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    I host a Podcast about DB Cooper. The Cooper Vortex. Check it out.
  2. Don't buy an MJ in the rustbelt. Go buy one that is rust free and drive it home. I don't understand why anyone would buy a rusted out truck when ones with zero rust are the same price.
  3. 31's with no modification 33's with some trimming 35's with major modifications
  4. Darren


    Are you deaf?
  5. Nice work, looks good. Your grille is upside down though.
  6. I've seen the motor and transmission pulled using two random bosses in the block. You'll be fine.
  7. Darren


    If you're smart, I'm super humble. What are you so uptight about? Chillax bruh.
  8. Darren


    Two posts above yours bruh.
  9. Darren


    Some guy posts about wanting to write a story about Jeepers and you throw a fit? This "So-called professional" is verified and has many more followers than you do. The publication which he works for has a much larger reach than this forum does. Would a mention be good for Comanche Club? Or is every reporter/journalist "using" the people they interview? Why is it you feel threatened by this? Lighten up.
  10. If you already have the Dana 35, and you are going to be running stockish tires then it will be fine. I would have no problem running a Dana 35 with stock tires. Plus you can easily swap discs on to it. I would get brand new perches and u-bolts for it though, and it might be a good idea to put new u-joints in the driveshaft at the same time too.
  11. You're so cool. I swing both ways. Since you said it is your only vehicle and it is still driving, I would avoid pulling the motor twice. If your motor is okay, then you can just slap a bunch of new gaskets on it and drive it another 100k. If its in poor health, you can pull it out and rebuild it pretty cheaply so long as you can get away with avoiding machine work ($$$). Or you can get a used engine and rebuild it on a stand while you squeeze the last few miles out of your current engine.
  12. If you are able to remove that camper and put it on another truck, then you should have the ability to set the wheelbase to fit your needs. It would be pretty easy to move the rear axle to where you need it.
  13. Longbed MJs have 6" more wheelbase, so that would put it at 46ish.
  14. I had a SWB MJ lifted 7" with no SYE and I drove it and wheeled it with no issues.
  15. Forums are dead. I personally blame Facebook groups. Its a real shame because online forums were so great and I learned so much. Facebook groups are all filled with idiots and trolls, which causes the knowledgeable people to leave. I'm an idiot troll but I'd rather hang out with the smart cool kids than my fellow idiot trolls. Back to the question at hand; No, there is no good forum for WK2 owners.
  16. That's a solid plan. Maybe you could put a space heater under the hood too with an extension cord running over the top of the Jeep to the generator too.
  17. Looks great! My only advice would be to get an aftermarket motor mount. The factory motor mounts are garbage, even for a stock motor. Brown Dog makes a very good rubber mount. https://browndogindustries.com/AU2569-0-Jeep-YJ-XJ-MJ-Motor-Mounts-Rubber.aspx
  18. I had the Pacesetter header on an MJ of mine and was perfectly happy with it.
  19. The only way you'll be able to use your existing wheels is if you get a TJ/LJ Rubicon 44. Wagoneer 44's are 6-lug.
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