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  1. Time for some overdue updates. I went to Moab and the Rubicon. Had a ton of fun. I also got the best upgrade you can get. A trailer!
  2. The winch stopped working a few months back. I finally had time to pull it apart and see what the problem is. Turns out the motor failed in a spectacular way. Ordered a new motor for $85 so not too bad.
  3. The elusive hovering Comanche! 13 years later, this photo has been finally been beaten. thanks for that ryan! Nice! Next time I find a little kicker I hope to do better. It was a smooth landing at this speed but I had flat tow it home and did not want to risk breaking anything.
  4. Thanks. I'm definitely not afraid to use it. I have had the truck out a bunch of times and beat on it way harder. No problems yet. I think the problem was the cv joint cage thingy lol. I replaced it with a spicer instead of that p.o.s. china cv that Tom Woods now uses and it is good to go. I will not be using Tom Woods again that is for sure.
  5. Sorry don't really have any updates. I just bought a house and started a new job so I have not had much time to play with the jeep lately. I do have a Moab trip coming up in October. I have some things I need to do to the Jeep before that. Pic's to follow.
  6. Here is the take off. I think I could have hit it a lot faster. The landing was smooth. I don't have a flatbed trailer yet so I did not want to risk breaking something like a ball joint.
  7. And here is what happend last weekend. This was the first trip out after the new T-case. It broke before I even locked the front hubs in. I'm not sure why it broke. May have been a bad yoke? I hit a set of whoops and a few G outs when I first got to the desert and it was fine. Then I added some nitrogen to the shocks since one of my friends had a tank with him. I went to test them on a mid size set of whoops and it broke right away. The angles are good and it has plenty of slip in the saft so it did not bottom out. I already fixed it. Now I have to go try it again.
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