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  1. After this and a few more tinkers, I'll be ready for a throttle body. Thanks!
  2. Email heading your way! Thanks!!
  3. I'm all for it too. Need an excuse to work on the MJ!
  4. I had the same problem a few weeks ago. I had replaced the CPS a few hundred miles ago, so I didn't even check that, but had a MAP sensor from another truck and swapped it in and she fired right up. Also, I put the wire harness where the sensor ground is back in the plastic sleeve. So one or the other might be a fix for you. I haven't had time to swap the MAP sensor back to see if that was the problem or the sensor ground that was redone by previous owners.
  5. You can have it for whatever it takes to get it to you.
  6. I might have one. Cover and foam are toast.
  7. Byrdock

    Bench seats

    I have a gray vinyl and a blue cloth seat if you're interested.
  8. Byrdock

    Bench seats

    What color and condition are your bucket seats? And what color bench are you looking for? Might be able to help you out.
  9. My May of 89 was in there too. Found out I have delay headlamps, didn't know they did that back then.
  10. Byrdock


    It was easier to swap out the black steel factory rims I had on my rust bucket. Just need to swap out the chrome door handles when I get a chance.
  11. Byrdock


    Hi fellow MJers, Just picked up this nice survivor. 89 base long bed, 4.0 w/ AX-15 and NP231 with dana 30 and 35. Fresh paint, factory original red, and gray interior with gray vinyl bench and tripped 134,000 on the ride back to her new home in Angier, NC!
  12. Do you still have the load sensing valve and e-brake?
  13. Glad to see some more Comanches in NC. You'll have fun working on this one!
  14. Money sent. Thanks for all the help and more needed!
  15. Would you happen to have a mini console in blue? Or the 2 snap in trays that go in it?
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