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  1. Good point Pete, I haven’t pulled the trigger yet so I guess we will find out...thanks for the advice and I may very well end up going the fabrication route.
  2. So I finally found a parts site that appears to have the front exhaust pipe (from manifold to cat) I need for my ‘86 2.5. I found it on extoffroad.com. I’m reaching out to see if any of you had bought parts from them or know anything about them. Just want to see if they’re legit. I ask this because I’ve looked at tons of other sites and no one else has this pipe in stock. Also, and this may not mean anything, but all the other sites had it priced from ~$75-125 and EXT has it in stock for $55. Thanks for any input.
  3. This just brings me back. We had an ‘84 Cherokee when I was growing up and that thing went everywhere, on the beach, in the snow, unstoppable little rig. Ours was worked harder than that gem, that thing is purty. Curious what it sold for. If I had 30k to throw around I would have a hard time not scooping that thing up.
  4. Yeah it’s confusing because On the ksl classifieds the only option for posting a J truck is as a J20.
  5. So I just acquired my old neighbors 86 2.8. I had started it in the past with no issue, but apparently when my neighbor tried to turn it off recently the key was stuck in the ignition and he wasn’t able to return the ignition to the lock position. The battery died. His son had to remove the silver lock ring and really work at it to get the key out. When I jumped it the engine wouldn’t turn over but I could hear the fuel pump working. I also noticed fuel on the key when removing it from the ignition. What’s going on here? Flooded engine or bigger problem. If you can’t tell by my description I’m
  6. For the sake of being bored at work I’ll say it’s a very nice MJ especially for up this way but it’s worth 7 or 8 and that’s if you throw on some era correct wheels, I always thought the ones it’s wearing were some of the worst Jeep has come up with.
  7. And it’s a rare ‘84! The only year they didn’t have fender flares or vents:))))
  8. Hahahaha yes I think it would take a long steep downhill and a tailwind and it probably still wouldn’t happen:)))
  9. Looking at this makes me visualize driving my 4cylinder mj 120 mph, I would never do that to my old girl:))
  10. I found one on a site called allworldautomotive.com. Says they have one but not sure how up to date the site is
  11. @eaglescout526 I need the exhaust pipe from the manifold to the cat.
  12. I need to replace the front exhaust on my ‘86 2.5 and I looked at a couple options on Quadratec. They have one that they say is for a 4.0 for the years 86-90 (obviously they didn’t make a 4.0 in ‘86) and one for the 2.5 in the years 87-92. Upon asking them they told me they don’t have the part and that I’d have to modify one. Its my understanding that the ‘86s have a number of differences throughout the truck compared to later years. Have any of you guys found an actual replacement part or will I have to modify one? Thanks
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