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  1. Been here since 2006. My shop is located in Bethlehem Ga. right down the road from you. I borrowed a lower rear cab panel from you several years ago while I believe you were in Michigan. If my memory serves me correctly I went to your in-laws house to pick it up in Loganville.
  2. This is Steve Bennett with SMS Headliners, LLC. I do have my listings turned off but will not be listing anymore on eBay due to their new managed payment system. if anyone needs to place an order for these please email me at info@smsheadliners.com Please note that my web address SMSHeadiners.com will also be offline until I can get a website built.
  3. I currently do not have a group Buy at this time. Please order it on eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/401695794368
  4. Yes all you have to do is buy now my listing on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jeep-Comanche-MJ-Truck-Headliner-Panel-Custom-Made-in-the-USA/401674801717?pageci=41e3a84f-0578-4a8a-82e6-306a7a8f189c
  5. I can make one in a 2-3 week period to make it ready for shipment. http://www.ebay.com/itm/173674982997
  6. My Pleasure to serve the Comanche Community. I have been cranking them out for the past couple of weeks. I am shipping two tomorrow and then will finish the last 2 on Monday. 20+ headliners. Thanks Comanche Club!
  7. Just wanted to share some information. If you google SMS Headliners, you will find my business info along with SMS Auto Fabrics. I am not SMS Auto Fabrics. My web address is SMSheadliner.com and it will take you to https://smsheadliners.webstoreplace.com/ Thanks!
  8. The GROUP BUY is officially closed. Please see see the link from the vendor section.
  9. The GROUP BUY on Headliners is Closed. Thanks to to everyone who participated and I have approximately 2 that are pending only because they asked to get in at the beginning but have not responded to any recent PM requests. I will still hold those open. If you missed this opportunity, I am running free shipping on eBay thru October 31, 2018 Thanks again! Steve http://www.ebay.com/itm/401577124911
  10. The offer is still tentatively open. I will except 3 more interested parties for the group buy but will definitely close it at that time. Steve
  11. Offer is still good. I will send you a pm asking for color and email address to send invoice to. This is also applies to dkenitz also
  12. And now there are 5. Thanks for the great interest in this offer. I will still keep it open for a few more days.
  13. And now there is 5. I will still keep the offer open for a few more days.
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