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  1. Does anyone have a factory rear slider they’d be willing to part with? My Comanche has a rear slider, but seems to be a replacement for the original by the PO. There’s a small dent in the roof directly above the window, so I assume the original broke due to some sort of impact. I can tell it’s a replacement, as the latch is different from the factory rear slider.
  2. 2 people to move a small tree branch and 14” wheels on a pickup!!!!!
  3. Ha figured it would go before I could bring myself to buy it lol so rather have a “Comanche Connoisseur” have it than someone else!
  4. Let us know how it goes! Curious to see.
  5. https://teamcherokee.com/driver-side-rear-tail-lamp-assembly-oem-nos-jeep-comanche-pick-up-1985-1987/ Someone’s lucky day
  6. Facuto


    That’s me. Just made an account haha
  7. 3,5, and 11 are not used in the comanche. The diagram just shows xj and mj jack parts.
  8. #10 on the diagram. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. No, the small metal S clip that is used to hold the foldable handle (used to twist the spare out from under the bed) to the back of the cab
  10. Not I, but if you have the clip that holds the handle to the back of the cab...
  11. It's just odd because my 1991 shows the adapter on the diagram but it seems like only 86 owners have the thing...
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