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  1. Glad to see its still out getting used, rear fenders look great. That thing gets a lot of attention on the trail huh?!, and just straight works well too. Just picked up a Crew Cab Tacoma today to start building. Hopefully we can meet up in Johnson Valley in a year! Cheers, Jason
  2. Looking good buddy, stoked it went to a good home, and that it will continue to get used! Were loving the LJ.
  3. It went to California. Basically..I got 20k for it. I hope it gets taken care of too, but thats not up to me anymore.
  4. The MJ has been SOLD. Thanks to everyone on here that followed my build. I have enjoyed the MJ owners on here, for both there enthusiasm and positive feedback and knowledge. I will miss this MJ the most out of all rigs I have owned. I am on to a 4 seat rig.... time to truly introduce the kids to offroad. Cheers, Jason
  5. Picture taken today... everything works, no dents..
  6. If someone wants this thing.....20k cash! (firm), or will consider trades for 4 seat wheeler (must be streetable), car, truck.(trades would need to be 22-25k private party value)
  7. HAHA, hey guys!! Sorry I guess the update would be.....I built her, now I'm just enjoying driving her. She has been reliable and so there is not much to update. She got a new ball joint recently and a new battery. Otherwise just fluid changes. I guess the update is....she is great. I am very happy with how she turned out. Wheels great, drives great, looks great. But....the reality is you guys probably just want pictures..........I'll get some fresh one's up soon!!
  8. Hey Ron, Glad to see your build on here. Great meeting you last year, even though you had me sweating for a minute....haha. Truck looks great, and of course I feel you made the perfect tire choice. Keep the build going and the pictures coming. Cheers, Jason G.
  9. New seals going in the Cherokee so drove the Comanche last couple day. Forgot how fun it is to drive. :yes:
  10. Ya, Wes is a great guy. He IS A TALKER for sure. As you can see a very good builder too. Now you know were most of my MJ was built. The garage aint much but the tools inside are sweet!
  11. Oh, Cody. I specifically told him it had power. Oh well, glad the tire and radiator made the trip worth while.
  12. Looks awesome BOB, so glad you have Bucky back. Enjoy!!!!....and thanks for the pictures!
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