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  1. Hey guys. My older sister passed away the 19th our dad was active on here years ago and passed 6years ago our family has been struggling and been asking for funds for her funeral any help is appreciated. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=214003057547749&id=100068141678343
  2. Only by jelly roll. Something about that bass and it makes me think of of my now late sister
  3. So the bf wants to add a turbo to his 4.0 inline 6 on his wrangler. It's an 04 and I can't seem to find any. Dose anyone know what turbo could fit it. (Tryin for an engagement present before we get married)
  4. On Amazon there's a shop that I can build rca and they have xj bodies MJ bodies and 2 for xj bodies. It's worth giving a look
  5. BigD.jr

    On the search

    I'm always up for traveling!
  6. BigD.jr


    Damn Pete u alright? Don't strain to much
  7. BigD.jr

    On the search

    Hey guys, need some assistance. The new bf is a fellow jeep addict and we're both looking for own MJs. We're in the Norwalk/Sandusky area if anyone can keep an eye out for 2 for sale. The help is much appreciated.
  8. BigD.jr


    I remember when that happened 😂 he looked at me and told me "don't tell your mother" honestly thats still one of the best days of my life and I do remember you as well Marcel, even tho I was still just a kid. Do you mind talking on FB? I'm love to know the jeeper side of my dad more -K
  9. BigD.jr


    I met a guy whos got an mj and is offering to sell her to me for 1300 but I don't have it yet. -K
  10. BigD.jr


    Hey ya'll so I'm going to b driving again soon and need a vehicle that runs and is less them around 800-900 close by. Any help fellas?? -k Ohio
  11. BigD.jr


    I'll definitely look into it currently I'm back to job hunting -K
  12. That is by far the best thing I've seen today
  13. BigD.jr

    Schools today

    Best sweater I've seen 👌
  14. BigD.jr


    It means a lot and thank u i know growing up Dad would show me the page and most the time I was the one taking pics of his mj. Then yj then the xj, but any help is appreciated I'm no where near as good as he was working on anything but I did learn a little.. -K
  15. BigD.jr


    Thank u i still have his hands manual just need to find a the right color and parts. He had a 91 xj that was passed onto me but we lost it. Any help is appreciated -K
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