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  1. About the front door, laminated is usually installed towards the interior. To me it lools like a thick piece of plexy.
  2. It's a well known fact that A/C abuses horsepower. So this must be a safe harbor house.
  3. Rarely would I initiate a "Jeep Wave"; only if my interest is piqued, and the gladiator doesn't. But I'll return a wave from a jeep, but it's usually the lazy left hand atop the steering wheel.
  4. Somebody please photoshop the gladiator in the bed of that....with a cherry on top ;¶ all the wants
  5. Plus the postals code is DJ ;¶
  6. Don't forget our distribution blocks require a special bleed procedure, Unless you do have a proportioning valve in the engine bay.
  7. What, having this collection or a wife that road trips a wagoneer home from yall's honeymoon?
  8. The flares and that rear window gasket don't look bad either, in fact there seems to be a good amount of meat left on that bone. Even advertised with two extra cylinders
  9. I'd recommend using distilled water with that conentrate, your tap water has impurities which can/may lead to rust issues in the cooling system. Distilled can be bought in any grocery store.
  10. ...And I think we know whom they were meant for. A pair of D-30's &D-35's https://m.facebook.com/groups/569024140147446?view=permalink&id=766822917034233&fs=1&focus_composer=0
  11. Wasn't trying to beat that dead horse, just couldn't remember if the synchro ever changed material through out the ax-15's production. Thanks' All.
  12. Sláinte- "good health" in Irish Gaelic May St. Patrick keep the gremlins at bay, for our beloved MJ's.
  13. Does anybody know what year the ax-15 was actaully able to use gl-4 spec gear oil.... Or if they switched from brass synchro rings?
  14. Well, odds of somebody having NOS in box are slim... But I do know that somewhere Chrysler has a warehouse with a thunderchief...., not that I would of course.
  15. Is that 4panel slider rear window an OEM option? Or aftermarket replacement?
  16. ...had a mental picture of a toll box in the bed of a manche charging passer-byes....
  17. Double check the identification of the gear box. Don't want ya trying to sell an AX-5 when its really a puegot.
  18. It shouldn't be tied to the key run/accessory position, but it couldn't hurt to check.
  19. Did you happen to make a write up on the wiring and such?
  20. As far as the high mount alternator bracketry is concerned, best bet is to ask our "old guys" to do a look into some of there parts catalogues ; as far acquiring correct p/n's for stock buying. The turbo is ball of wax I can't even begin to tackle without my morning caffeine....
  21. And snap pics of the Vins, for our registry ;¶ I've got a Vin decoder...
  22. 3d printing is the answer to costly set up costs for low volume items, however it remains to be seen if this particular instance would prove an economical advantage. But here's my google gurgitation for the day ; https://gpiprototype.com/metal-3d-printing
  23. Couldn't hurt to have a digital 3d scan of it though
  24. Now you know where to hang your extra factory floor mats
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