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  1. oh yeah in in the Cleveland ohio area
  2. I have a black vinyl bench out of my 87 that's going in the trash next week. some of the stitching is bad on the drivers side. I have also taken off the mounting brackets to convert the bucket seats I'm using now. this needs to go now if you want it for local pickup only please send me an E-mail at canoe174@hotmail.com. I can hold it to arrange for pick up but I'm not shipping it.
  3. WOW I'm thinking it its a lock. scratching these things off my Christmas list. thanks for the feedback guys
  4. I have been thinking of getting a set of these but not sure of the drivability on highway. will I need to get extended shocks, do they really provide the down travel they appear to give, are there any drive shaft issues??? right now in sitting on hell creek 3.5" leaf packs and a stock drive shaft and stock T-case
  5. try sprinkling the inside with talcum powder. once the water starts to flow you will be able to trace where it cam from.
  6. as you know mine is not a DD but I have had the same 2 unit bearings in mine for 3 years. probably have 5000 on them with no issue
  7. I'm posting this for a friend he has a 44 housing out of an MJ. this housing has no gears just an open carrier and axle shafts. it has the factory drum brake set up but the sale price includes a ZJ disc brake setup. he is asking $225.00. its located at Certified auto and truck repair in Lorain Ohio.
  8. after pulling out the stock vinyl floor cover and the soaking wet stock felt sound/heat insulation I vowed to never put that felt crap in again. I use closed cell foam pads under the new liner. it dose help a lot with the road noise but not so good with heat. I wheel my truck but typically will not take it out if its going to be in the upper 80's. rolling slow thru the woods I think I could bake bread in the cab.
  9. if you get the vinyl carper don't try to install it in January :doh: . you will need to make some cuts in it, any notches you need make use a round punch about 1/4" on dia and heat it up hot enough to pierce holes in the corners, these round holes will keep the corners from tearing
  10. I took a trany and t-case out of a 94 wrangler and the t-case was clocked differently. I needed to take the tail piece off the mj original trany and put it on the 94 to get the clearance needed on the drivers side
  11. mine has been out 3 different times, all 3 times everything lined up perfectly.
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