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    Anything jeep! Camping fishing riding atvs walks anything outside and also building my truck and anything else in my garage!
  1. JeepDreamer26

    2.5L stuff

    Do you still have any of the parts left? And where are you located abouts?
  2. JeepDreamer26

    Lift kits

    Ok i have a 87 swb mj that started life as a 2wd 4spd. Since then I have done a 4wd conversion, and now i am in the process of redoing my truck paint, interior, lift ect. Anyways.... I have spend countless hours looking for a loft that will work for my specific driving needs. I got down to 2 options both are from Rusty's Offroad, one is the 4.5" soa kit and the other is the 4.5" spring pack kit. My question is is there a benefit to one or the other i do all my own work and am a welder by trade so that is not an issue i just want to no if one is better for any reasons unseen (remember my truck was 2wd so it has the 2wd leafs which I've heard are lower setting then 4wd). Another thing id like to know is dose anyone on this site have either lift and do they have any feed back good or bad? Just my personal opinion i believe that the spring pack kit that stays SUA is what i want simply because u get new leaf springs for less than another $100. So if anyone has feed back about either kit good or bad and could let me know why one or the other, also if u have pictures of your mj with one of these lifts with tire size, that would b greatly appreciated! I just want a idea of what my truck will look like with the lift and tires 31"-33". Thanks in advanced for any help,info, and or pics!
  3. JeepDreamer26

    Speedometer issues after modifications

    Ok thank you very much for the reply, thatwas all i meeded its very simple. I guess i didnt relizethe part thag goes in the hole is a cam shape so all i do is clock that withe the right gear on it and basically thats it, ok thanks again as soon as i can figire how to put up pics id love too.. Lol guess I'm not the only one struggling w that anyway wen i get the rigjt gear(causei broke mine) ill get it fixed thanks again!
  4. Ok,first off thanks to everyone who helped me through my 2wd to 4wd conversion! It worked perfect, except for my speedometer.my old 2wd ax4 trans had aspeedo cable that went into the tail,well afyer putting an ax5 w a transfer case out of a 96cherokee(my trucks an 87). Ihad sum issues first the new tranny jas the speed senser in the transfer case (electroc senser) mine is cable. Anyway i removed the sensor and took the rod out of the sensor with the gera on it and took my rod and gear out. The gear on my cable driven one is much smaller and the rod is shorter.so i took and switched the gears put the one off the electric sensor on my cable driven rod put it in the transfer case and waa laa! Well not so much the speedometer works but seems to be saying almost half the speed I'm actually traveling!?!? Soooooo... How do i remedy this is my question?? I meed my speedo reading proper... Please help!!!
  5. JeepDreamer26

    4x4 coversion questions ( please help!)

    Yeah ill end up shortening my driveshaft but the speedo gear change? What is all in involved w that? Oh and while I'm thinking about it, will my crossmember work without modifications being that it is a cherokee trans? I only keep asking these basic questions caz i want to no everything befor i tear apart my daily driver and get stuck waiting for parts or whatever
  6. JeepDreamer26

    4x4 coversion questions ( please help!)

    Yes, agian when i add to the page from my phone my spelling and punctuation is butchered sorry.. Anyway I'm looking at this trans the only difference i see is a external slave and a electric speedo senser!?! Am i correct? The speed sensor should come out and my speedo cable go in other than changing my master cylinder and hydraulic line too this thing should virtually bolt in and work perfect right? I got excited befor i measured, the rear drive shaft will still need made unfortunately, but looks like the fromt will work let me kno if anyone lnows if this will work like i think..
  7. JeepDreamer26

    4x4 coversion questions ( please help!)

    Holy sh#t!wow did i get lucky that, trans and transfer case i was suppose to get out of a wrangler ended up i went to pick it up and the guys said o by the way that came out of a 4cyl 4x4 cherokee!! WAAT!! So yeah i got the right trans and tc out of a 96 cherokee so with that said the tc is clocked right the front driveshaft i thinl will bolt in and it has an extetnal slave to boot!! So now i got the giy ch3cling to see if he still has the rest of the truck so i can get axles w the right ratios too!!
  8. JeepDreamer26

    4x4 coversion questions ( please help!)

    Ok thats all going into the though process now.yes I'm doing the cherokee axles in the comanche as a spring over setup.i never looked to see if it was possible to reclock the tc,thats so simple that its worth doing even if i didnt need to worry bout clearance.so yes, ill re lock the tc and c how gearing goes like was said if its that bad ill do it later. As for the spring over setup,i new id get a lil lift doing that guess for now ill vet spring spacers to make the front ride height match, until i can afford a proper lift or leveling kit.hey ill post in the classifieds later but anyone needs watever is left from the cherokee wen I'm dun getting my axles ill be selli g everythi g else cheap good auto trans transfer case 4.0 engine and body stuff brand new rad also.just a heads up! But anyway like i said before everyones feed back is more appreciated then u kno! Thanks
  9. JeepDreamer26

    4x4 coversion questions ( please help!)

    Oh, and the tires. I was planning on just using 235/75/r15 or 31x10.50-15s its just a daily driver that i want capable for fun camping in the mountains, not lookin to rock crawel.
  10. JeepDreamer26

    4x4 coversion questions ( please help!)

    Yeah, sry for the spelling and punctuation.the parts cherokee i bought I'm not exactly sure what ratios its has, i bought it off my brother inlaw for $100, so i didnt think to indepth.i guess even if it dosent have a ratio i can use ill get my money back in scrap. What do u think i should look for ratio wise? Being that i plan on keeping the little 4cyl.. Thanks for the imput tho...
  11. JeepDreamer26

    4x4 coversion questions ( please help!)

    Sorry also i ment the small number of 4cyl 4x4 comanches and cherokees! Lol typed this real fast at wrk
  12. I have an 87 base comanche w a 2.5l and a 4spd 2wd i love this truck its my first one but i want to do a 4x4 conversion. the problom I'm having is i want to keep the 4cyl which is making it hard for me due to the small number of 4x4 comanches or cherokees. anyway i bought a 99 cherokee that I'm going to use the front and rear axles, suspension and the tc linkage out of I'm like 99% sure all that will work easily for me other than switching it to a spring over in the rear. my ultimant question is the transmission i did sum homework and found that the transmission I'm getting should work which is a 5spd trans and transfer case out of a 95 wrangler. the only thing i know that is different is that the tc is clocked a bit more than one oit of a cherokee I'm not real concerned w losing 2-3" of tc clearance. that os what I'm getting for parts to do this swap. if anyone has any experiance or knowledge about the conversion I'm doing any feed back would be greatly appreciated. again 87 comanche 2wd 4spd 2.5l i bought a 99 cherokee for axles suspention and tc linkage and a 95 wrangler tranny and transfer case (ax5) i think yes ik the ax15 is way stronger but oit of my price range right now. please let me kno if anyone knows the parts i got will work befor i disasemble my daily driver. o and i also am aware ill most likley have to make drive shafts. thanks for any info
  13. JeepDreamer26

    new here!

    I just recently bought my first comanche and am converting it to a 4x4 but also want to keep the 2.5l everyone thinks I'm crzy for wanting to but thats just my preference yes it has made the parts search a lil harder but it will all be worth it when its dun i bought the truck from texas w no rust at all i love the truck its my first jeep but have always wamted one since my older brother had one wen i was ten no i got it and am starting the build by the way i lo e your truck keep it around love seeing them and seeing people putting life and use back into these great lil trucks