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  1. Anyone using these and if so how long? mine have gotten pretty damn noisy...
  2. Back on the road again after 18 months sitting against the curb.. this will be the summer she gets to the next level.. paint..? Bah. screw paint.
  3. Glad to know... I have now modified the new Napa CPS to advance the timing. I have checked AC volts to confirm adequate output. Will re-check my wires for correct polarity and hard solder them in and shrink wrap...... Still at this point no start.... I will continue on refreshing connections and a full inspect on the harness to bring it up to snuff. Is there a specific sequence to this process you would recommend?
  4. Regarding the two wires that connect the CPS to the harness, it possible the wires have been reversed when I was cleaning up the splices?.....or does the CPS just send a pulse? What color are the two wires (in the loom) being tied in to the red / white leads on the CPS....or does it matter? It was so wet and dark last night all I had time for was to mount the new napa CPS unit (modified now as "high altitude") and twist the wires together to try and fire her up. I have not yet checked AC volts... Still no start.... Will be back at it this evening......
  5. Howdy guys. I am having a situation where the 88 was running ok Friday and no start on Saturday. First time issue in all the years I have owned her Went through the following new parts as a matter of...not having changed them in a while... new Dist cap & rotor, new coil, and replaced all 3 relays, new fuel filter & fuel pump, CPS (and drilled out the holes in the mount ears to slide the contact point closer to the flywheel) ...still no start though it seems way closer as of the hole drilling.... Three weeks back did new air idle control motor as it was sticking and my idle rpm was wonky, changed her oil, air and oil filter new plugs..... I am pretty certain I have found the culprit and the original CPS finally shot craps. It is evident that a previous owner had to re run the wires from the original as there were multiple splices in both wires that would normally go to a female plug end into the wiring harness from the CPS was the Siemens high altitude version...which is not what I can source. I have found cruisers mostly renix tips and will pick up another (second one) CPS from Napa... Following this the CPS conversion to advance the timing (ie conversion to high altitude ...etc). I figure if it is NOT the problem I might as well confirm it and move on.. Here is the question part... When the original CPS was left in and the wiring spliced, the wires were run direct into the harness, not plugged in as would have been original. in other words the male plug was cut off the pigtail from the CPS...can someone please post a photo of a renix wiring harness where the CPS plugs in. I don't have a problem wiring the new on back in the same way ( hell she ran great all these years before and after the AX15 conversion from the original 5 speed pukegoat.) I just want to be certain that I don't have a better option.... Many thanks for any and/ or all comments... Buffalob.
  6. I am going to pass on it man. I already have one similar to yours and I am running out of room to store stuff that big. Though your price made it awful tempting, paid 2 hundred for the one currently on my trailer.
  7. Hi guys. Nothing yet to report...but I'm gettin the itch again. Stay tuned.
  8. Old crappy ones...two guys. Freshly painted ones four guys..... Don't ask me how I know that.
  9. Only issue I have had with team Cherokee is if the parts you need are not in stock (ie they order from someone else once they get your $$). Then they are a ROYAL pain...no info no call backs broken commitments, etc. etc. That was 2 years back... I would recommend that you confirm (repeatedly if necessary) that the item you need is available to ship immediately BEFORE you give them a card number. and only order using a credit card so you have the bank to back you if there is an issue. The last order I gave them was for new door latches. I received the (in boxes OEM$$) latches 48 hours later. that was three weeks ago..... Oh and yes all the seals and weatherstripping parts I got from them.
  10. Weather is warming up in the rockies! went a scored a great condition early front header panel and cowl piece at the local P&pull yesterday. both originals were too crappy to save, The first replacement cowl was busted after it was in paint and clear at the painters place, and the aftermarket header panell was too damn narrow to make work with all the trim pieces in the old style (pre 90 style assembly). I just could not deal with the way it all poorly fit after all that work. I will be prepping these and re-scuffing blocking and primering the trailer. Current plan is to basecoat and clear the trailer, then swap the beds. Also recently got past the pacesetter header leak (what a pita) swapped the AX-15 shifter over to the Hurst unit (awesome) and replaced the door latches with NOS units from team cherokee (incredible improvement but $$$). Will try to start posting new pics as things come together. Look out bucky is back!
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