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  1. Sorry to the people I haven’t gotten back to. I was in town just to get that truck off my buddies trailer and return it to him. I will be back home with time after around Christmas and I will try to follow up with everyone that reached out. Again I am sorry and if you texted me, will you post here so I can keep a catalog of everyone that wanted something, as your texts are buried in my inbox now.
  2. The AX5 in my 89 2.5 locked up in 4th, when we took it apart and the teeth are wrecked on the input shaft. 9728166612
  3. The drip rails are the piece over the door? How do you take those off without breaking them?
  4. I have three Comanches in various states of disrepair and am currently trying to sort out a new living situation. I have an 89' Comanche 4cyl SWB sitting on a friends trailer that he said he needs back ASAP, so tomorrow I will be stripping it as best I can and taking the remainder to the dump. If you need something off of it let me know, if you want the frame (rust has eaten through the leaf spring knuckles and one is completely detached, the condition from the firewall back is atrocious) we can do that too, but the title is an issue. If you know someone who has space around dfw for 1 to 3 Comanches please let me know. 972-816-6612 this sucks :/ Edit: I have a few days now so If someone wants it this Friday let me know
  5. So I recently bought an 88 2.5L from a guy that had put a lot of effort but no money into keeping it running. Cheap aftermarket guage cluster when sensors would fail. Push button light cause the dash lights would cut out every no and again, local bike cable release cause the hood cable broke. Fiberglass and chip board cause the floor rusted through. All that aside it started and ran alright best I could tell. Replaced the ignition system(starter relay, coil, cap, rotor, plugs, wires) Drove it for about 1000 miles then went after some other repairs. Traded the ax5 from my 89 that is a parts truck now for the ax4 that was in it. Replaced some faulty wires, Seemed like it was running well, well enough. Charged up the AC (which he wired a direct switch to the compressor for cause I guess the climate control failed.) Drove it home from my buddies where we were working on it. I was sleep deprived and loosing it on my hour drive home, made it home safe, but only just barely. I recall that it began to run rough toward the end of my journey but not much more than that. I leave it for a couple of days as I had things that necessitated my GFs car instead of my own. I finally have time to look at it. I jump it because I left the compressor engauged and drained the battery, and my buddy yells at me that its shooting oil everywhere, the sending line from the aftermarket oil pressure gauge had been melted through and was shooting a perfect jet of oil up and into my hood which was deflecting it in every direction. This is my best deduction. The AC line burst (evidence of this is present) spewing Freeon and compressor oil all over my engine bay. It contained(or rather is) a solvent that spent the weekend eating through all kinds of plastics and rubbers in my engine bay including: The oil pressure line The black plastic cable path that contain every engine wire the boots to my brand new spark plug wires stripped the paint from my firewall and hood and left corrosion/aluminum salt built up on: alternator ac clutch bell for the fan water pump starter relay coil pack fusible link wires!?! What should I do? This truck was supposed to be a minimal amount of work while I cut the front off of my 89 rust bucket to fix the 90 4.0 that I t-boned a lady in. I have a 1hr 50 mile commute Cash is tight now but I am also trying to improve this as I go. The 4.0 is supposed to be my daily driver and I would like to have the 2.5 as a second little runner truck for employees incase they need to take some equipment across town, but having employees is a year away.
  6. Shop says I need a new steering column. I have seen the write ups about tightening it but it's in three shop and I am working 70 hour weeks so I just want to give them the new one they are asking for. Anybody have one in the Dallas/fort worth area? I have an 89 4cyl with a four speed
  7. I have come across stuff in the past while trying to read on other topics but am having trouble finding info now. I am curious about the performance and reliability of the 2.8 v6. I own a 2.5 that is a rust bucket (first jeep) and then I got a nice '90 4.0 but got in a wreck 3 months after buying it from a club member. I have been in a loaner vehicle for 6 months and have finally had the time to mess with the 4.0, one shop says they would scrap it, too much damage so I started shopping and I am seeing alot more v6 up for sale then ever before. I can stumble through most engine maintenance or repair, but am only mediocre at diagnosis. Is the v6 going to require a lot of attention? Is it a decent compromise of gas millage and torque output? Is it a rats nest I should avoid? This will be my daily driver, but may keep the 4.0 to Frankenstein into something, as the engine still runs, and the front axle looks to be in the same place I will take personal opinion or you can direct me to articles if someone has written them. Cheers guys, thanks for your time
  8. Thanks John, sorry for the short life I showed it, looking at trying maybe to take the front clip off of my rust bucket. My game plans are taking me a bunch of deffernt directions, not sure what the best move is
  9. I t-boned a mini van yesterday and totalled my COMANCHE in the front. no apparent damage behind the a pillar as of yet (havent gotten it from the yard) 1990 SWB 4.0L 2wd I also own a 1989 SWB 2.5L 2wd that is rusted so bad there is a 20 inch seam opening around the front knuckle of the driver side leaf spring (started its life in Iowa) I will be pulling parts from the 90 to make the 89 a little safer (both of the leaf springs have cracked and are u bolted back together) How do I put my ax-15 behind the 2.5? Should I take the gears out of my 4.0 rearend? easier to swap rear ends if I am taking off the springs? All of this will be done in a gravel driveway, YAY What else should I consider taking off of the 4.0? I don't think I am ready to preform a swap but have been considering storing the 4.0. Problem is I already have a 350 on my engine stand that I need to get rid of
  10. Did this ever get picked up?
  11. so I need to drain the lucas 75w-90 that I just put in it? I have a mechanic friend in town willing to do clutch pressure plate throw out ect but today is his only day. I think we are just gonna pull the trigger and head to my local rent-a-lift and replace all sacrificial parts. I am trying not to drive the 2.5 because it is rusted to the point of being a death trap. No rear breaks, both the main leaves on the springs have snapped and have $#!&ty home depot u bolts holding them together. The thing leans to the drivers side and get a prohibitively heavy vibration at 55mph. Both you Ujoints on the drive shaft have a LOT of play, ect, ect.
  12. But if there are three slaves for every clutch then I want to convert to external
  13. I understand that it is easier to service I am asking how quickly they wear, if they wear at a similar rate to the clutch I can just replace the slave every time I replace the clutch since I have to drop the tranny for that anyway
  14. Thinking about it, is my slave cylinder likely to go out before my clutch when replace them together? If they are going to wear at similar rates then I don't see a great advantage in converting my ax15 to external slave cylinder
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