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  1. Rarely would I initiate a "Jeep Wave"; only if my interest is piqued, and the gladiator doesn't. But I'll return a wave from a jeep, but it's usually the lazy left hand atop the steering wheel.
  2. Somebody please photoshop the gladiator in the bed of that....with a cherry on top ;¶ all the wants
  3. Plus the postals code is DJ ;¶
  4. Don't forget our distribution blocks require a special bleed procedure, Unless you do have a proportioning valve in the engine bay.
  5. What, having this collection or a wife that road trips a wagoneer home from yall's honeymoon?
  6. The flares and that rear window gasket don't look bad either, in fact there seems to be a good amount of meat left on that bone. Even advertised with two extra cylinders
  7. I'd recommend using distilled water with that conentrate, your tap water has impurities which can/may lead to rust issues in the cooling system. Distilled can be bought in any grocery store.
  8. ...And I think we know whom they were meant for. A pair of D-30's &D-35's https://m.facebook.com/groups/569024140147446?view=permalink&id=766822917034233&fs=1&focus_composer=0
  9. Wasn't trying to beat that dead horse, just couldn't remember if the synchro ever changed material through out the ax-15's production. Thanks' All.
  10. Sláinte- "good health" in Irish Gaelic May St. Patrick keep the gremlins at bay, for our beloved MJ's.
  11. Does anybody know what year the ax-15 was actaully able to use gl-4 spec gear oil.... Or if they switched from brass synchro rings?
  12. Well, odds of somebody having NOS in box are slim... But I do know that somewhere Chrysler has a warehouse with a thunderchief...., not that I would of course.
  13. Is that 4panel slider rear window an OEM option? Or aftermarket replacement?
  14. ...had a mental picture of a toll box in the bed of a manche charging passer-byes....
  15. Double check the identification of the gear box. Don't want ya trying to sell an AX-5 when its really a puegot.
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