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  1. I am looking for a working Transmission Control Unit (TCU) for my 1990 Jeep Comanche. Thanks,
  2. I need a set of heavy duty rear spring plates for a Dana 44 axle. Does anyone out there have a set for sale? Thanks,
  3. It is the right (long) side. It looked odd, so I put it between 2 V blocks and used a dial indicator. It reads between 0 and 80 as I spin the axle a full 360. Spline is 30
  4. Thanks for all of the answers, but now I have a bigger problem. The Dana 44 I purchased has a bent axle shaft. Anyone have a good source for good used stock shafts? Thanks
  5. I am looking for a good set of Dana 44 axle shafts and Drum Backing Plates. Purchased a used 1987 XJ Dana 44 axle and it has a bent shaft, go figure... Thanks
  6. Will the stock 5-Star 15" wheel fit over a rear disk brake conversion on a Comanche with a Dana 44? Read in some of the posts that factory wheels have clearance problems. Planning on using parts from a ZJ or if you have a better suggestion.
  7. I am looking for a complete DANA 44 Rear Axle (3.54 / 3.55 Ratio) for my 1990 Comanche in the Olympia Washington area. Would prefer LSD. Thanks
  8. Oops, you are correct. I should have written 3/16"
  9. Thank you, but I already have those and the other drawing that wa posted a few posts ago. I am looking for the actual drawing file if anyone still has it. Correction on the side plate size. It is 5/16" and with the powder coat, it made it look like 1/4". Thanks
  10. I am still looking for someone to share the CAD file so that I can have a couple of brackets cut. I intend to have the drawing modified to include the fourth bolt hole in the front of the bracket and enough material on the top of the bracket to have it bent at 90 degrees like the hitch I have. The hitch in the photo is made out of 1/4" plate and a bend in the top of the plate to increase the side movement. In my opinion, this is the strongest hitch design I have seen to date and I would like to duplicate it as best as I can along with cutting out the bottom to clear the Spring Perch. It should also be noted that the hitch pictured for the LWB is 1/2" narrower than the SWB design. So, if someone still has the file, please send it to me in .dwg and/or .dxf format. Thanks, Grant
  11. Below are the photos of a heavy duty hitch for a long bed Comanche.
  12. Hi everyone, this thread has been dead for a while, but I need your help. I am in need of the latest CAD .dwg file for the Hitch Side Brackets. Here is my journey in locating a Receiver Hitch for my 1990 Comanche SWD. I found a used hitch and had it sandblasted and powdercoated before I tested it on my truck. Well, you guesed it, it was built for a long bed and will not fit on the short bed. It is very heavy duty and has seperate brackets that bolt to the side brackets and to the underside the frame. It is a Draw-Tite, but much heavier duty than the ones I have seen in the posts. So, I need to sell this one and fabricate a new one from scratch. So, if you would kindly send me the .dwg file, I have a guy here locally that will provide plasma cut sides at $60.00 for the pair if I provide the CAD file. Thank you, Grant
  13. I thought the light should come on. I will have to look into it further. thanks
  14. Have a 1990 Comanche that is new to me. Need to find an answer to the following simple question: Should the battery light come on as a check when the ignition is on and the engine not running? Most cars do this so that you know it is working. Mine is dark all the time, I have checked the bulb and it is good. I am concerned that the whole warning light circuit is not working at all and need suggestions on how to resolve it. Alternator and battery are working fine. Thanks
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