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  1. He took the nada value and showed me. It was $6000. He said $4500 was the lowest. Should I pass on it then? Its 2wd and I have to convert it or I won't make it through winter. So that's even more $$ ill need to put into it
  2. $4500. It spent its entire life in florida. It is super clean. Ran a carfax and everything is spot on. 3 owners. Even have access to everything I need for 4wd conversion. But that oil covered block scares me alittle. But it is 25 years old. Only 86xxx miles too
  3. Buying a 89 pioneer. It ran good. However, it had almost like a whoosh noise when you would hit the gas...almost like a vacuum leak but it didnt whistle just a whoosh noise. Coolant was clean. Dipstick looked fine and was oil color not milky, but it felt thin..sorta had the consistency of water..figure it really needs an oil change. But no noises. Alittle hard to start, had to give a little gas. H doesn't run it but once a week. My main issue is the entire passenger side of the block is caked in oil. The valve cover gasket is definitely leaking and likely the oil pan. Both were sealed previously with orange silicone. Is there something else that I should look at closer or be worried about before I bite the bullet?
  4. So i will need the flywheel and crank sensor from the 90 xj (ax15). If it is a 91+ will i need the tcu?
  5. I'm going with the Novak cable when I do my 4wd swap. Might want to look into it if you use 4wd often
  6. Well ive done some research and I think I found what I need locally. 1990's xj AX-15 (smaller input shaft) with the np231 and a hp30. I think I'm going to stick with the internal slave for now to get me through winter, and then switch the bellhousing to accommodate an external. Glad I found this because it should be a basic swap plug and play. Sound about right?
  7. Anything new to update? BA build
  8. Anybody have any write ups for 2wd to 4wd swap?
  9. Free bump. Looking for a d30 but too far. GLWS
  10. :thumbsup: I was also told that the wiring harness (tcu I guess?) would not work between the two. Sounds like finding a pre 1996 Xj as a donor will be the best scenario...
  11. Will a 2002 wrangler drivetrain (nv3550 & np231) bolt to a 1989 comanche? Both are 4.0l's. (Converting 89 to 4wd) I have a 2002 donor wrangler so i have access to all parts (axle, driveshafts, bellhousing, etc.) I tried searching but get confused with all the different years that will and won't work, or what i need for certain years.. Thanks, Kody
  12. Are the tcu's different for manuals and automatics? It was originally a manual (4 speed I believe) and he swapped in a 1988 cherokee automatic (aw4) and 4.0l. He said the wiring harness didnt have the plugs for the tcu so he never hooked it up
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