucks ended up in the crusher?!” We laughed and then I drove her 600+ miles south to SLC without an issue, and got 25mpg to boot. Needless to say I love this truck!
  11. This Comanche caught my eye on FB marketplace, mjs this clean and rust free don’t exist in the northeast. Talked briefly with the owner, it’s lived it’s life in Arizona, 170k, 2wd 4.0L. Had an issue adding the link to it but the truck is located in Winsted, Ct, an hour northwest of Hartford.
  12. Definitely want to see more pics of this one, especially after the paint job! Is that a for sale sign on it??
  13. @rylee144 just out of curiosity what was the list price on her?
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