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  1. I have some 38 tsls on recenterd h1s. Also have a set of 37 krawlers on wheels. I have a few options. End goal is to be on 40s when finances allow. Sold my quad cab dakota to get the ball rolling.
  2. Well. Might get some heat for this but, I just ordered 5.38 gears for ford hp60 and a 14 bolt that I have had stashed. Also have a long arm kit for wife's xj on the way. Hoping to copy design from wife's kit for mj. I will keep ya posted....
  3. Not much new. Did buy some used STTs and mounted them on some free wheels. I think it looks much better. Not a bad $100 upgrade.
  4. Recently did a complete remodel on my bathroom. I think it turned out pretty decent. Little irritated that most items had to be ordered twice due to wrong stuff shipped or damaged.
  5. Not much new as of late. Have been getting some firewood. Lots of blow downs from a storm in January.
  6. Any opinions on a lunchbox locker for the Chrysler rear in the mj since I do haul a bit of weight from time to time? Don't really care to start snapping axle shafts but would like a locker for in the snow.
  7. Have a pic of starting the control arm swap. Got it done but haven't taken pics. It steers and rides much better. Picked up a ZJ for $150.00 as a parts rig. Though I don't need any parts off it. Seemed too cheap to pass up as I'm sure one of my buddy's will get it from me and just wheel it as is. Sawzall and 33s . 😆 Got the silver WJ for free from my sister. Threw a 2 inch pod lift on it so I could put some tires on it that I already had laying around. Gave it to the wifes friend that needed a commuter. She has been driving the wheels off it with good luck. All it needed was a starter. And lastly I picked up a model 20 and dana 30 for my CJ7. Rear has one piece axles, detroit, 4.56s and disc. Front has matching 4.56s and supposed to be aftermarket shafts but they look stock to me. Either way price was right even though I have to use my rear housing. I want to get everything swapped over and do a lunchbox in the front so I can play in the snow. Might be a bit before this happens though.
  8. I did get these today in the mail. Hopefully I can get them installed this weekend. They were cheap so I'm not expecting a ton. But for 2 bills delivered I thought its worth a shot. On a side note I think I am picking up some geared and locked axles for my cj7 this weekend also. Kind of stoked about that.
  9. Not sure why, but I added a snorkel. I did manage to get most of my firewood in and its still clicking along. I think lockers are next on the list. Any opinions on a lunchbox in the front for street driving?
  10. I like that I can get in tighter spaces with it then I can in my full-size.
  11. I gave it a quick Rustoleum spray bomb. Did it at night with just a beer box for masking. I think it helped even for a quick makeover. Eventually it will get grey raptorliner. Cut 4 loads of wood in 4 days. Guess it doesn't matter how it looks if it works. I did manage to break a motor mount skidding logs. Now I'm waiting on ups for some cheap replacements for now. I plan on buying some bombproof ones when I swap the motor. That will be spring hopefully. Old mounts lasted over 30 years. If I can get the winter out of some cheap ones I will be happy.
  12. Got the winch installed. Straightened the rear quarter a bit more. I remember why I am not a body man. Went and cut a load of firewood.
  13. I realize it seems overkill. I plan on mounting my high-lift, chainsaw, axe, and a shovel to it. So I figured it needs to be sturdy. I had a couple 50 inch light bars already. I had ordered cab mounts but was sent ones for a curved light. So then I ordered a curved light and was sent another straight one. Got tired of getting wrong stuff so made due with what was on hand. Ha.
  14. I did throw together a headache rack. Not sure
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