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  1. Agreed. Nothing ever changed with the synchros. If you order new ones now (I have a brand new set in a box) they are the same as they ever were.
  2. That Nicéphore Niépce didn't invent the camera phone strictly for selfies.
  3. Assuming you have a TJ, as Pete also is guessing. Despite having zero experience on that model beyond doing basic maintenance and having never owned one, I'm still going to comment. Likely you can fix your issue by enlarging the hole in the floor for the shifter and running a larger shifter boot. If you have any sort of center console you will likely need to make modifications there too. Personally I would pull the body lift out, they're the source of all sorts of problems and just aren't worth dealing with.
  4. Older ATF, such as our trucks were designed for, is typically about a 10W equivalent. I can assure you hot 10W30 would have no problem flowing through that cooler. But, you do NOT want to put a restriction of any sort on the return side of the oil from a turbo. You will have problems with the seals leaking, and potentially premature bearing wear. If you look at the literature on oil return requirements from most OEM turbo manufacturers, they make it fairly clear they want it to return to the pan via a large hose with as few bends in it as possible and with gravity doing all the work. Low mount turbos often wind up with scavenge pumps because of this, which is a solution that's just looking to give you a problem, and to run the return oil from a turbo through a cooler you would need to do something similar.
  5. Almost everything modern has them, and the OEMs would not have done so if they didn't see a benefit that justified the added cost. Cooler oil = longer life of the oil, and less chance of the oil actually reaching it's thermal failure point while in a bearing, so all around it's a better thing. However, a thermostatic valve is used to regulate oil temperature, so you won't be pumping oil through the cooler when it's not yet up to temperature, and that is a critical part of the system. Also, even more heat that is generated by the engine can be removed via the oil, although that is a bit moot if you're dumping that heat into the same undersized radiator used for the coolant. That said I don't know if anyone sells an adapter with a thermostat that works with the 4.0L. And I don't know if it would really be worth it to use the in rad setup meant for the automagic trans, it's not exactly the best setup.
  6. I threw it all out. If you're willing to deal with eBay I guess it's worth something. I'm not. I don't know anyone locally that runs 2.5L stuff.
  7. You shouldn't need one. A leaking clutch master is obvious and grounds for immediate replacement, unless you enjoy driving without a clutch. Edit, to the OP, I'd pull that fuse box out and clean it with isopropyl alcohol (as in basically submerge it in it) ASAP. Hopefully this has started recently so there isn't any damage yet.
  8. Interesting. Not sure if that terrible picture they have is of the actual product or not? And how much it's actually including? If it's every line on the truck, then that's honestly a good price compared with dealing with making them yourself. If I could buy a kit that did the whole front of the truck, then just cut down or add a bit for the rear, that would be pretty awesome. Hmm. Maybe an XJ kit would be a better starting point.
  9. Totally off topic, but that's a great show. Had never watched it until I became an uncle.
  10. I highly recommend switching to a fringe browser (I use Pale Moon) and getting Adblock and Noscript (or Ghostery) for it. I can browse even the most ad infested VerticalScrooge forums without seeing them, while generally having the core content work as needed. I wouldn't recommend this as a method of browsing the rest of the internet, as the user experience is generally quite impacted (read that as most sites basically don't work, at all). Forums are mostly text and pictures so you don't need most of the advanced scripting, that's now so common, to actually work.
  11. I don't have them anymore. Photobucket ate them and most of the other stuff I had. And I would buy a legit 01+ V8 WJ pump instead (not some reman that is the wrong one), assuming you're doing this because you have hydro assist. Better upgrade, as it is actually a higher displacement pump.
  12. Yes. They'll charge $100 to ship something that would go in the smallest USPS flat rate box, or they'll charge $5 to ship something that requires a much bigger box and is way heavier.
  13. It's not worth it. Wrong width, wrong bolt pattern, thick adapters aren't cheap and cause other problems, the axle itself is obsolete and parts are more expensive and less available, and it's got drum brakes. I'd look at more modern axles. The Libby 8.25 seems like a deal.
  14. That's the case everywhere. About the only advantage of it is they're easy to sell when you get sick of them, even with major problems. I don't see it being worth the up front premium for that though, as I find you typical could buy two or three directly comparable domestic trucks for the same price. I'd probably buy a GM, but I'm biased since they're what most of the work trucks I've dealt with were, and I have an 04 1500HD (fake 3/4 ton with the 6.0L) and it has done me fine for how much I used it. I've also seen the 4.8/5.3 trucks take some terrible abuse and get decent fuel economy doing it. Beyond that, I rank Dodge and Ford fairly evenly, but honestly feel all of the trucks (domestic and foreign) available now are fairly comparable assuming you avoid the known bad apples, so I'd let price/condition/features dictate the decision far more than the emblem on the grill.
  15. 2nd the USPS suggestion. There's an international agreement between official postal agencies that dictates the rates, so often it's cheaper because it is essentially shipped/received at a loss.
  16. It should help it pick up a little more efficiency and they may still be larger openings than some OEM type designs. It's hard to say exactly as the picture appears generic and is not likely of the core of that actual rad.
  17. Trying to squeeze loonies out of ice cubes.
  18. Yeah, should be over just in time for the first snowfall of next winter.
  19. Most diesels have a bypass circuit on the tstat so they're always moving water. It helps to regulate temperature in NORMAL conditions, but when it's cold it just means they can't warm up. I'd park it and drive a gasser. It's part of the reason I sold off my Cummins crap after running them for so many years.
  20. If anyone has a set of OEM Chrysler bisexual key door and ignition cylinders that aren't worn out, and a key or two to go with them, I would like to purchase them. I believe these are 93-96ish for the doors and only 93-94 for the ignition (to be backwards compatible with the older style columns). It seems the aftermarket replacements are not of great quality for that type of cylinder, and most of them don't even take the right type of key. I've been trying to get some from the junkyard but no dice so far. I'm in Canada but I have Paypal and will cover shipping.
  21. They make good tires. That said, if they're the tire for you depends entirely on usage and expectations.
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