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  1. ok i will try this and let you guys know if it works thank you
  2. so would i use the same ground wire or would i need to use a new ground wire for this to work?
  3. hi guys its been awhile since i have made a post, last time i was talking about myy fuel not pumping, i took apart my fuel pump and sender and tested both on a car battery and it started pumping, i replace my old fuel relay with a new one, but it is still not flowing gas is it possible my ground wire behind the tail light is bad i looked at it and the connector was covered in dirt and other stuff and i can't remove the screw cause of how old it is anyreommendations on what to do?
  4. hey guys I'm back i pulled out my old fuel pump put in a new one and theres no power to it i thought i heard humming with the old one but there was no power to it either also the negative wire was burnt at the bottom for the negative nipple on the fuel pump also burn the whole negative nipple also into the plastic part,second the old fuel pump was covered in rust, but I'm still not getting anypower to the fuel pump, i think its the fuel injectors but ive never broken or had one go out on me before so idk exactly what the fuel injector is for does it suck the gas through the fuel line into the air intake? or could my ground wire for my fuel pump got snapped by a rock when i was having fun offroad where it was rocky?
  5. so guys i found out what the problem is,i hae air, spark but no fuel in order for the motor to run i sprayed starter fluid into the carb and it ran so where would the fuel pump be located for my jeep anybody know?
  6. anyof you guys got skype I'm going out to my dads today to work on it or can i just stream live from this website to show you guys what its got but heads up my buddy didnt clean out the engine bay after the original motor blew so its got grease everywhere the motor swap was done in a day
  7. but i can't do anything until tomorrow when I'm working on it just trying to get ideas on whats the problem i appreciate your help guys
  8. sorry i forgot to answer this yes it still has its 88 injection it has an air intake still not sure if the original motor had a carb on it its still got its original power steering pump but that has been leaking I'm not sure if that would be the problem though
  9. it cranks lik ei tnormally did whwen it ran sorry my son is sitting on my lap smacking my laptop keyboard
  10. my second question is, would it be worth putting an ls engine in my comanche?
  11. oh when i turn the ignition over it makes the normal sound of when it turned over and ran so maybe it is the intake?
  12. its almost got a full tank of gas, i know when i first try to start it the radiator hose for the bottom of the radiator i made was frozen so i had to pour warm water in my radiator to get rid of the ice it was low on water anyways but i think some of my liquids may be frozen a bit, but idk i aint that skilled i take a transmission out and plug it in, i was working on it today i accomplished fixing the door so now i just gotta get my baby running again
  13. i had to charge the dead battery now it wants to turn over but nothing is kicking for it to go well you know vroom is the easy way for me to describe it
  14. i had to tow it to my dads last novwember 22 2016 i drove it onto the tow dolly and then drove it off the tow dolly, i had a problem where the pipe that leads to the exhaust on the motor had a hole about 8 inches down the pipe and it looked like someone was vaping out of the exhaust pipe, it didnt sound right but it still drove once i parked it at my dads it had been sitting til now without being started
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